Three Generations of Quality Construction

Onesector Pty Ltd Construction


From humble beginnings great companies are born, and Onesector Pty Ltd Construction serves as a prime example of the strength that comes from a focused business treating all customers with respect, professionalism and experience.


A privately owned construction company, Onesector is based on the foundations of three generations of construction and business experience and an unwavering commitment to quality workmanship.

With construction experience in his blood, Nick Ray is Onesector’s sole owner and Managing Director. It was his grandfather, Ronald Ray, who came to Queensland’s Gold Coast back in 1954 with the dream of becoming an established builder. In time, he became one of the Gold Coast’s first builders of industrial structures, completing a number of them opposite the Miami State High School. Soon, Ronald was joined by his son Michael, just sixteen at the time, who worked on a number of residential and commercial projects as father and son.

History repeated itself years later when, in 1993, Nick went to join his father Michael as an apprentice carpenter for Ray’s Industrial Constructions, a market leader in industrial building. The fast learner became one of the youngest licensed builders in Australia and the father and son team of Michael and Nick Ray soon developed a portfolio of over one hundred successfully completed projects, including industrial structures and residential homes.

Wanting to expand his building horizons, Nick set into motion the creation of his own company, Onesector, in 2005, focusing on industrial buildings, such as tilt-panel factories. A few years later, in 2008, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) rocked the economy, forcing some builders to lay off staff or risk collapsing entirely. Ray decided to diversify and hasn’t looked back since. “When the GFC hit, we saw the need to diversify. The factory markets get hit quite a bit harder than other markets in bad times so, since then, we decided to expand into other building sectors – basically future-proofing our company. If things ever get bad again, we know that we can take on any market – not just industrial.”

Maintaining a highly skilled and close knit team of staff – eight full-time workers in the office and another half-dozen out in the field – has proven to be a tremendous asset for Onesector. “We are running very similar management systems to big tier builders, but we are doing it with fairly low overheads and low staff,” he says. “This allows us to price larger jobs and often come in a lot cheaper, and fortunately that’s why we are winning most of the jobs we price at the moment.”

The company has expanded its range over the years and now takes on construction projects in the $1 million to $45 million range. While it still maintains a strong focus on industrial works, Onesector is also behind numerous commercial, residential and townhouse development projects.

At present, Onesector is engaged in a number of projects, including Evergreen Grove ( which is located at Mango Hill – one of the fastest-growing regions in Brisbane – on a thirty-four lot townhouse project. Onesector is handling the entire project for the client, including design and construction, all the way to sales. Affordably priced at $365,000 for a single garage unit too $380,000 for a double garage townhouse, every home also comes with a building and structural warranty.

“We have sold out of stage one almost immediately – so we are moving ahead with stage two and stage three at the same time,” says Ray of the contemporary, three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouses. Eleven town homes have been completed to date and all thirty-four units are expected to be completed by early December of this year. The project offers new homebuyers quality, affordability and a full range of amenities from schools to shopping. Less than an hour’s drive to the pristine Sunshine Coast beaches, Mango Hill is in a prime location.

Onesector maintains an unparalleled commitment to quality and safety and holds a number of independent third party certifications including ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and AS/NZ 4801:2001 OH&S Management System. The company is also accredited under the Federal Safety Commission and has a PQC 3 rating.

Ray and his team, with their years of industry knowledge, are involved in every aspect of every job, from design and construction to completion and handover. Under his guidance, Onesector has been responsible for the successful completion of about 200 projects and shows no sign of slowing down.

The company, which works with a number of architects, focuses on designers and consultants whose skill sets are best suited to the job at hand. “Some, like townhouse projects, are more suited to one designer, while industrial-type projects are better suited to industrial architects,” states Ray. “We use the right people for the right projects.”

The company often assists clients who come in with designs, approvals, permits and site location in hand. In many cases, however, Onesector is approached by customers who may have an idea of what they want, but little else. This is where the company’s design and construct capabilities come into play.

“Someone comes to us, they have a picture, but they’re not sure how to make it happen. That’s where we will do the D and C (design and construct) and sometimes even find the land for them,” comments Ray. “So we will do all the certifications, counsel approvals and earthworks and basically deliver a turnkey product that they can start using.”

One of the company’s key current projects is the $14 million Southport Industrial Estate located in Southport, Queensland. Increasingly, Onesector is being called upon by leaseback companies to design and construct industrial purpose buildings of 10,000 square metres and more. A two-stage project, the Southport Industrial Estate is a unique industrial warehouse created for an owner/investor. With the first stage at 8,500 square metres, the structure can be broken into 1,000 square metre units, so it is possible to lease portions in a number of sizes.

“That is one that we’ve designed and constructed uniquely for our client,” says Ray of the project, the largest industry development of its kind on the coast. Currently in the process of demolishing an existing shed, the company is soon set to embark on stage two – a structure of 10,500 square metres – while completion of stage one is expected by February 2015.

Earlier this year, the company won a coveted Gold Coast Master Builders Award in the $2 million to $5 million category for its work on the refurbishment of the $2.2 million Zupps Truck Extension project, which was completed in March of this year. Although an achievement to be proud of, the company remains focused on the successful completion of future projects with new clients – largely through word-of-mouth referrals – and repeat customers, who continue to be impressed with Onesector and its ongoing commitment to quality and professionalism.

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