Decades of New Home Expertise

Lodge Construction & Building


For over 30 years, family-owned Lodge Construction & Building has maintained its success by making the building process as straightforward as possible for its clients.

Working on an average of 80 to 100 projects at any one time, the company prides itself on reassuring customers that they are much more than a number, and that they are treated with the individualised attention and respect that they deserve.

“Lodge is a family business,” says the company’s Dino Sordillo. “Everyone is involved in the construction, and you’re not just another number. A lot of ideas are worked out ahead of time, and I think a lot of people like the fact that you just don’t sign a contract like you do with some of the bigger builders.”

An integral part of Lodge Construction & Building for the past seven years, Mr Sordillo has been active in a number of areas including new homes and maintenance, and is today Operations Manager for the company. Proudly family-owned since 1982, Lodge was formed by Director and Owner Donato Belperio, and maintains its focus on complete customer satisfaction.

New Home Building
In addition to creating high-quality and reasonably priced pre-packaged homes of its own – such as The Georgio, The Donato, and The Perio – Lodge Construction often takes on projects for private residential clients wishing to see their custom-built dream home come to life, and private developers. Working on between 80 and 100 homes at the present, much of the company’s business over the years has been a result of founder Donato Belperio’s hard work, dedication, and meeting face-to-face with clients, a practice he began years earlier when constructing boutique homes. Known not only for quality building but for unwavering attention to finishes and details, the company continues to attract most of its present business through referrals from satisfied developers and clients.

“Private developers often become involved with Lodge through dealings in the past, and word-of-mouth,” says Mr Sordillo. “They have seen work that we’ve done before, they’ve approached us, and they are happy with the product that we’ve produced… so it’s been mainly word-of-mouth, which has been very good for us. We still do spec homes, and we do custom-built homes for clients who want to design their own house.”

Proudly operating in Adelaide and throughout South Australia, the company’s own Georgio, Donato, and Perio homes are designed to exacting specifications, and can be adjusted or modified to suit the needs of individual clients. This flexibility and desire to accommodate customer wishes has been an asset of the company’s for many years.

Depending on the style of home, size, number of rooms and amenities, the company is able to work with all clients, tastes and budgets. Some designs, such as The Georgio, are well-suited for first-time home buyers looking for an affordable yet upscale modern dwelling. With a living area of almost 155 square metres, three bedrooms and two baths, The Georgio refuses to sacrifice space for affordability. Able to accommodate the needs of a growing family, The Georgio boasts not only significant bedroom areas but a large kitchen / dining area, lounge, laundry room and all necessary amenities. To complement the exterior design and landscaping is a 40.3 square metre two-car garage.

Other quality homes within the company’s range include The Donato. Boasting a large master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet, The Donato also includes two additional bedrooms and a full family bath. With a well laid-out floor plan, the design is also practical, and can offer room for an additional sleeping area or home office if desired. For home chefs, the design offers ample countertop space for preparation, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances and laminate kitchen cupboards and overheads with provision for a dishwasher (in the fixed price contract), and much more. With quality landscaping and a driveway leading into a spacious double garage with auto panel door, The Donato is another example of Lodge Construction’s commitment to its clients.

For families and single professionals, The Perio remains a popular design for the company. In addition to a spacious master bedroom, The Perio comes with a walk-in robe and ensuite in almost 128 square metres of living area, along with two auxiliary bedrooms and an accessible full bath. A prominent dining and lounge area is complemented by a modern wraparound kitchen outfitted with stainless steel appliances, laminate kitchen cupboards, and overheads with dishwasher provision. With an attached single-car garage and attractive landscaping, The Perio shares the same commitment to quality construction and finishes seen in Lodge Construction & Building’s full range of homes. These include the inclusion of Colorbond® fencing, carpet in bedrooms (with carpeting, tiles, and laminate timber floors from the builder’s Expression range), laminate timber floors in the entry, lounge, meal, family and kitchen areas, insulation of the external walls and ceilings, instantaneous gas hot water, reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning, flyscreens for windows and doors, and much more.

“At Lodge, we do it all,” says Mr Sordillo of the company’s own line of homes and its range of expertise and capabilities. Taking on custom-built home projects, Lodge will meet with the client and the architect, who in turn engages the council authorities and works to ensure all permits and approvals are in place prior to construction to ensure a successful project outcome. “We do the whole thing for them; that’s part of what we offer,” he says. “We will sit down with the customer, agree on a price for the dwelling, and if the client is happy with the price, that’s what it is. If the client changes their mind about a certain aspect of the house, we look at what we can do, but generally the price we give you at the start is the price it is at the completion, provided there are no unexpected unforeseen things at the beginning of construction. Otherwise, the price you get at the beginning is the price you’ll get at the end.”

In addition to working on its own homes, Lodge Construction is active with a number of other projects, including an ongoing project with a developer in Whyalla consisting of 30 to 50 new homes. To further enhance its service offerings, the company regularly takes on renovation and extension work for private customers. “These range from people wanting extensions, to a couple wanting their dream home built for them,” explains Mr Sordillo of the company’s clients who are interested in adding onto existing homes to accommodate growing families, or wishing to modernise their design.

In-House Kitchen Division
As every homeowner knows, the heart of every house is its kitchen. To better serves the needs of its clients, Lodge Construction has maintained its own dedicated Kitchen division for the past five years. “We have a show room at the front where clients can come up and do a selection at our offices,” says Mr Sordillo. “We keep the standard range on show, so you can come in and select your tiles, your floors, your showers, handles, sanitary ware, bench tops and more. For anything outside of the standard, clients can sit down with our suppliers and do a selection with them outside of what may be included in the package that we offer, and we work out the difference for them.”

With a dedicated warehouse / workshop area staffed by five highly trained professionals, the company performs all machining and cabinetry work on-site. For clients, this has numerous advantages, including the ability to precisely coordinate delivery and installation of kitchens, as opposed to using outside companies and risking delays. As a result, the process is better controlled, allows for greater quality control, is more cost-effective than using subcontractors, and clients are spared the time and expense of having to deal with another company to get their dream kitchen installed. Additionally, Lodge provides kitchen services to private clients who come to them with existing homes or homes being built by someone else. “We do quite a few kitchens for private people; a lot of them are for existing houses. Customers come in and see us, and we’ll do the joinery, whatever it may be – but the service is not just specifically for people who build new houses for us.”

From creating custom new homes to working with developers, Lodge Construction and Building remains committed to maintaining exceptional standards of quality from project inception to completion, and looks forward to working with customers as a family-owned business in the years to come. “Clients like the family environment of the company. They are happy when they come here that everything is under the one umbrella, and they aren’t just another number, and aren’t just given a contract with so many things to worry about,” says Mr Sordillo. “I think [we offer] a lot more comfort when they come here. What they are going to get at the beginning is generally what they’re going to get at the end. There are no hidden surprises, or big variations. The fact that most of our business in word-of-mouth speaks for itself.”


Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

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