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Penfold Projects

Penfold Projects is a landscape design and construction company with a spectacular portfolio of projects. For a client base that includes everyone from state and federal governments to large companies to private enterprise, Penfold has become a one stop solution with skilled staff who can create a landscape vision in anything from concrete to turf.

Construction in Focus spoke with the company’s Estimating Manager, Greg Paddick, about some of its impressive projects.

Todd Penfold, the owner and Managing Director of Penfold Projects, started the company about fifteen years ago and his passion for the landscaping industry can be seen through the work this company accomplishes. It started humbly as a small landscaping company and built up to what it is today: a company that brings in about $30 million in revenue per year.

Though it is, at present, facing a challenging marketplace due to the reverberations of the global financial crisis, Penfold is still keeping busy serving both the residential and commercial markets. Projects run the gamut from small domestic jobs up to some of the largest infrastructure projects currently taking place in Australia today, such as work at the Airport Link Tunnel and Clem Tunnel.

Currently, a lot of hard work is being done at the Laura Johnson Home for the Aged in Mount Isa. Greg explains that this $600,000 project, a great distance from the company base, presents some logistical challenges. “It’s obviously a remote location for us to get everything to site. We have to accommodate staff, set everything up and get materials shipped in. It’s about ten hours away from our main office. It’s not unusual for what we do – working in mining areas and remote locations like that.”

The project entails elements of both hardscape (pathways, retaining walls and water features) and softscape (flowers, grass, shrubs, trees, et cetera). Part of the job is to include the installation of new gardens and drainage. This aspect, however, has been postponed due to the severe drought that has only recently begun to lessen. “They had us hold off on planting, and the planting schedule accounts for about $75,000 of the job,” Greg explains. “More water is needed in the dams before we proceed.” The hardscaping for the gardens, including a large birdcage, has already been installed.

Another project gaining momentum is at Cairns Hospital, to expand the Block D area surrounding the clinical services building. This is predominantly a hardscape job that involves a lot of concrete and, once again, this is a distant location – about three to four hours’ drive north of the office. The $870,000 job will include a water feature in the entry courtyard, bollards, quality outdoor furniture and bike racks.

Penfold is also working with GroupGSA, one of Australia’s top design firms, on quite a broad undertaking at the ELF (Enhanced Land Force) Base out of Enoggera. “We are doing considerable works there over the last four years, running into the four to five million dollar mark,” shares Greg. “That encompasses all forms of hard and softscape. Later this year, we will be putting in a childcare centre and have relocated memorials on site. There is also a concrete path and new display areas.”

Eighteen months ago, Penfold completed a project for the Airport Link tunnel system, installing several thousand square metres of concrete, planting trees, and more. This complex undertaking was completed through Kedron Brook, an environmentally sensitive creek in Brisbane. As part of the contract, the company had to design and place “ripples” through the creek to slow down the flow of water and hence avoid causing damage. “It was an item that had to be designed and constructed, so we internally divided the plans and submitted to the EPA, state governments and council for review. They also watched over us while we did the work.”

To be sure, a number of the company’s projects are on sites considered to be very relevant to the history of Australia and need to be treated with special sensitivity. The Hyde Park Barracks reconstruction project is an example. This National Heritage site is also on the UNESCO world heritage list as one of the best surviving examples of sites from the era of mass convict transportation.

With a five month deadline, the company laid 2,500 square metres of granite paving, “in time for the grand opening of this landmark building, with our teams working day and night to meet the tight programme on this project. We also installed the softscape, furniture, irrigation and trellis to complete the external finish of the barracks reconstruction project.”

Not every construction and architectural firm can pull off this kind of work. It helps to have builders’ licenses to go along with structural landscaping licenses. Penfold has the qualifications and has acquired the best machinery, latest technology and talented employees with the varied skills needed to make itself a one-stop shop with the ability to give customers what they want.

With a highly qualified team of construction staff and builders, landscape staff, horticulture experts, landscape architects, project managers, site foremen and contract administration, Penfold Projects has the complete package of skills required for the successful realisation of any project, regardless of scale or budget.

Since its humble beginnings, the award winning company has grown to a workforce of approximately one hundred and eighty people dedicated to providing the highest level of client service and quality workmanship. Most of the staff have in excess of ten years’ experience in the industry or in construction and with two landscape architects working in the office, the company can provide a complete design service.

“A client comes to us and they have a concept of something they want done, or they just give us the bare bones of a project,” Greg explains. “We can give them the ground up – from initial drawings through to the finished project, no matter what it entails.”

The company has reached the stage where it is quite happy with its position in the industry and can undertake any task that is presented to it: from small domestic jobs through to broad scale infrastructure projects that require a lot of innovative thinking. “We can bring your commercial vision to life through workmanship of the highest quality.”

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