New Company, Proven Innovation

Roadwork Solutions

“We are a young company,” says Paul Casey, Roadwork Solutions’ Founder and General Manager, “but we are quickly gaining ground in the industry as we continue to do excellent work and nurture relationships.”

Mr Casey started the business after working within the industry for a number of years. “I saw the opportunity,” he says, “and I decided to make a company with excellent safety standards and the right team.

“We are young, diverse and have a real focus on building relationships and improving all of the time. We are constantly bettering our service through our equipment, our training, our practices, and our knowledge base.”

As a relatively new service provider operating within the civil, building and construction industries, Roadwork Solutions offers a large variety of on-site capacities to assist project managers in the delivery of safe, reliable and professional services on time, on budget and in compliance with all industry regulations.

These capabilities include selection and development of individual Traffic Management Plans which detail the scope of work to be undertaken and its environmental and social impact on the area. The company is able to provide these detailed plans through its highly skilled and accredited staff, in conformance with RTA Traffic Control at Work Sites manual AS1742.3. Furthermore, the company also coordinates approvals from relevant stakeholders such as the RTA and councils, and assists companies in obtaining road occupancy licences and other licences as required, as well as approval by the appropriate authorities for any required traffic diversion to alternate routes.

In addition to this, Mr Casey explains that there is a vast range of constantly evolving industry regulations which the company helps its clients to navigate. These regulations are necessary and important to the traffic control industry, he says, though to companies who are at their behest, they can indeed be nightmares. Through fostering a wide variety of industry relationships, the team at Roadwork Solutions makes easy work of what could otherwise be an overwhelming task for a client company.

Of utmost importance however, asserts Mr Casey, are the relationships that Roadwork Solutions nurtures with its clients. “We try to work together very closely with our clients; we foster those relationships above all others because in the end it really comes down to providing the best, most relevant, cost effective and safest service to our clients.”

Although the company services a broad array of clientele ranging in size and industry, it has found a loyal following within the water services industry owing in large part to the power of positive word of mouth marketing and customer referrals. Comments Mr Casey, “We really try to focus on doing a great job and keeping our safety standards; they are always happy with the work we do and are pleased to spread the word around.”

As well, “We really like to focus on safety and training within the workplace. We have several programmes established to help ensure that these are priorities to all of our employees.”

Within the company, Roadwork Solutions’ workplace culture is very balanced; its workers are fresh and interact well, frequently gathering together outside of formal work environments. “We have a broad mix of individuals who work for us, made up of about sixty per cent male and forty per cent female employees,” Mr Casey explains. “I think that diversity really attributes to our success and our ability to provide the best service possible. People have this conception of traffic workers being fat, unintelligent old men, but we are able to put our young, polite and well-spoken workers out there on the line to provide the best service and to really be able to discuss the situation and provide the best safety in all situations.”

With a large number of the company’s current and upcoming projects taking place within busy urban centres, Mr Casey says that the focus becomes even more so on “putting our best foot forward and fighting that myth about what traffic controllers are.”

One such project that Mr Casey says the company is particularly proud to have been awarded is a large and ongoing initiative with Sydney Water. “It is an exciting time with the Sydney project having just been awarded to us. It really demonstrated their trust in us, such a young fresh company. I think the word is getting out that we are well prepared and ahead of the technology and accessibility and have the best safety standards. Twenty other companies bid on this prestigious project and we were their first choice.”

Commencing in November of last year, the project is worth over $5 million and requires a host of Traffic Control solutions in response to ongoing and evolving needs as they present themselves throughout the works.

Explains Mr Casey, “The project presents numerous challenges because it is quite broad and so we need to be able to be responsive immediately when they call in because we are the first responders – the other people can’t do their work until we come in and do ours.”

This level of responsibility is not taken lightly by the company, which prides itself on its flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions and workplaces. Perhaps being such a young company in fact has aided in this aspect of the company’s success, encouraging a forward-thinking mentality alongside the pressures to succeed and not rest on the type of complacency sometimes garnered from longevity within the business.

Certainly, it can be seen in Roadwork Solutions’ approach to technology which, in addition to its fleet of modern vehicles and leading edge lighting technologies, also reaches to include such organisational implementations as computer apps for its workforce and customers which help to ensure quick communications accurately passed throughout the company. In this way, not only can the staff quickly and appropriately respond to changing conditions, but the company’s clients can also monitor their solutions.

Already having enjoyed such success within this rapidly developing industry, it is no doubt that the company will continue to grow and evolve. With such an energised and committed workforce, headed by an equally energetic and thoughtful leader, it is not only refreshing but also important that an industry which impacts so many subsets of society as it embarks on its own day-to-day endeavours be so well organised.

As the nation continues to push forward new infrastructure projects despite increasing budgetary restraints and fluctuating industry regulations, the company’s work will no doubt continue to find nuance and elegance within its operations.

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