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-By Robert Hoshowsky

For the past decade, UDAYA Homes and Communities has created luxurious, distinctive, and quality homes for buyers in South East Melbourne. Much more than an average everyday homebuilder, UDAYA Homes and Communities operates from a unique perspective which encompasses the greatest value for the dollar, superior and innovative designs, craftsmanship from inception to completion, and the latest technological advances to provide clients with the finest homes available.

“We believe in giving good value to the consumer,” says Mr Suda Udaya, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the UDAYA Group. A provider of turnkey home solutions, UDAYA conducts itself with honor, integrity, and transparency, ensuring that the consumer does not receive any unpleasant ‘sticker shock’ over the price of a home or inclusions, as can sometimes be the case in the marketplace. “UDAYA is better because everything is included,” says the company’s founder. “We don’t advertise that things costing 30 or 40 thousand dollars are ‘free,’ since everything costs money. When people come to us, what they see – and what they touch – is exactly what they get. We have a one fixed price policy without any variation in the contract, and even if there is site variation, we absorb it. We have a risk margin, and we make sure we operate within that risk.”

The company, says Mr Udaya, always conducts its due diligence before it proceeds with any project. With decades of combined experience in many areas, including design, engineering, construction, and material estimating, UDAYA Homes and Communities is often able to negotiate better prices from its suppliers, pass on the savings, and provide better value for the dollar to the consumer. “If you provide a house without landscaping or a drive, for example, the client will spend at least 30 per cent more if they try to do it by themselves,” says Mr Udaya. “Because of our large volume, we always get a better deal from our suppliers. Some builders will exploit that opportunity to grab more money from the consumer – with us, the price they see is the price they get, with no surprises.”

Innovative Solutions

Staff at UDAYA Homes and Communities believe not only in designing and building quality luxury residences for clients throughout Victoria, but in developing and implementing innovative technologies which will benefit customers and the nation’s construction industry as a whole – today, and in the years to come.

For UDAYA, this means new homes that are not only skillfully designed and well constructed, but built to last. With the aim of not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations, UDAYA constructs architecturally modern dwellings with a minimum 7-Star energy rating for sustainable living. UDAYA Design and Construct – a branch of the UDAYA Group – works with the parent company to create the ideal home design, while U- Energy Corporation helps to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum. Promoting a greener way of living for the future, the U-Energy Corporation is the brainchild of Mr Udaya, and serves to research, develop, and introduce renewable energy concepts to improve energy efficiency in Australia’s residential dwelling designs and construction methods.

One of the company’s recent innovations is a device which produces 5 kWh hour electricity and dissipates heat energy so the household can have hot water at the same time. “My energy project is completely focused on reducing the carbon footprint,” says Mr Udaya. “That’s why we have created this little device that can run on natural gas and reduces household carbon emissions.”

Quality Designs

Although the firm caters to a range of clients, Mr Udaya says first-time home buyers are his company’s primary market, followed by second or third-time home purchasers and those interested in custom-built homes. At present, the company is actively working on 33 diverse projects, including four medium-density developments – including one with a Chinese consortium – along with a number of apartments and townhouses in Dandenong and other desirable locations.

At UDAYA, potential buyers can search through a wide variety of enticing, spacious home designs by visiting one of the company’s Victoria-based display homes and sales offices in Dandenong, Narre Warren, Berwick, or Officer, or by visiting the UDAYA website at Once on the site, clients can choose from a variety of new home designs, or search by suburb, price, house size, land size, number of storeys, and number of bedrooms. Amenities, size, and rooms vary, yet most homes have built-in robes to accompany spacious bedrooms, modern bathrooms with stone vanities or other quality finishes, and kitchens with stone benchtops and Fisher & Paykel appliances. Open plan living areas can be decorated to suit all tastes and lifestyles, while homes and land are conveniently located near parks, schools, and shopping areas.

No matter the size or style of home, UDAYA Homes and Communities offers tremendous value for the dollar, along with many other incentives. Houses can be purchased for a five per cent deposit, with the balance payable upon completion, which means not having to pay rent and interest at the same time and saving on stamp duty. Since all homes are turnkey, there are no hidden costs, additional payments, or other unwanted surprises – all the customer has to do is move in to their luxurious new UDAYA home.

“We look after our clients, and believe in being truthful,” says Mr Udaya. “Many others try to exploit the customer; we have a completely different approach. Right from Day One, we inform the consumer about the product they are going to purchase, and we also educate them about the pitfalls in the market. We don’t try to force them to buy our product – we first give them the knowledge and allow them to do their own research. Once they are convinced, then they come to us to make their purchase.”

As a veteran of the building industry, Mr Udaya, 53, has seen many changes in the business over the years, yet maintained his commitment to outstanding quality at a reasonable price. Like the company bearing his name, he is a man possessing diversified experience. In addition to being a manufacturing engineer, Mr Udaya is a registered builder with the Building Commission, a master builder with Australia’s Master Builders Association (MBA), is registered to conduct real estate auctioning, and is a justice of the peace in Victoria. He explains that it was while conducting research and development and working on a local building system years ago that he developed his interest in the building industry. Today, with a full-time staff of 20 employees including architects, designers, and engineers, and project offices in Singapore and China, UDAYA Homes and Communities remains committed to producing high-quality dwellings that exceed standards for a reasonable cost.

In January of 2011, 6 Star Energy Rating Standards became compulsory for all new homes in Victoria. All UDAYA homes are designed with an eye toward sustainability, and utilise state of the art technologies such as fibre optics, solar panels, and modern water tanks, to name a few of their many innovations. These features, combined with time-tested passive technologies such as orientation of the house to maximise solar gain, double-glazed windows, materials made with higher thermal mass, and insulation with higher R values, ensure not only a home with lower maintenance costs, but one that is a pleasure to live in, comfortable year ‘round, environmentally sound, and good for Victoria’s economy. To fulfill their dreams, buyers can choose from a wide range of sophisticated designs, and the design team at UDAYA Homes and Communities is able to accommodate design changes as required.

With decades of combined experienced, UDAYA Design and Construct works in tandem with UDAYA Engineering, and is qualified to handle all facets of construction, such as project management, structural engineering, and civil engineering. As a department of the company, UDAYA Engineering offers sustainable housing, drainage, sewer and water infrastructure, land and property development for rural, residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions. All projects are carefully planned and carried out according to budget, and duties performed professionally and efficiently.

To make home buying easier for customers, UDAYA also provides a team of sales agents through UDAYA Real Estate at A branch of UDAYA Homes, UDAYA Real Estate has the skills, information, and experience necessary to inform potential buyers about their local markets, house selections, pricing and amenities, and support the sale or rentals of their properties.

Modular Homes

Always innovating, the UDAYA Group established UDAYA Instant Living Spaces Pty Ltd in 2010. A patented modular housing system, Instant Living Spaces provides a quality, affordable alternative to traditionally constructed dwellings.

“It’s a modular concept,” says Mr Udaya. “We manufacture bedrooms and bathrooms separately, and then assemble them on site.” The components are manufactured offshore in China in a joint venture relationship, and the business is growing quickly. The company has a display home at its head office, and while it is operating mainly in Southeast Melbourne, UDAYA does receive many enquiries from other locations. “In time, we will have a distribution system and distribute these houses anywhere in the world. They offer clients great value for money and cost savings, since they are constructed in 30 to 40 per cent less time than traditional construction methods.”

In business for 10 years, the company is confident its will grow beyond $100 million in the coming decade. As engaged as he is in his company, Suda Udaya is also a great believer in charity, as UDAYA Homes and Communities supports a number of national and international charities. One of them – the Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind in Sri Lanka at – was established 100 years ago, and has helped scores of children by providing them with education, vocational training, food, lodging, healthcare, and recreational facilities. It is a charity Mr Udaya has backed for over 20 years.

“I’m looking after 436 children who are deaf or blind in Sri Lanka,” he says. “It is important to give something back; I mean, what else can we do in this life?”

Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

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