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-By Aleisha Parr

When he first arrived in Australia, Peter Favetti was bringing from Sicily not only his bricklaying talents and skills but also his vision for a higher standard of excellence in the masonry industry. In the years since Mr Favetti’s arrival, the company he built – Favetti Bricklaying – has been providing Australians across NSW high quality masonry services backed by a commitment to improving industry best practise. With a combined experience of over 45 years in the industry, the Favetti family is proud not just of its bricklaying labour services but also of its passionate approach to the entire business of bricklaying.

“We provide a complete package of bricklaying where we incorporate the builder’s needs. There’s nothing we say no to,” says Ray Favetti, Peter’s son and the current Manager. When Peter first came to Australia, he took on work in pouring concrete, despite his background in bricklaying, so that he could earn a living. After a few years of work, he was able to pursue his passion once again and returned to bricklaying, starting Favetti Bricklaying as an owner/operator. Throughout the late seventies and early eighties, he ventured into the housing industry, with one of his sons by his side.

Ray Favetti joined his father and brother in the family business almost twenty years ago, when it was still focused on residential projects. He brought the business into the commercial industry, where it has thrived ever since. “It’s been hard work, there have been tough times and we’ve gone through the tough times, both the recessions and the peak . . . We consider ourselves to be professional masonry contractors and we’re not here for the quick buck.”

Favetti now employs a full-time management staff of eight employees; the number of onsite personnel ranges from sixty to one hundred and forty workers, depending on the workload. Additionally, Favetti employs safety officers to ensure that all work carried out is in accordance with its Occupational Health Safety and Environment Policy & Procedures – a major area of interest for Favetti. The company has in place a quality assurance manual based on AS3902 and ISO 9002, which includes a Quality Policy manual, a Quality Procedures manual and a Project Quality Plan or Work Instruction, which is created and implemented on commencement of every new project undertaken by the firm.

Typical services provided by Favetti include material supply and labour, materials handling, scaffolding, set-out, standing and erecting door frames, supplying and erecting wall stiffeners, core-filling and reinforcement and joint sealing and sundry items. Favetti prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for its clients, able to meet any request with quality services and dedicated staff.

On every tender, Favetti sends out its specialists to liaise with the client and any sub-contractors to offer advice and feedback on where possible improvements and savings can be made in the original design concept, and to minimise any delays which may negatively impact the project. Favetti insists upon a constant effort to improve the standards of the industry and a commitment to completing every job to the absolute best of the team’s abilities. To this end, Favetti also offers in-house estimating and pre-budgets to assist clients in their tenders, as well as the latest equipment and technology to facilitate works. One such advancement is the Speed Panel walling system, a new technology which Favetti employs to facilitate a faster, more efficient job. Explains Ray Favetti: “As clients want quicker projects we’re looking at different ways to accommodate the speed and provide them with what they need.” Favetti prides itself on masterful outcomes for each high-end project it undertakes and as yet has not disappointed a single client.

Currently, Favetti has a number of exciting projects in the works. The first of this is with the Royal Northshore Hospital Redevelopment project, where Favetti is completing all interior and exterior brickwork for the Community Services and Acute Services buildings. Favetti will also provide face brickwork for the new Learning Centre at Silverwater, a project spearheaded by EnergyAustralia, as well as work for the Australian Solar Institute at the University of New South Wales.

“Our jobs vary from a small retaining wall priced at around two to three thousand dollars up to our biggest project to date, [which] was sixteen million dollars just in brickwork alone.” Many of Favetti’s recent jobs have been on developing infrastructure in and around Sydney, as well as the Westfield Shoppingtowns. The brickwork for twenty-five new schools created by the Building the Education Revolution (BER) stimulus was all done by Favetti, as was that for the Cochlear Global Headquarters at Macquarie University. Recently, Favetti has also ventured down into Canberra, where it completed work on the Hume Jail and the new Defence headquarters, two major jobs for the family-run bricklaying company.

Not to be outdone, Favetti has also embraced Australia’s latest environmental responsibility trends, with two recent projects both garnering a six-star Green Star rating. Current work on projects such as Silverwater see Favetti utilising resources and suppliers who meet the requirements for recyclable content in concrete and steel, among other responsible measures.

Not only will the future be greener because of Favetti’s work, but it will also be safer. The bricklaying company is now expanding into other related industries, most notably: traffic, road and safety control. After almost eight months in this new field, Favetti is already doing quite well and is excited to continue growing and improving its service offerings. “We still practise good brickwork as was taught to my father,” relates Ray Favetti with pride, “The most important thing there is quality and best practise . . . how we can improve the way things are done.”

From its lean beginnings of one man with a passion and a dream, to the diverse, award-winning company it is today, Favetti Bricklaying is most certainly raising the bar for quality in the masonry industry.

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