A Reputation as Solid as Its Concrete

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Since opening its doors for business in 1998, Victoria-based Conset Pty Ltd has maintained its original vision: to never be satisfied with anything less than perfection, to encourage excellence, to manage all projects with the utmost honesty and reliability, and to work in partnership with its clients, contractors, and suppliers to achieve a common goal.

As one of Victoria’s leading concrete construction companies, Conset specialises in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and high-end residential projects. Its many successful projects over the years remain a testament to the company’s dedication to quality, and the reason why Conset receives a great deal of repeat business.

Prior to establishing Conset, Director Joe Bartolo worked in the field of Landscape Construction, and working with concrete soon followed. “We started doing concrete work within our landscaping business,” says Mr Bartolo, “and found there to be a high demand for concrete contractors focused on quality and a professional approach to the service they offered. Word grew quick and within a small time frame we were in such high demand with both Residential builders and private clients we decided it was time to let landscaping go. The concrete work rapidly grew and moved away from the residential market and into the commercial and industrial sector. Our works have now evolved into all forms of structural concrete.” Today, many of Conset’s clients are first and second-tier builders, and in just over a decade, the company has expanded from a mid-sized structural-concreting business into a vital part of Victoria’s construction industry.

Along with his highly-skilled staff of 50, Mr Bartolo’s many years in the industry add a depth of experience which he passes on to his clients in every project Conset carries out. The company operates in several sectors, from commercial to industrial, high end residential to civil works. In addition to years of practical, hands-on experience, Mr Bartolo and his team offer their clientele a proven, successful track record in managing projects. Over the years, the company has worked on schools, warehouses, shopping centres, water treatment facilities, fire stations, administration buildings, aquatic and community centres, apartments, office complexes, nursing homes, service stations, port loading docks, and casinos, with some projects approaching $5 million in value. “We do vary in our work,” says Mr Bartolo.

Zone Substation, Southbank – a commercial/industrial project in the heart of Melbourne’s central buisness district – is a good example of Conset’s larger projects in recent years. Conset was behind a number of key areas, including management, reinforcement, design, excavation, formwork, steel fixing, and concreting. Working closely with the builder, Watpac Limited, and Powercor – Victoria’s largest energy distributor – Conset designed a reinforcing system that not only reduced overall costs, but also increased productivity. All sections of the reinforcing required welding to achieve earthing for the sub station. Onesteel Reinforcing, was brought on board to help with the design and execution phase. Unfavorable ground conditions presented yet another challenge, which Conset addressed. Ultimately, the company’s attention to detail and professionalism enabled it to surpass the expectations of Watpac and Powercor for this challenging project. “It was quite a unique job,” says Mr Bartolo. “We came up with a design for the project that would speed up the whole process of reinforcement by constructing the majority of the reinforcing off site, and craning it all into place; it was all pre-fabricated. It took a lot of planning, and we delivered the project on time.”

From Education to Infrastructure

Over the years, Conset has developed a solid reputation in structural ground slabs. At present, the firm is working on a number of government school projects, one being Elwood College. It is one of many schools being constructed as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program, a $16.2 billion program geared towards modernising schools through the creation of infrastructure, and supporting local jobs and stimulating investment. The BER is now in its most dynamic phase with construction underway on thousands of schools across the country. For the Elwood school, Conset was responsible for the full concrete structural package.

Along with Elwood, Conset has worked on approximately thrity other schools as part of the BER, including the Dandenong EDU, Kororoit Creek Primary School, and Cheltenham Park Primary School, being awarded the full concrete packages.

At Conset, the company’s experience carries over to many building sectors. It is able to build small to large commercial and industrial projects. The company has a number of residential units in its portfolio, with one of the most recent being the Vivida Apartments in Hawthorn.

Facing Construction Challenges

Located in the heart of Hawthorn’s retail shopping area, Vivida is a 10-storey, 194 chic student apartment complex, with an emphasis on maximising light, privacy, and space. The elevated environment offers spectacular views of Melbourne’s panoramic skyline, with upper level units enjoying views of Port Philip Bay. For this project, Conset was responsible for bulk and detailed excavation, pile caps and footings, columns, slab on ground, and suspended slabs.

“Sites with limited access can be a challenge,” says Mr Bartolo of the Vivida project, which showcases Conset’s abilities when it comes to getting the job done right, no matter the challenges. The task presented the company with not only existing site restrictions, but extreme access issues. In order to overcome these hurdles, the project is being built in two stages, and is running according to plan thanks to Conset, Galvin Constructions, and subcontractors. “Detailed planning and experienced construction staff are the key ingredients to ensure projects are delivered on time, every time,” says Mr Bartolo.

No matter the size or nature of the project, Conset Pty Ltd is dedicated to building not only quality products, but long-lasting relationships with its many new and repeat clients. By balancing attention to detail with business ethics, the company is able to not only meet, but often exceed, client expectations. A commitment to customer satisfaction, excellence, honesty, and working in tandem with clients and partners – along with time-tested experience and leadership – makes Conset able to face new construction challenges, and deliver high-quality products every time.

Home Automation

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