Fortress Fencing & Safety Systems

According to Laurie Joyce, Sales Development Manager, the company’s core business has always been and remains temporary fencing – especially the steel-mesh perimeter panels of the 3000 and 5000 ranges. As well, Fortress offers shade cloth and scaffold netting, printed if the customer so desires, water-filled pedestrian or crash barriers, crowd control bars and an array of other related products and accessories.

No Limits

NCP Bathroom Centres

Pedestal sinks, in-counter sinks, wall hung sinks, basic bathtubs, whirlpool tubs, stand up showers, shower bath combinations, and toilets – just looking at the range of items to choose from in a bathroom could get some in a tizzy, but that is why there are experienced companies out there that can make it all come together.

Time for You

Australasian Homes

Trent Durrington is Construction Manager for the company, which is owned by the two directors, Tim Douglas and Jason Doerr. Australasian Homes has been in business for around two years; previously the two directors had separate companies that merged to form the new entity.

A Streamlined Process

Delaney Civil

How hard could it be after all? In school, we did it with Paddle Pop sticks without issue! In real life, though, building a bridge requires a great deal of mathematical modelling, a keen understanding of physics, and frankly, a fair helping of guts, because after that bridge is built millions of commuters will travel over it with nary a thought as to what exactly makes it work or what could possibly go wrong. Rain or shine, that bridge must be able to stand up to the test of time.

Bringing You Safely Over the River

Rankin Builders

Founded by Neil Rankin in 1992, Rankin started out largely as a premium house builder, completing projects with an average value around the half-million dollar mark, until the turn of the century when Neil built a large bakery in Eden. In December 2003, when Don Hassan joined him, Neil was invited by a developer to price a Bi-Lo supermarket.

Point Of Difference

Talon Construction Group

Rick wound up the development business and moved to the south coast, forming Talon Construction Group four years ago at Wollongong on the southern fringes of Sydney. Nowadays the company’s main business is contract building, and Rick says, “we have set ourselves up to build for developers.

Keep It Simple

Hummingbird Homes

Today, his company focuses both on development work and custom client work. Hummingbird Homes works with developers very closely to determine how to maximise the potential of any development. When a home is being built for a single client, the company feels that it is important to allow the customer to be very involved with the process.

Boutique Building

Dycer Constructions

“We are probably the biggest commercial builder in the South East of South Australia,” Director Shane Dycer explains, and equally impressive is the company’s ongoing commitment to its Mount Gambier community throughout the last three decades of growth and success.

Committed to Quality and Community

Precise Builders

It’s also a story about some younger-generation guys who believe in bringing a greater degree of commercial awareness, modern business practices and above all, customer handling and customer satisfaction to their building activities.


Momentum Built

Since 2009, the company has continually expanded, and has grown from two employees and an annual turnover of around three million dollars to ten employees today, with an annual income of almost seven million dollars.

Gathering Momentum

Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

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