Over nearly half a century, pitt&sherry has evolved into one of Australia’s best-known consulting engineering companies. With the capabilities to successfully deliver an expansive range of inter-related technical and management services, products and solutions, pitt&sherry takes pride in adding value to clients in infrastructure, science, and regulatory compliance areas.

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Mitchell Water

Water is our most precious resource, says Mitchell Water, which lays claim to the title of Australia’s largest dedicated water pipeline contractor. The company, with its head office in Melbourne, has the capacity to perform the design, survey, environmental and cultural management as well as the construction of pipelines, water storages, pump stations, controls and communications.

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There is no doubt that Russell Wheeler is happy in his work. General Manager of Refobar, he says he can hardly wait to get up in the morning and come to work. “I love it. I am one of the very few people that can say that; a lot of people reckon work is a bit of a drag but I just love it.”

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Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

January 21, 2021, 10:47 PM AEDT