Woods Bagot

Sir Isaac Newton once uttered the famous words: “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Acknowledging his own accomplishments as a natural philosopher, Newton was also humbly remarking on the great achievements of those who came before him.

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Villawood Properties

When it comes to purchasing a new home, there are many different builders and property development firms to choose from. Most offer a choice of a few different house designs, upgrades to the interior finishings, and not a great deal more.

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Urban Construct

In uncertain economic times, residential and commercial design firms must strive to be inventive and creative. From conception to completion, each building must raise the bar to innovate, as well as take on increasingly greater risk.

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Offering a broad range of services to the mining and civil sectors, PYBAR believes that the best way to succeed in the industry is to nurture meaningful relationships with both the client and the community involved in a given project. The results of this approach are clear””PYBAR is enjoying continuous growth and has developed an outstanding reputation for quality and commitment to excellence in the mining industry.

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Emerald Lake

Construction companies complete many projects over the years, but there are always some that stand out more than others, due to their size, cost, complexity, or design. For Nifsan Pty Ltd, one of its largest and most spectacular projects remains the epic commercial and residential Emerald Lakes, a development located at Australia’s picturesque Gold Coast.

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Back in 1966, when Phillip Lipman founded the construction company bearing his name, he created it with a vision, a fresh new approach to contracting at the time called “co-operative contracting.” His goal was to see Phillip Lipman Construction Pty Ltd not only provide quality products and services to its clients, but work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect to produce a positive outcome for both partners.

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Edwards Constructions

A foundation of family values has provided the platform for a regional builder to turn the latest in management systems into award
winning projects…

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Brown Steel

In the construction industry, one must innovate to stay ahead. It is not enough to rest on reputation; as quality standards evolve and competing firms enter the marketplace, self-improvement and the capacity for reinvention are critical to the success of any company. Brown Steel, a Toowoomba-based steel fabrication firm, understands this.

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Over the past 15 years, Bosform Contractors has grown to become one of Australia’s best-known formwork specialists, working on numerous projects in the country’s Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast areas. With a reputation for working closely with builders, Bosform is known for delivering jobs on time and on budget, and is truly “forming South East Queensland,” one building at a time.

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Baseline Constructions

Since it was established back in 1993, Baseline Constructions Pty Ltd has never strayed from its vision: to offer clients a true alternative to traditional building methods. As one of Australia’s foremost construction companies, Baseline believes its unique designs and advanced building techniques save its clients not only time, but money.

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Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

April 20, 2018, 8:56 PM AEST


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