Wood & Grieve

The nature of the building and construction industry is cyclical. Economic downturn has resulted in success for some and devastating loss for others. As a result of its strong client relationships and reputation as the go-to firm that does it all, Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) has remained successful.

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Sense Projects

All construction projects have their hurdles, and it’s how a project manager handles the unexpected that truly defines his skill. And working on an unoccupied job site can be difficult enough, but refurbishing a still-occupied retail or office space brings its own set of challenges, both for the builders and the occupants. Fit-out and refurbishment jobs can be quite a course to run!

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Quasar Constructions

Some 30 km northwest of Sydney’s CBD in Baulkham Hills is Quasar Constructions. Calling itself the “perfectly medium-sized” building company, Quasar is able to handle $25 million projects but is without the problems of red tape, working to shareholders’ agendas, or being burdened by obsolete systems. There’s more: flexibility of response, direct contact with top management and “geographical flexibility”. Indeed Quasar sums itself up as “next generation building”.

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Building on the success wrought from a strong private sector background in the construction and building industry throughout Queensland, Matrix has endeavoured to balance its workbook with an increased attention on public sector projects. With a proven track record of delivery – on time and to cost – further enhanced by its attention to high quality detail work and impeccable safety standards, Matrix’s success in both fields has been almost guaranteed.

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GFR Group

Western Australia-based GFR Group is among Australia’s most experienced and longest established PVC piping, PE and PE piping systems specialists and a manufacturer of superior performance valves.

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Dura Constructions

Over the last hundred and sixty five years, the Dura family of Holland has been creating a construction empire based on a conservative philosophy and work ethic. Originally established in 1950, Dura Constructions Australia stays true to its conservative roots.

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Global Contracting

Neil and Penny David are names well known throughout Australia’s construction industry. They have experience ranging from earthworks to mining, pavement construction, piling, bridges, dams and marine works, having been involved in many prestigious projects.

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The Golden Years

In many nations around the world, life expectancy is dramatically on the rise, and Australia is no exception. Depending on gender, where one resides and other considerations, Australian boys born in 2013 to 2015 are expected to live to 80.4 years, while girls born during the same time have an expected lifespan of 84.5 years, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Compared to the time period between 1881 and 1890, both boys and girls born today can expect to live much, much longer than their ancestors, approximately 33 and 34 years longer…

April 29, 2017, 11:16 PM AEST