Harmonising Nature and the Built Environment

Building design has evolved over time, using a variety of materials and resources to meet the builder’s demands. The materials have evolved as well, with engineers, architects, and scientists using innovation to improve their application and overall efficiency, driving development in residential, commercial and industrial construction.


Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

August 21, 2017, 6:59 AM AEST


Macmahon Fpo0.175  chart-0.005  chart -2.78%
Mirvac Grp Stapled2.30  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
N/aN/A  chartN/A  chartN/A
Lend Lease Stapled16.30  chart-0.15  chart -0.91%
Boral Ltd Fpo6.98  chart+0.01  chart +0.14%
N/aN/A  chartN/A  chartN/A
Worleypars Fpo11.89  chart-0.27  chart -2.22%
Downer Edi Fpo6.81  chart-0.16  chart -2.30%
Bluescope Fpo14.11  chart-0.03  chart -0.21%
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2017-08-18 15:48