Rainforest Construction

The Cairns-Kuranda railway is a nineteenth century marvel; a feat of engineering accomplished in impossible conditions using only hand tools and dynamite. Construction techniques were dramatically different when Skyrail was constructed a century later to whisk tourists through the same rainforest. But, this ambitious cableway had to be built with as little impact to the environment as possible. The ironic result was a return to the hand tools – and challenges – of a bygone era.

Building the Cairns-Kuranda Railway and the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Mother Nature versus the Construction Industry

At even the best of times, weather can put the performance of buildings and materials to the test. Reducing project downtime through preparation is vital as construction projects are easily affected by rain, wind, heat and lightning storms. Accurate weather forecasting allows construction managers to allocate resources more effectively, thereby avoiding delays and saving money on projects.

Come Rain or Shine

Climate and Structure in Australia

At the root of these different types of climate is the subtropical high pressure belt that moves north and south depending on the time of the year. The belt causes the rainfall pattern to vary greatly from season to season. Indeed, Australia has less rainfall than any of the other seven continents besides Antarctica, and a drought can last several seasons.

In Its Right Place

Sustainable Infrastructure

Professor Janis Birkeland of the School of Architecture and Planning, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland and Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Design, Queensland University of Technology, supports this consensus in that, “Anything that is sustainable would have to make everyone better off, to make society better off, to give back to nature more than it takes.”

Working with Nature

Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey (also Liberal Party representative for North Sydney) reiterated recently that the Carbon Tax would go if he and his colleagues were voted in at the next election. He told Australian Construction Focus late July that “the Coalition is definite… it will happen, starting on day one if a coalition Government is elected.

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The Real Cost of Carbon Pricing

As the heated debate over Labor’s proposed carbon tax begins to smoulder, we are poised to discover just how strong an impact the controversial legislation will have on Australia’s already hard-pressed construction industry. With its 1 July introduction, the government hopes to use carbon pricing to encourage consumers and producers alike to be cognisant of the effects of pollution on our environment and ultimately more responsible by utilising cleaner processes.

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Toward a Sustainable Australia

A sustainable community is one that is built or modified to maintain sustainable living, by catering to its inhabitants needs. These needs range from the availability of food, water, transportation and energy, to necessary materials, appropriate shelter and waste removal.

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Greener Homes through NatHERS

The cost of heating and cooling homes is often unnecessarily high. Inefficiencies at every step along the chain can easily add up to waste and added expense. The good news is that the energy that is needed to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer can be dramatically reduced with a plan of good design and high quality construction of the home, with the twin benefits of lowering costs for residents and reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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Royal Adelaide Hospital

The earthmoving has begun and a live webcam has been installed – construction on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital is underway.
Slated for completion in 2016, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be delivered as a Public Private Partnership (PPP), and will provide world-class health care facilities for South Australians. The new hospital will be centrally located on North Terrace in the heart of the CBD, and will replace the existing Royal Adelaide Hospital which opened in 1840.

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Ausgrid Learning Centre

In a recent press release, it was announced that the award-winning Ausgrid Learning Centre (ALC), designed by DEM Architects and constructed by Brookfield Multiplex, has received the first 6 Star Green Star “˜As Built’ Rating for an Educational facility from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). This marks the second 6 Star Rating for the project, which was also awarded a 6 Star Green Star Design Rating last year.

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The Golden Years

In many nations around the world, life expectancy is dramatically on the rise, and Australia is no exception. Depending on gender, where one resides and other considerations, Australian boys born in 2013 to 2015 are expected to live to 80.4 years, while girls born during the same time have an expected lifespan of 84.5 years, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Compared to the time period between 1881 and 1890, both boys and girls born today can expect to live much, much longer than their ancestors, approximately 33 and 34 years longer…

May 23, 2017, 10:33 PM AEST