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Northside Roofing

Since it was established a quarter of a century ago, Northside Roofing Pty Ltd has grown to become the largest commercial and domestic supplier and installer of quality steel and metal roofing products in all of South-East Queensland.

All clients – including those in the residential, commercial, and industrial marketplaces – can take advantage of Northside’s unparalleled customer service, selection, industry know-how, and price, all of which have all helped the company earn a reputation as one of the best of its kind in Queensland.

Founded in 1989 by Directors Mark Gwyn, a skilled steel estimator, and Philip Beveridge, a qualified plumber and gas fitter, the company has a well-earned reputation for quality, selection, and superior service from project inception to completion that cannot be beat. With a staff of over 80 full-time employees, Northside Roofing’s sheer size enables the company to purchase large volumes of product, resulting in greater savings being passed on to its many customers.

To meet all roofing needs, Northside not only sells quality steel and metal roofing supplies and systems, but also has the in-house fabrication and installation resources necessary to work with the needs of all clients. With ample room to take on any project – including a 1,500 square metre warehouse, 1800 square metre dry yard, and full sheet metal fabrication on site located at Burpengary just north of Brisbane – the company takes pride in working with all customers to ensure satisfaction each and every time.

“In-house manufacturing, 25 years of experience, and local knowledge with excellent service are some of the many qualities that make Northside Roofing stand apart from the competition,” says Mr Gwyn. “We also have five site estimators to provide quick tender responses.”

Unlike some of its competitors who only sell or install roofing products, Northside Roofing – with its own state of the art manufacturing facility – can assess the exact requirements of every roofing project and create the materials itself, controlling the quality and installation and ensuring on-time delivery. As the biggest roofer of its kind, Northside has the trained teams, equipment, materials, and experience to successfully tackle even the largest commercial projects with the utmost professionalism. In fact, Northside Roofing professionally supplies and fits in excess of 50,000 square metres of commercial and residential steel roofing each and every month!

Investing in the Future

Dedicated to its many customers, Northside Roofing recognises the importance and responsibility that comes with providing experienced, first-class service. To ensure the finest possible workmanship and maximise productivity and efficiency, the company has made a number of strategic investments over the years. In mid-2012, Northside invested in a state-of-the-art computerised slitter/folder. In addition to providing 100 per cent accuracy in product manufacturing, the new equipment – which is designed to profile large-faced fascias and capping – is resulting in cost-savings, which Northside is passing on to its clients.

It is through the company’s investment in technology and years of hands-on experience that it is able to successfully take on large and sometimes complex roofing projects. One of the company’s recent examples is the Kmart Warehouse and Distribution Centre project. Located in the suburb of Lytton near the Port of Brisbane, the creation of the massive warehouse was a major development for the retailer. Situated on an 11.6 hectare site and readily accessible not only to the Port but also the Brisbane Airport and key arterial roads, the new 51,725 square metre warehouse and office facility for the well-known department store retailer saw construction of warehouse space and office areas and additional hardstand expansion space – along with 69,800 square metres of total cladding area, including the roof, walls, and soffit. From commercial to industrial and residential projects, the company leaves nothing to chance, particularly on very large jobs. “We like to meet with builders and architects at the early design stage,” comments Mr Gywn of Northside, which precisely plans, designs, and coordinates all roofing projects.

Since 1989, Northside has been providing superior quality roofing, roofing products, installation, fabrication, and expert advice to a host of clients in a variety of sectors, meeting the particular roofing needs of each and every one.

Considerable expertise is required when installing steel and metal roofs, and many customers turn to Northside for its unsurpassed skills. As South-East Queensland’s leading specialist in the fabrication, supply and fit of all metal roofing products, numerous clients count on the company to get the job done right. With a wealth of installation experience, the company has taken on a number of prestigious projects, including the Canberra Airport Hangar to house the Prime Ministerial Jet for the Australian Air Force. Due to its vast knowledge and variety of services, the company is often called upon to work on projects for the government. Among these are significant projects for Corrective Services Queensland, such as the Wacol, Woodford, Maryborough and Rockhampton Correctional Centres.

Roof Replacement and Restoration

In addition to new metal and steel roofs, Northside also has considerable experience in the field of roof replacement and roof restoration across Brisbane. For residential projects of all designs, from contemporary looks to traditional styles, Northside Roofing has the advice and selection to assist all customers.

A popular product often used on roofing projects is Colorbond®. Attractive, innovative and cost-effective, a Colorbond® metal roof from Northside Roofing enables customers to create a look that suits their discerning tastes and style, all within a reasonable budget. Best of all, the products have many advantages – not only for consumers, but for the economy as well. “Colorbond® is a Made in Australia product, so it keeps Aussies employed, and warranties are Australian issued, so any problems can be addressed promptly,” says Mr Gwyn, noting that Northside Roofing endeavours to use local suppliers and products manufactured in Australia whenever possible.

Available in a wide range of colours, Colorbond® allows consumers to select from 22 inspired colours which reflect Australia’s light and energy, and a range of roofing styles – contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex or concave – to suit every style. Best of all, Colorbond® products are designed and manufactured for Australia’s tough conditions, from blistering heat to biting cold. Manufactured with an exceptionally durable, baked-on finish, the steel products are not only attractive, but are non-combustible, anti-corrosion, resistant to peeling and insects, and require little maintenance. Best of all, steel is not only strong and attractive, it’s also lightweight (which makes it easier and less expensive to transport), completely recyclable, and is one of the most reused products on earth. Made and backed by Australian-owned BlueScope, Colorbond® products cover everything from roofing to guttering, and fascia to downpipes.

Unique Gutter Rail Bracket

Along with superior selection, service, and quality, Northside also manufactures a number of unique and innovative products. The company’s Gutter Rail Bracket makes roof erection safer, faster, and easier. Allowing for the installation of wall cladding prior to the installation of roofing, it fast tracks the overall completion of roofing and wall cladding encapsulation, allowing concrete to commence sooner. By installing the wall cladding ahead of time, the structure is locked into place, which prevents the fascia purlin bowing-in from safety wire tension due to compression of insulation. Unlike traditional methods, where wall cladding cannot begin until the roofing is complete and the guardrail is removed, Northside’s Gutter Rail Bracket is less expensive than old-fashioned methods, allows the rail to remain safely in place until all the trades have completed their work, and has been proven time and again on numerous major projects.

Taking on numerous projects over the past 25 years – including the 50,000 square metre Ceva Project for Australand, the 12,000 square metre Stoddarts Project for Watpac Construction, the 50,000 square metre Caterpillar Project for CIP Construction, and the 40,000 square metre Toll Project for FDC Construction – Northside Roofing is dedicated to its customers for all industrial, commercial and residential steel roofing projects. Northside is not only skilled at roofing; in addition to manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance, the company also provides licensed plumbers, which not only sets it apart from its competition, but allows for a much deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of all roofing projects.

“We are market leaders for a reason,” states Mr Gwyn of the company, which works on specialised projects anywhere in Australia. “We provide design and construct assistance, are very well recognised and recommended in the industry, and have the ability to complete several projects over 50,000 square metres concurrently. We also have a fleet of 19 Elevated Work Platforms, from a 53 foot scissor lift to a 60 foot boom lift.”

For more information about Northside Roofing, please visit http://www.northsideroofing.com.au.

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