Leading the Way

Narellan Pools

Today, customers are demanding a far more sophisticated product. Narellan Pools has evolved along with the market to meet these changing demands, becoming Australia’s leading supplier and installer of in-ground composite swimming pools.

Market Trends

Today’s buyer often sees the swimming pool as an extension of the home itself. “So now it is not just about having a pool that you throw in the back that everyone can swim in,” Mr Meyer explains. “We are seeing a lot more integration between the home and the swimming pool as the blocks have gotten smaller and the houses have gotten bigger. You can’t just tuck the pool in the back corner anymore.”

As a result, a Narellan pools is designed to be an integral part of the landscape, adding to the aesthetics rather than detracting. “The pool is becoming a focal point of the home.”

Obviously, as the size of the yard shrinks, so must the pool. “Our average pool sizes have actually been coming down every single year,” Mr Meyer shares. “There is certainly still a strong market for the biggest possible pools that we can manufacture,” he adds, “but this demand is mostly limited to less populated areas. In towns and cities, consumers are increasingly seeking an option that will provide all the benefits of a traditional sized pool within a smaller footprint.”

Narellan Pool’s new Eden range was specially designed to meet this growing market trend. The sleek plunge pools stylishly blend into smaller spaces, Mr Meyer points out, “but they have the same benefits as a larger pool.” Swim jets create an artificial current to swim against, so the Eden provides as rigorous a workout as a larger lap pool. The company is also rolling out a line of underwater exercise equipment compatible with the compact pools; these new aqua therapy options will even include cycling. Spa jets can also be added to transform the Eden into a relaxing escape.

Consumers are also giving more thought to the water inside their swimming pool. Saltwater chlorination has been a favourite for decades, and it remains the most popular form of pool sanitation in Australia. But, Mr Meyer says, “there is a growing demand for improved water quality. Consumers don’t just want to swim – they want to wash away stress and rejuvenate their skin.” Narellan Pools has recently introduced a mineral pool to provide these benefits. “Our clients can still choose a traditional salt,” Mr Meyer explains, “or they can upgrade their water to what is some of the latest technology in water sanitisation that exists in the world.” The healing waters contain magnesium, which may help to detoxify the body and boost wellbeing. The low salinity of the water is also better for the environment.

A Complete Solution

Narellan Pools maintains control over its swimming pools from start to finish, which enables the company to stay ahead of the market – and provide a superior product. “We are the whole supply chain,” Mr Meyer points out. “That is one of the unique differences about Narellan Pools to any competitor that I have seen, not only domestically but internationally.” Typically, consumers have to deal with several different companies when building a pool. Narellan Pools, on the other hand, manufactures its own product and has franchised the sales and installation. The result is a complete, end to end solution – and peace of mind for the clients.

“Everybody is operating under the Narellan Pools brand,” Mr Meyer explains. “Our clients don’t have to buy a pool shell from one manufacturer, buy pumps and filters from another, and then have someone else build the pool. We are offering the entire solution to the client. It is a Narellan person who sells the pool, it is a Narellan person who builds the pool, it is a Narellan shell, and now, even the equipment is Narellan.”

Providing this equipment is an exciting new step for the company. The team has just introduced Narellan AquaHydraulics, a range of filters and pumps that come with a complete warranty. “We are so confident with it we have not only put our label on it, we offer a full replacement guarantee,” Mr Meyer reports. The team made the decision to supply this equipment because they wanted to make the pool buying process easier for clients. “People get confused with the equipment selection, so we’ve taken all that headache away,” Mr Meyer explains. Now, clients know that they are getting equipment that is a perfect match for their specific type and size of swimming pool.

Of course, the manufacturing process is a crucial component in Narellan Pool’s end to end solution. The company has four decades of manufacturing experience behind it, and continues to improve on its processes. In March of this year, the company received ISO 9001 accreditation, an internationally recognised quality management standard. “We invested over two years of time and resources with a significant investment in obtaining our ISO 9001 accreditation and to the same rigorous quality standards,” Mr Meyer reports. “We truly believe that we now have the world’s best composite swimming pool.”

Narellan Pools has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout Australia, and Mr Meyers says it is crucial they all operate under one common quality management system. “We needed to ensure that no matter where the pools are manufactured, the pools are built identically.” The ISO 9001 accreditation also allows the company to keep careful records of all its products. “Each and every one of our pools has its own ‘birth certificate. We can track it from conception to completion, not only through our facilities, but also through to client satisfaction after the pool is installed.”

The information is comprehensive. “We know the time, we know the date, we know the name of the operators who built each and every layer in the swimming pools. We also know the temperature, the humidity, and precisely which batch of materials went into that pool. So if there is ever a problem – and luckily we haven’t really had any – but if there were one, then we could go right back to the source.”

The team also utilises the highest quality materials to ensure a superior product. “We don’t ever want to compromise the quality of our swimming pools,” Mr Meyer insists. “We use what we believe are the best quality materials available.” All of the resins the company uses are produced right here in Australia by Nuplex Composites. “We do not import our resins. I believe that we are possibly the only local [swimming pool] manufacturer in Australia that doesn’t import their resins.” High quality materials, ISO 9001 accreditation, and an end to end supply chain assure clients that they are getting a superior product. “When people purchase Narellan, they know that they are getting the best quality pool available – not only in Australia, but in the world.”

Narellan Pools has worked hard to stay ahead of an evolving market for the last four decades. As a result, the company is at the forefront of current trends – from the integration of the swimming pool into the landscape, to the use of therapeutic mineral water. “We are responding to the changing market,” Mr Meyer insists, and he believes this is only the beginning. “We certainly are expecting to see more changes as our clients are becoming more educated through internet research and [as they gain] a greater understanding of what their rights are as consumers. Our goal is to make sure we stay in touch with our clients’ needs and aspirations. We have adjusted our brand and positioning to ensure we really do bring our clients’ dreams to life.”

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