Total Demolition and Disposal Services

Delta Group

The group works on projects for private construction companies, government departments, municipal councils, mine sites, developers and others who require experienced professionals in small, large or delicate demolition projects.

“We work all over Australia, from central business districts (CBDs) in major cities all the way to remote areas. We will go wherever our customers need us,” says Delta Group’s Dominic Santullo. With offices across Australia, the company can quickly deploy teams to sites whenever and wherever they are needed, be it in mining, civil construction, road construction or mine demolition. Starting seventeen years ago as a truck driver, Mr Santullo worked his way through the company and is today General Manager of Recycling, Purchasing, Transport and Logistics for the Delta Group.

Since it was formed and began trading in 1982 as Delta Demolition, Mr Santullo has seen the company steadily grow in a number ways, not the least of which are the over six hundred staff members now employed by the company. “We have more service divisions today, and we have grown into new states and new areas,” he explains.

In over three decades of operation, the company has established an Australia-wide reputation as an industry leader. Meeting the needs of small, large or delicate demolition projects, the company has steadily expanded its range of service offerings. Today, in addition to experienced demolition work, the company has expanded to incorporate complementary sectors including civil works, excavation, landscaping, asbestos removal, commercial bin hire, heavy equipment hire and an innovative recycling and waste management program – including a world-leading joint venture with Boral – in concrete recycling.

Through superior service, ongoing innovation and expansion of its range of offerings, the group has grown to become one of the biggest companies of its type in Australia. Known for its reliability, the company has attracted and retained new and repeat customers, including some of the country’s major builders: Leighton Holdings Limited wholly-owned subsidiary John Holland and Theiss, one of Australia’s foremost construction, mining and services contractors.

Working with clients on many major projects located in the CBDs of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, Delta Group prides itself on having the years of experience necessary to provide all clients with service that is simply second to none.

Much more than just a demolition company, the company has the manpower and resources to meet all client needs and site requirements, with its internal workshop facilities and specialised plant and equipment. Clients depend on the team to seamlessly provide a transition from demolition all the way through to civil works and commercial landscaping. In the realm of civil works, the company has successfully completed projects such as the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Stafford Heights Retirement Community, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and many others.

The company uses heavy machinery such as drill rigs to deliver services like bulk earthworks, site retention, piling, shotcrete, in-ground hydraulics and ground slabs and offers a complete service for all excavation requirements, “from demolition all through to installation of a basement slab.”

Of course, issues can arise in coordinating multiple smaller companies and this full-service construction contractor helps clients avoid those problems. Working in tandem with subsidiaries within the group, Delta can effortlessly combine demolition and civil packages onsite, so all projects are precisely coordinated. All jobs are communicated clearly to customers at all times so the timely delivery of services such as bulk earthworks, site retention, piling, shotcrete, in-ground hydraulics and ground slabs is assured. By working with an experienced company like this, clients are assured all civil and demolition projects are carried out with the utmost efficiency and with site controls firmly in place and safety procedures maintained at all times.

Realising that demolition projects are sometimes anything but straightforward, the team at Delta Group is capable of handling all types of industrial and commercial demolition, from large projects to complicated older structures – many of them containing asbestos, which must be removed safely under the guidance of professionals. In many cases, such as the first phase of the Melbourne Cricket Club’s (MCC) Northern Stand project, the company not only coordinated demolition and civil teams on the site, but completed the tasks ahead of schedule.

At Delta Group, the company’s landscaping division provides all clients – from construction companies to developers and government – a range of quality landscaping solutions. From project management to earthworks, demolition, infrastructure construction, architectural structure and finishes, the company’s trained professionals have worked on a number of large, high-profile projects, ranging from the Caroline Springs Boulevard to the Crown Casino and Ballarat’s Bridge Mall – which included demolition, bulk excavation, water feature construction, bluestone paving and soft landscaping.

As awareness of recycling and re-use is at an all-time high, Delta Group effectively and responsibly manages and coordinates the removal of waste from construction and industrial sites. The company minimises the amount of material going to the nation’s landfill sites by sorting construction materials such as old wood and metal.

“Recycling is one of our many services,” says Mr Santullo. “We recycle scrap metal, aged timber, along with concrete recycling and contract crushing – which is used for road aggregate. It is a value-added service and prevents a lot of waste from going into landfills.”

With the goal of increasing the amount of reclaimed materials from Australia’s demolition sites and slashing the amount of waste going to landfill, Delta Group is benefiting the environment and its clients in a number of ways. Concrete waste material is crushed, processed and treated at the company’s Sunshine plant, where Delta has formed a successful partnership with Boral to reduce landfill and recycle concrete wastage with the creation of a new by-product – Envirocrete. “We have one of the largest fleets of mobile crushing equipment and we will travel across Australia to do the job.” At the company’s metal recycling division in Altona, metals are separated, and its timber recycling division recovers old wood salvaged from demolition sites for re-use.

In addition to its many other services, the company is known for its commercial and industrial bin hire service. It offers specially designed bins to haul a variety of construction and industrial waste – concrete and concrete washout, bricks, steel and asbestos – to be sorted and recycled (with the exception of asbestos, which is disposed of at a licensed site) to reduce the amount of waste trucked to landfill. And for those who prefer to rent, the company’s rental service can provide just about every piece of large equipment necessary, including compactors, excavators, wheel-loaders, dump trucks and more.

After over thirty years in the demanding business, Delta Group continues to thrive and serve clients all across Australia. “We provide professional services and Delta Group delivers on its promises each and every time,” asserts Mr Santullo.

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