There’s No Place Like Home

Mark Bain Constructions

Often, within the profile of a construction company, there may be two or three houses here and then a few more over there – but on the Sunshine coast and Gladstone there are different things happening, and the company that is in charge is Mark Bain Constructions. Since 2008, the company has built over four hundred homes in these areas, essentially constructing entire neighbourhoods…

A soon-to-be mother and father walk through the door to their new home; there is nothing better than the sight of their gleaming new space. The house was built by a company that knew nothing of them yet, somehow, their first home is everything they had dreamed of. It is in a neighbourhood where there are many homes built by the same construction company; they are all somewhat similar in size and shape but this one is uniquely theirs. This one has the garage that will hold their tools, outdoor gear and automobile. It has the ensuite bathroom with the big mirrors, large bathtub and the perfectly white sink that glimmers when the lights turn on.

This house has the bedroom that will be specially painted blue or pink. It has the hardwood floors that are made to be durable and easily cleaned when it is discovered years later that their seven year old son really loves to play in mud and then run through the house chasing the dog. Sometimes the house gets messy, and doesn’t shine as it did when it was only months old, but it is still perfectly familiar and cozy and that’s why they call it home.

It shelters them from stormy weather and has smart devices that create heat when it’s cold and a cool breeze when it’s too hot to go outside. It has mechanisms that keep the cost of living down while supplying them with an environment that makes it possible to live comfortably. It is the stage on which they live, love and laugh their way through their lives and, because of that, the home is the most important thing they can acquire. It’s not just a place to hang a hat… a home is a secure place where we are free to live, enjoy our lives and fulfill our potential.

To some construction companies, building a few homes is a great task, but to Mark Bain, creating entire neighbourhoods is a routine job. “My father was a builder; I come from a background of building with my brothers,” shares Mark, the Director of Mark Bain Constructions. “It was just a progression, finally ending with us having our own business when our father stopped building and went into joinery. We stepped into his boots and took over from there, under our own banner. We didn’t take over his business. I was able to obtain my own business licence and we just started doing our own stuff.” He explains that in the beginning, they tried to be hands-on and simultaneously run the rest of the business. Now, due to the company’s size, they run the crew.

Back in the early 1980s, Mark Bain Constructions started with one or two houses a year, but was soon building hundreds of houses a year as demand exploded. In fact, just this past May, the company finished building two hundred houses in Gladstone, Queensland, 101 being for Santos with the rest being investment homes. The company is also known for building schools, retirement villages, factories, land subdivisions and anything else under the sun.

“On the building side of things, we can do just about anything. There is not much that we haven’t built.” Says Mark, “We have done plenty of luxury homes in the beach suburbs of Noosa Heads. There’s one on Arakoon Crescent that has won a few awards for the design and the build.”

The company also built the Noosa Heads Motel, six restaurants on Weyba Road and the Sundale Garden Village in Nambour to name a few. The company also upgrades existing structures, including renovations to the Uniting church and the golf clubhouse at the Peregian Springs Golf Course.

“There is no way we would ever manage to build anything without the crew we have these days,” enthuses Mark. Although at times there may be hundreds of contractors on site, the company maintains about ten direct employees. The company has a branch on the Sunshine Coast as well as in Gladstone and, even though most construction companies have seen a downturn with the economy, Mark Bain Constructions is finishing up the strongest two years that the company has ever seen.

“We were picked for the [substantial Gladstone] job for Santos because we could handle it. We have a good product and, because of the size and the time frame of the project, we were the obvious choice,” explains Mark. “It’s probably better for them to deal with one builder than many. I mean they may have thought that they were taking a chance on us handling the whole thing but we brought it in on time and on budget. They put all their eggs in one basket, and we pulled it off. It was a great couple of years.”

Mark Bain Constructions’ breadth of turnkey solutions are what make the company so effective. From foundation to rooftop, the company will handle the project and hand over the keys. “The tenant can move straight in!” exclaims Mark. Indeed, the company can complete all the finishing details, from landscaping and blinds to pools and more.

The company has even had its own architectural and design team on board for a few years so it is a relatively simple matter to buy a piece of land, plan a house to suit and then place it on the market. Although defects don’t happen frequently, they are always taken care of in a very timely manner and it’s simple get hold of the right person for the job. There are clients who have been working with Mark Bain Constructions for over ten years and keep coming back for the amazing service and top quality designs and finishes.

As far as the crew, many of the contractors who are on board have been working with the company for over ten years. It’s not a company that is willing to sacrifice quality for the cheapest pricing, so the job will always be done well by a qualified team. This is one of the reasons why the workmanship on all of the projects is high class, and award winning. “We know that we can get cheaper prices, but we do a good job with a good price rather than an okay job for rock bottom,” says Mark.

Many other companies try to milk every last penny out of a job by charging for extras and constantly up-selling features that aren’t necessary. Mark Bain Constructions is different in its market and that makes it a leader. When, for most people, a house is the most important purchase that they will make, there is no reason to make it into a difficult process.

It’s amazing to think that a single company can be responsible for shaping a neighbourhood. “I can drive down the street and every house is ours,” says Mark. It’s easy to look at the houses as just buildings when they are newly finished and ready to be put on the market, but eventually they turn into homes where neighbours will get together and celebrate good times and share life’s trials together. Newlyweds will start a new life and generations of people will celebrate new phases in their lives. Many of the houses will be shared from one generation to the next; they will be there on the land for maybe a hundred years or more.

If the walls could talk, they would all have a different story that all start with the special company that spurred their very existence – Mark Bain Constructions.

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