Clean and Green Hot Water

Dux Hot Water

With Australians’ growing participation in the international green shift, consumers are paying more and more attention to how they might make their homes more energy efficient. Dux Hot Water has been on the leading edge of hot water systems, developing innovative means for reducing energy costs, and in turn, saving its customers money.

While there have been many recent innovations in furnishing hot water directly to people’s homes, the tradition actually goes back several centuries. Ancient Roman water heaters still dot the Italian countryside, and while today they are primarily tourist attractions, at the time of their construction water was heated by fire and then piped through a series of aqueducts before ending up in someone’s bath. In contemporary developed nations, water heaters are now installed in our homes and businesses, some large, holding hundreds of litres of water, while others are small, heating the water as it passes through piping. Whatever kind or manner of heating, hot water has become a staple of the modern world.

In the late 1800s, Benjamin Waddy invented a device that was able to heat water by running it through a series of hot wires. This device was named ‘The Geyser’ after the hot springs of Iceland. It was so named not because it produced hot water, but because it lacked a vent to release the pressure created by the hot steam, leading to a dangerous in-home geyser. Luckily a Norwegian inventor named Edwin Ruud would later remodel the original prototype, heavily influenced by Waddy’s earlier design.

With a little ingenuity over the years, hot water heaters have become much safer, more reliable and they have improved in leaps and bounds with respect to energy efficiency. Dux Hot Water is one of the many companies that have been on the vanguard of that change. Today, Dux Hot Water produces some of the most reliable and efficient water heaters on the Australian market.

Dux Hot Water was founded by the Middleton family in 1915 and has been leading the charge in developing increasingly efficient technology ever since. The company began as a family business, though its name comes from the Latin word, meaning leader. Since that time, the company has invested heavily in research and development, giving it a competitive edge in the market and producing heaters that use technology years ahead of Dux’s competitors.

Dux is now the oldest hot water heater manufacturer in Australia, providing water heating solutions to Australian homes for the last 98 years. Its headquarters are located an hour and a half outside of Sydney within the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. The company is also part of the Australian owned GWA group within the Bathrooms and Kitchens division sitting alongside well known Australian brands such as Caroma, Dorf and Fowler.

“Most innovation within the hot water industry has occurred over the last 20 years,” comments Peter Faase, the Business Development Manager of Dux Hot Water. Steve Linton, Service and Marketing Manager, adds that, “Early water heating devices were quite different to those we see today. For example, copper tanks or heating devices at the faucet to heat the water as it passed through, are now very rare. In the last 20 years the predominant heaters used in Australian homes have been electric or gas storage tanks.”

More recently, Dux has been on top of the developing trend of new hot water heaters powered by solar energy. By developing more environmentally friendly water heaters, the company can not only save a household a pretty penny, but with every installation of a solar heater or a newer and more efficient 5 star gas water heater, Dux helps the world get just a little bit greener.

“These heaters are much more technologically advanced. Like many countries we’ve gone through the environmentally friendly boom. It has actually been quite a big change for us and the industry as a whole,” says Mr Faase. He expanded on how the company has adapted over the years, noting, “We have an internal research and development department, and we design our products to be on the leading edge. We currently have Australia’s most highly awarded range of environmental water heaters.” Indeed, Dux has received a number of awards, including the prestigious International Design Mark for engineering excellence. In total the company has received eight different awards for its business and innovation.

One example of Dux’s newer, greener technology is the heat pump that effectively takes heat from the air that surrounds it. It operates without any solar panels or electric heating elements, operating somewhat like an air conditioner on its heat cycle. Called Airoheat, the heat pump uses about one-third of the electricity that a conventional electric water heater would use, and since its release around five years ago has been continually developed with greater efficiency and performance in mind.

A video on the Dux Hot Water website ( introduces the Airoheat system on the company’s homepage. This system has garnered the most awards of any of Dux’s products, and while other companies can manufacture their own style of heat pump, none of them have been able to meet the industry award achievements set by the Dux brand product.

The main difference is in how the unit transfers the heat from the top section of the heater where the air is drawn in over the refrigerator coil into the water. The warm air from outside the pump is drawn through the refrigerant coil during which time, the refrigerant gas is heated; it is then compressed, which turns it into a super heated gas. From there the gas travels down the unique copper heating coil which runs down through the tank allowing for more direct heat transfer to the water. Some companies use a heat exchanger, which draws the water up into the top of the unit where it is heated before travelling back down into the tank, but this process typically results in greater heat loss as the water is pumped around the system. While this small amount of lost energy may seem negligible, it definitely adds up over the life of the water heater.

Dux also has a consistent approach to product design, always looking to source the best components. Whether from a local source or internationally, the best parts are a must. Partnering with key component providers makes it easier for the company to produce a quality product, and helps the team maintain strong relationships with its important suppliers.

Dux products are distributed all over Australia in most plumbing supplies retailers, and almost all models of tank are manufactured in Australia as well. The savings generated by Dux water heaters not only allow for a reduced household impact environmentally, but special hot water rebates can help a household make the upgrade, allowing lower energy bills in the future. While other systems may provide a cheap fix, Dux Hot Water provides Australian innovation that furnishes long-term savings, both for the customer and the planet.

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