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Global Projects

Within this field, Global Projects excels across a wide variety of project types, whether new construction, refurbishment, alterations or additions. In addition to the hospitality sector, Global Projects also strives to offer expert management across a variety of projects in other sectors including commercial, residential and retail.

“At Global Projects, we focus on developing long-term, cost effective solutions for our clients. We believe in consistently providing added value to our clients’ projects through clear, strategic project management solutions. Your expertise lies in managing your business; ours lies in successfully co-ordinating and managing your project. As each client has different issues, we tailor our expertise to your specific needs to give you the best possible construction outcome.”

Steve Brown, one of Global Projects’ three Managers, discussed with us what sets the New South Wales-based construction and project management company apart within the field, summing it up in one short but powerful statement: “It’s pretty simple,” he says, “you take care of your clients and they take care of you.”

Indeed, throughout the company’s wide array of customer-centred services, simplicity and relationships stand out as the two core themes to lasting success within the demanding luxury industry. “We don’t do a lot of advertising because we rely so strongly on the word-of-mouth,” Mr Brown continues. “All of our work comes from within the industry – from relationships we have built and developed which have stood the test of time. We had a background in the industry, so this path was chosen with respect to that and the clients we had already developed relationships which stuck.”

“All of us – there are three Directors – come from a construction background,” he says. “So we have a very flat structure to management where we are more like Project Managers than typical Directors. We develop very strong relationships with our clients, working directly with them on a day to day basis. This results in better efficiency for us and a higher quality of end-result and experience throughout the project for the customer.

“Our three Directors have an unequalled passion and extensive combined knowledge of hospitality, from front of house to back of house operations. We have numerous, long term client associations with major leagues clubs, RSLs, restaurants and other entertainment venues.”

In addition to its dedicated support staff and Management team, Global Projects works collaboratively with its preferred sub-contractors, chosen on the basis of trust, honesty and respect, and has been recognised in the industry for the quality results that have come out of these relationships. “Our awards are in relation to the designers we have chosen,” shares Mr Brown. “That does speak to the calibre of contractors, sub-contractors, designers and consultants with whom we work.”

The company particularly prides itself on its spectacular attention to detail and high level expertise. “Hospitality is our passion,” asserts Mr Brown, and to this end, Global Projects maintains a personal relationship with its customers throughout projects encompassing all aspects of design and construction including: strategic planning and pre-design; cost planning; initial cost assessment; appointment and briefing of a design team; continual design analysis and cost control; food and beverage works planning; in-house cost management; council documentation and approval; tender negotiation; contract management; program timing including critical stages; construction implementation; and project management.

“All our construction projects are managed with focused attention to fine detail, ensuring your project is created on time, within budget, to the highest quality standards and meets your vision,” says Mr Brown. “One of our Directors will personally manage your project, ensuring that you gain the highest level of strategic advice, both in project and construction management.”

In particular, the company aims to minimise construction-related impedances to operational businesses whilst creating new or revitalised environments for its clients’ own patrons. To achieve such a result, Global Projects designs its construction project management programs with the client’s bottom line in mind during each refurbishment or upgrade.

“We understand that you may often require on site construction work while still maintaining full operation of your business,” says Mr Brown. “We have extensive experience in planning construction so that respective designated areas remain operational, yet also safe for those working nearby.”

In addition to this considerate approach, Global Projects comes to the table with the necessary skills and experience to implement high quality designs to exacting standards for both front of house and back of house operations – from laying out a bar and maximising the efficiency of a kitchen to designing communal spaces that create the “wow” factor. At the same time, facing the rising costs and increasing financial pressures now prevalent in commercial construction, Global Projects has become proactive in assisting its customers to achieve their desired results without increasing their budgets by offering constant reviews for construction alternatives via detailed costing analysis.

“We rise above challenges,” says Mr Brown with enthusiasm. “Problems are simply an opportunity to do things differently. All construction projects encounter conceptual, construction or design issues along the way. Our ability to adapt to such concerns, resolve them quickly and cost effectively, sets us apart from others.”

In a recent example involving international gourmet food and professional cookware retailer, Williams Sonoma, Global Projects was able to take on a retail project which was already in development – a feat which is challenging for even the most seasoned industry professionals. Global Projects, however, was able to easily rise above the challenges involved with taking up the mantle of someone else’s plans and sorting out the good ideas from the bad to complete the project to the delight of the client.

“They came to use with a new project in Australia that was already begun, which makes it a lot more difficult to step in,” explains Mr Brown. “So, we took that on and worked closely in consultation with them to ensure that we achieved the success they were after. It was a very large project, and now they are opening several more in Perth and elsewhere, so we are very proud of our work.”

In addition, the company offers ongoing strategic advice to guide its clients throughout the project process including risk management advice; proactive control of time, cost and quality; and procedural improvements during construction. “Flexibility of in-house design, programming, systems and our history and longevity within the industry translate into the success we have achieved,” shares Mr Brown.

Within the Hospitality industry, certain changes are taking place which have impacted the way in which Global Projects approaches each project. In particular, the exceedingly high level of quality and style required in high-end finishes has become a trademark of the industry veterans, whose longevity has been on the back of the acquired skills of the management team. Furthermore, clients are now beginning to develop and offer other services – which means increased opportunities for Global Projects, whose versatility has been able to shine in offering associated projects such as meeting spaces, canteens and guest services.

“The industry is very busy,” concludes Mr Brown. “We have a lot of work coming up; it’s great!”

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