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BMC Group

The company was established in 2004 by John Monteleone and Mal Stasinowsky as BMC Welding and Construction. John and Mal, recognising the importance of offering diverse services in achieving their goal of providing a complete turnkey solution, soon expanded upon that original direction of the company, adding a high voltage department. BMC has now diversified and grown from the two-man team to an employer of four hundred and fifty people in both casual and fulltime positions.

BMC Group offers design, fabrication, installation and maintenance services as well as electrical and instrumentation works, high voltage specialities, transformer refurbishment and transformer maintenance, all supported by around-the-clock professional breakdown repair and service.

Further services include welding of high pressure pipe work and structural steel, laser coupling alignment, heat treatment, hydro testing, mechanical works and the provision of labour and equipment to support an existing workforce. The company is able to provide management, supervision and tradespeople on demand.

The group’s directors work closely with clients to assess needs and create tailored solutions for a range of industries, particularly in oil and gas; power generation, transmission and distribution; pulp and paper; and mining.

Dean Neilson, BMC Group’s Business Development Manager, has experienced and contributed to the company’s incredible growth and has seen the company evolve into a major service provider for large scale industry. “The personal involvement of our directors has had a great deal to do with our success,” he says. “Clients have access to the highest levels of management at BMC group, and they really do appreciate this aspect of our operation.”

This is a great differentiating factor for clients of BMC Group as competitors do not typically provide this type of access. “They recognise we have small company values though we operate at a high level,” says Dean. This communication fosters a true spirit of co-operation and trust between the group and its clients who can rest assured that they will receive the level of service that they deserve. “The directors are personally involved in the decision making and the work we do, which has a big impact on our success.”

This personal involvement can be seen across all aspects of a job, with directors, engineers and tradespeople working closely with the client to determine just what the needs are. “We bounce around ideas with clients that would be beneficial for them,” says Dean of the discover process. Through working together with clients and applying their experience in the field, BMC works to identify areas in which clients can make a process more efficient and cost effective.

BMC Group divides its efforts across two fields, a mechanical division and a high voltage electrical instrumentation department and operates across two massive and well-equipped workshop spaces, with nearly six thousand square metres between them. BMC’s workspace is equipped with several overhead cranes, three of which are rated at twenty tonnes, as well as seven acres of hardstand yard. This space is used for pipe spooling fabrication work, large structural fabrications, vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and conveyor drive units.

The mechanical division’s focus is mechanical works, including twenty-four hour breakdown service, shutdown, maintenance, construction and fabrication that takes place at the workshop where staff have a wealth of expertise using carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, copper and nickel.

The high voltage, electrical and instrumentation department at the group’s Morwell location performs transformer refurbishment and the testing of equipment as well as asset management, installation and maintenance.

BMC Group’s success has been staggering. Since 2004, the company has grown massively while providing high quality welding, construction and electrical solutions to an ever growing list of repeat clients. Building solid relationships throughout the industry has allowed the group’s reputation as the service provider of choice for major industry to precede it.

Among recent projects are the fabrication of high pressure parts at the Hitachi Bluewater Power Station in Western Australia and module fabrication, demolition and construction at TRUenergy Iona Gas Plant.

The company has completed many projects, with many more on the near horizon. Major upcoming projects include a significant upcoming four year contract as well as a great deal of work for a gas plant expansion project.

With the changing nature of the company comes a re-branding and management re-organization to reflect the standards of quality and stature of jobs the company can complete. “We’ve sort of outgrown our image and want to revitalize a bit.” The name change, from BMC Welding and Construction to BMC Group, is designed to reflect the group’s corporate structure and professional philosophy and to help BMC Group stand out as a major industry service provider among smaller companies.

BMC Group is re-organising its management structure in an effort to allow directors even more access to support clients at job sites. “We’re implementing a management change where we have an executive management team to run the day to day and get the directors out with the jobs talking with clients.”

The group’s website is also undergoing a major overhaul to represent the company’s growth and development in world of major industry. The redesign should better reflect the BMC Group’s corporate philosophy and to project to clients the level of service and professionalism they can expect from the company.

Speaking of the industry generally, Dean recognizes that businesses across the board are experiencing a downtime and that many jobs have slowed. “It’s tough at the moment as it’s low in the last few months,” says Dean. “We’re very fortunate that we still have a good core crew and work to keep us busy.”

While the relationships built in the past have furnished it with many repeat clients happy to work with the company again, BMC continues to gain work. Other outfits may have needed to downsize to navigate the current economic climate, but BMC Group has been able to weather the storm and continue to grow by diversifying and broadening its range to meet the needs of new clients.

In addition to an electrical engineer heading up the high voltage division, employees bring a broad variety of skill sets, supplying the company with office staff, engineers, quality assurance, occupational health and safety, draughtsman and project managers, supervision for all disciplines, welders, boiler makers, pipe fitters, mechanical fitters, riggers and scaffolders.

Employing and retaining top-notch workers in a variety of fields has always been important to the group as a key aspect in supplying quality service to clients. Maintaining an open and accessible workplace culture, with access to the director level for all involved has helped to make BMC Group and ideal place for many to work.

“Relationships are a big factor with us, right from the workers to management right up to the directors; it’s our focus to maintain great relationships, both within the company and with clients.”

As the company looks toward the future, Dean expects to see continued measured growth and expansion into new and exciting markets, including recent exploratory trips into West Africa where the company recognizes a great deal of opportunity. With potential international expansion will come another period of major growth and innovation for BMC Group.

BMC Group continues to apply its unique, open, family-style philosophy to its major works across various heavy industries with great success, allowing for incredible growth within the company and top-notch solutions for clients who continue to work with the company again and again. BMC Group’s full service, turn-key solution is sure to offer clients what they need.

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