A Passion for Building

Renew Constructions

Able to take on all project requirements, Renew Constructions has amassed an extensive portfolio which includes a range of diversified structures. These include nursing homes and hospital and medical facilities, retirement accommodation, office buildings, historical buildings, educational facilities, mixed use developments, religious buildings, and luxury residential accommodation. Working with clients in both the private sector and government agencies, the company has taken on projects of all sizes and complexities. No matter the nature of the construction or its scope, Renew Constructions’ years of experience ensures projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the customer.

With a range of proven, specialist skills, Renew Constructions is able to facilitate all requirements, including design and construct, standard tendering, building from plan, project management, construction management, and cost plus projects. For the founder of Renew Constructions, Stephen Price, there are few things in life more satisfying than handing over a new project to satisfied clients that has been carefully planned every step of the way, from inception to completion.

“I enjoy delivering projects in a friendly environment where things go smoothly,” says Mr Price, who serves as the company’s Managing Director. “A good measuring stick of this success is that the projects we build are always viewed as a ‘simple build’— this is despite the complexities of the project, including building in some of the most demanding places, such as operating hospitals. If a project is organised well, issues are foreseen before they occur and are planned for accordingly, contingencies are in place in case something does crop up, the project will run well and the hard efforts in the background are not seen but are reflected in a smooth building process.”

With a solid and experienced team, Mr Price has built Renew Constructions into the well-respected, quality building company it is today. Maintaining a hands-on approach within the company, he believes maintaining close communication with staff, customers and subcontractors makes Renew Constructions better able to deliver quality projects in all areas.

A Passion for Building

Even as a child – and long before he founded Renew Constructions in 1999 – Stephen Price had a passion for building. Growing up in a new housing estate, he absorbed the building process occurring around him, and even mimicked the builders by creating cubby houses, including a two-storey structure which he credits with helping him learn about structural stability. Later in university, he switched course after a year studying engineering – “theoretical building was not to my taste,” he says – and stumbled onto a course at RMIT. “I enjoyed this course that focused on how we change all the theory of the designs into actual real life buildings,” he shares, “and I completed the Bachelor of Construction Economics with Distinction in 1992.”

As part of the curriculum, Mr Price and other students were required to complete an assignment on an environmental issue; he chose the economic effects of removing asbestos in buildings. As a result, he won the Wilde and Woollard Environmental Award and was chosen by Pomery Industries to be taken on as a junior estimator. Working his way up to estimator and on-site foreman, he gained invaluable experience over the four years he spent at the company.

From there, Mr Price took a position at McDermott Painting and Maintenance. Made a director in 1997, he oversaw all facets of the company and used his enthusiasm and experience to help take the business to the next level, from a maintenance company into a full-fledged construction firm with a turnover of $8 million.

Within a few years, after building up considerable building experience, Mr Price decided to forge his own legacy, and founded Renew Constructions. Starting with small projects and progressively earning a positive reputation in the educational sector and the Catholic building departments, the company today takes on many areas of construction, with some projects exceeding $10 million in value.

“I wanted to start my own company so I could build the way I believed should be – with No Fuss and a focus on delivering successful projects in the eyes of the customer where repeat business will be gained,” explains Mr Price of Renew Constructions. “The view of success is in the client’s definition of success, as all clients have a differing view point. Some want to know nothing of the building process – just build it on time with no hassles; others want a full ‘hands on’ experience where they want to know every detail. We organise the company structure and documentation to meet these unique needs.”

Full Service Offering

With the ability to take a project from the ‘idea’ stage all the way to finished product, or to enter a project and provide assistance at any stage of its progress, Renew Constructions has the knowledge to guide homeowners and developers through the entire construction process, and ensure successful delivery of all projects. As part of the company’s full service offering, Renew Constructions offers expertise in developing and coordinating concept drawings and designs, managing budgets and submissions, cost planning, reporting (such as mandatory disability reports) and energy reports, and construction management, all the way to delivering the finished project.

No matter the size or cost of the project – from a smaller job to the construction of a $12 million commercial building – Renew Constructions adheres to a number of principles for all jobs, according to Managing Director and founder Stephen Price. These include five words which encapsulate everything the company stands for: trust, dependability, responsiveness, flexibility and integrity.

Knowing that no two projects are alike and that every construction requires tailored solutions, Renew Constructions is also aware of the need to monitor costs and meet deadlines. With a ‘can do’ attitude, the company and all its staff strive to maintain flexibility, ensuring all projects are completed efficiently and safely.

As construction projects are collaborative efforts, Renew Constructions partners with its clients to deliver consistent, dependable, quality results. “People are the key to a successful project,” says Mr Price, who is personally involved in every one of his company’s constructions. To provide clients with immediate updates on their projects, the company offers 24-hour live camera feeds on every suitable site. Additionally, the company prides itself on its abilities when it comes to challenging environments, such as working around the public, staging projects, and performing in tight environments while keeping disruption to others to an absolute minimum.

With a current focus on the health and aged care industries, Renew Constructions continues to take on office buildings, mixed-use developments, and other varied works, such as the complete refurbishment and redevelopment of a 100-year-old heritage listed building.

Looking Toward the Future

The company has recently undertaken a rebranding phase – which included the development of a new website and new company logo – and the new look more accurately represents Renew Constructions’ growth and diversity. Several years ago, as part of its continuing growth, the company opened Melbourne Homes of Distinction P/L to facilitate the construction of Luxury Homes following repeated requests by its architects. This area of expertise culminated in the successful and ongoing construction of homes in the $1 million to $5 million range, where the company can leverage its efficient construction processes and use commercial techniques to build the superstructure of the houses, and then bring in the high-end domestic finishes these houses demand.

Over the years, Renew Constructions has successfully completed a range of projects, ranging from the Warburton Mechanics’ Institute Project – which saw a century-old building that had been condemned for 20 years undergo a complete renovation and refurbishment in keeping with specific historical building guidelines – to the East Brunswick Medical Centre, a renovation for the Flinders Hotel Kitchen Renovation, and many more projects large and small.

Some work, like the Lake Park Nursing Home, saw Renew Constructions renovate 64 bedrooms and refurbish all corridors while the nursing home remained in operation; all deadlines were critical, well-coordinated, and successfully met. Another project, the St Vincent’s Hospital, required the construction of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Room, which necessitated not only a high level of safety working around the public, but also restricted site access and site space. To manage it, the team devised customised solutions to overcome the challenging technical and structural elements.

“In the future, we want to continue to expand our repeat client base, and solidify ourselves as a premier builder in the health care and aged care building sector,” says Mr Price. “We expect to take on projects in the range of $500,000 to $12 million and up to 25 metres in height of both domestic and commercial nature.”

Home Automation

Call it ‘domotics,’ and you are likely to receive a blank stare, but refer to it as ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation,’ and you will get a nod of acknowledgement. For the past few years, consumers have heard the word ‘smart’ attached to countless products and services, from food and drink to snacks like popcorn and mobile phones, which no one seems to refer to as a ‘cellphone’ anymore. Yet what, exactly, constitutes ‘smart’?

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