A Flash of Brilliance in the Construction Industry

Stellar Constructions

For Victoria based construction management company Stellar Constructions, style is just one of the many areas in which the company has always excelled.

With a strong history within the construction industry, Stellar Constructions was founded to offer exactly what its name implies – a flash of brilliance within the construction industry. Managing Director Gary Young elaborates, “Stellar Constructions was established to provide specialist construction management services to our clients following years of hands-on delivery of major projects throughout Australia.”

The company’s complete range of management services to construction industry professionals includes project management plan preparation, co-ordination of project activities, consult team selection and engagement, project brief development, cost control, design management, authorities compliance, quality assurance and project management procedures, value engineering, contractor selection and appointment, project monitoring and auditing, cost control project commissioning and handover.

In a recent project, Stellar Constructions took on the construction of ONE Hayes, a four unit boutique apartment development situated on the tallest hill in picturesque Sorrento (please see sidebar for further details). The company focused on creating a modern, functional, and practical design style that would be easy to maintain. Its spectacular Mornington Peninsula setting was further enhanced by the division between private suites and public spaces for which maintenance and gardening could be organised by the corporate body – a design feature that Stellar Constructions put great attention into developing.

High quality design, workmanship, and fittings were of paramount importance to the project, which was envisioned as a standout in Sorrento from the beginning. With its placement on the land within viewing distance from both the front beach and the main street, Stellar Constructions worked to ensure that this project’s design would not only blend naturally with its beach surroundings, but would also include desirable modern touches and high-end features.

In fact, most of the work undertaken by Stellar Constructions was focused on maximising the end user’s experience of this naturally beautiful land parcel and its spectacular views. Explains Mr Young, “We inherited the design from an existing owner, which we then redesigned as the design originally was not functional. We were restricted by the building envelope but we utilised both ends of the property for panoramic views.”

The project required some clever design work to account for tight height restrictions; Stellar Constructions developed a lift-up hydraulic door which worked with the height constraints without compromising functionality to allow for the development of a rooftop deck. “Our idea was to take the original design and enhance the views. The original design did not have two separate areas with views north and south and with the redesign we have achieved this.”

Certainly, as is the case for most Australian construction firms at the moment, Mr Young reports that Stellar Constructions is feeling the pinch of a tough market for all sectors. However, he suggests that the company’s flexibility and broad range of experience has allowed it to stake out a strong claim within the market nonetheless. “Driven by some of the industry’s best talent and ideas, Stellar Constructions has been able to adopt market leading systems and procedures to ensure the successful delivery of any project for our clients.”

“Whilst not unique [in the industry], we can cross between all types of projects from commercial, residential, industrial and fit outs,” explains Mr Young. “We are a diverse company that has a ‘can do’ approach and a teamwork ethic on all our projects.”

He also attributes the company’s success to its ability to add value through working together with all stakeholders on cost saving and better building solutions. Given Stellar Constructions’ wealth of experience within past project involvement, the company is able to offer up innovative, top-of-the-line service experiences to each of its valued clients.

The company further credits its efficient planning and approvals processes alongside a transparent reporting system and direct involvement of senior staff as contributing factors which allow for stakeholder feedback and consultation. “Our guiding principles and standards are those of collaboration, an approach to understand all stakeholders’ needs and requirements,” says Mr Young.

“We value our relationships with all of the stakeholders we deal with,” he continues. “We have a non-confrontational approach with all subcontractors and suppliers as we value their input and expertise.”

This dedication to nurturing strong industry relationships has served both Stellar Constructions and its clientele well, leading to a number of award-winning projects in recent years. “Whilst we don’t chase awards,” explains Mr Young, “we do try to achieve a high quality finish to all of our projects so that if we are lucky enough they are all an award winning project.

“We have a diverse range of skills and experience within the group, from our administration and estimating to our project and site managers. Staff members are selected on their ability to work as a team player both within the company and with our clients.” In addition, the company has also established an internal mentoring system for graduates and less experienced members of its team.

All Stellar Constructions project managers and supervisors stay on top of the workload with individual iPads using an integrated site tool box dedicated application which tracks site instructions, progress reports, photos, variations, defects and other relevant project details. Explains Mr Young, “It allows both the onsite employees and office employees to be up to date on a day to day basis with the goings-on onsite. We have seen an increase in communication as the reports can be sent straight away to both employees and clients.” The leading edge app boasts a variety of features designed to make accessing, updating and sharing easy and efficient.

Indeed, the company prides itself on being able to deliver a complete package from inception to completion. This high level of service is made possible through its dedication to excellence through the blending of strong leadership, strategic advice, decisive action, and open communication.

Looking to the future, Mr Young says the company has its sights on obtaining more high-end residential projects while also adopting a more commercial focus. He also says the company will be “moving into a more commercial market and hopefully working solely with architects and management companies.”

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