Committed to Quality, Safety, and the Environment

Delcon Civil

This background in construction and surveying was invaluable while building the business from scratch, he says. “[It] gave me a really good understanding in most aspects of civil construction.” Obtaining success also took persistence and dedication. “It is a passion of mine,” Dave explains. “It is something that I take personally because I have built it from the ground up.”

Delcon Civil has certainly come a long way from its inception. The thriving business now handles a range of complex and demanding civil engineering construction projects for government, utilities, and large organisations throughout the region. The company is considered an industry leader in a variety of sectors including concrete works, water main construction, major drainage and pipeline construction, road construction and reconstruction, car park construction, bulk earthworks, and sewer reticulation.

The team can handle nearly every one of these jobs in-house from start to finish due to their diverse expertise. “We have little need to subcontract out, which gives us the advantage of being a one stop shop,” Dave explains. “This also means we are not let down by third parties. We can manage most aspects of the project ourselves but in situations where it is necessary to use subcontractors we have developed strong relationships with companies that meet our approved subcontractor requirements and share our quality standards.”

The management approach of Delcon Civil is guided by the values of honesty and integrity whilst also governed by three crucial underlying principles – quality, safety, and protecting the environment. “I guess you hear that a lot, but it’s not a spiel,” Dave insists. “It is something in-house that we work very hard on in order to stand out from our competitors.” Indeed, providing quality work, ensuring safety, and minimising the impact on the environment are the underpinnings for the company’s entire approach to business.

Safety comes first at Delcon Civil. Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of employees and the broader community is an underlying goal of every project. The team’s management system is based around safety assurance and its dedicated OH&S team constantly monitors workplace safety and zealously supports safety efforts. The company also places a huge emphasis on training to ensure that every job is completed safely and efficiently. “We make sure that the necessary planning takes place before we start each job to enable us to allocate the appropriate workforce with the required skills and training,” Dave explains. “[We go] above and beyond industry standard.” He also credits his clients with promoting on the job safety. “We are fortunate that the clients we work for demand that safety is number one.”

The solid experience that the Delcon staff brings to the business has also helped the company maintain a stellar safety record. These industry insiders have built Delcon Civil up to specifically meet the needs of the civil construction sector since day one. “Although it can be demanding at times, we don’t know it any other way,” says Dave. “We have evolved in this environment since day one.” As a result, safety is always the number one focus.

Quality is also paramount at Delcon Civil. The team takes a systematic and methodical approach to every task in order to ensure a job well done. Dave’s active involvement has also been key. He personally oversees all of the company’s work to make certain that every project stays on target. “I still have a very active role onsite,” he reports. “Our focus is to ensure each project is done right the first time and not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations.” The company also undergoes ISO accreditation third party audits each year on at least 25 different disciplines within the construction industry, a process the team has actively welcomed as a means of continual improvement. “It’s a model that we embrace and have made work for us.”

The team’s experience within the civil construction sector has also helped in developing effective environmental protection strategies. As with quality and safety, the company’s management system is specifically oriented to ensure this end, and the team also engages the services of an environmental consultant to further safeguard the environment. “Our works can often be around sensitive areas, so if we feel that it is something that requires a little more than what we’ve got in-house, we have a consultant who works very closely with us,” Dave reports. “The focus is to minimise our impact on the environment.”

Maintaining high standards in regards to quality, safety, and the environment requires top-notch staff. It really just comes down to “having the right people.” Indeed, the team is extremely mindful of whom it trusts to carry the Delcon Civil name; although experiencing strong growth, the company won’t lower its rigorous standards when it comes to workforce expansion. “We’ve had opportunities to grow and double in size, but that’s not really something I’m interested in doing without ensuring we grow with the right people,” Dave insists.

The hiring process is exhaustive. When a position becomes available within the firm, a thorough recruitment process in undertaken to ensure the team finds someone who fully meets the company’s standards. “It all comes down to the people we’ve got because they are essential to our ongoing success,” Dave explains of his high expectations.

Once on board, employees enjoy high levels of responsibility and Dave credits them for the company’s success. “The team that we’ve got plays a key role,” he says. The company invests extensively in ongoing training to ensure that employees stay at the top of their game and at the forefront of the industry. The team is more than willing to spend the time and money that this effort requires because the end result, Dave says, will be projects delivered on time and on budget.

A “can do” attitude is also crucial. “It is something that we focus on a lot,” Dave reports. This investment pays off when it comes to tackling complex and challenging projects, and Dave notes, “no matter how challenging or complex the project we work closely with our clients to ensure project expectations are met and exceeded.”

Utilising state of the art equipment also ensures successful outcomes. “All our machines are very new and they are very well looked after,” Dave reports. “That is something that we are pretty fussy with.” A clean, well maintained machine will operate better, he points out. Keeping a close eye on equipment also means that “we will find anything damaged or in need of repair.” Delcon Civil also regularly invests in new equipment to maintain the highest quality and safety standards. For example, the company’s new vacuum truck has enabled the team to dig much more safely and accurately. “It has enabled us to do our own non-destructive digging to locate services,” Dave explains. “We’ve adopted a technique [in which] we non-destructively dig everywhere before we excavate in high risk areas.”

These safety measures are particularly crucial when completing complex projects for clients which involve “excavation around unknown services that aren’t marked on drawings.” Fortunately, the vacuum truck “has enabled us to find a lot of services that you wouldn’t normally find. At the end of the day, it is obviously a big [improvement] on safety and efficiency.” It is also beneficial from an environmental perspective

Focusing on what really matters – quality, safety, and the environment – has enabled the company to enjoy impressive growth. By maintaining its core business principles, the team foresees continued growth well into the future. The key, Dave Harry believes, is continuing to provide clients with top notch service and a guaranteed job well done. “We do what we say we will do,” he asserts. This commitment helps to build long term relationships, and Dave believes that “client relationships are paramount along with quality and safety.”

Delcon Civil and its dedicated staff will rise to many more challenges in the coming years as they continue to grow and maintain the company’s record of success. Please visit to learn more.

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