The Complete Package

Premier Building Group

These are among the many contributions Premier Building Group has made to the nation’s construction landscape. Premier Building Group is a design and construction firm that has been in the business of creating excellence for over 20 years. At the company’s inception, its main focus was the design and construction of clubs, and it has since expanded. Since the new joint Managing Directors of the company, David Nugent and Frank Tropea took over about three years ago, operations have broadened to include hotels, churches, and schools.

With the market still a challenging one for construction companies and tradespeople of all kinds, Premier Building Group believes that being cautiously optimistic is the way to get through. “We tend to keep our overheads reasonably tight,” says Frank. “We try and cover a lot more bases than most others would.”

Indeed, “Our greatest achievement has been surviving the downturn that’s been happening the last few years,” says David. “We didn’t only survive; we got stronger and were involved in award-winning projects.”

Recently, Premier was responsible for constructing the Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium, for which Silvester Fuller Architects was awarded the Blacket Prize for Regional Architecture and an Architecture Award for Public Architecture at the 2012 NSW Institute of Architects. The auditorium construction began like any other project, but the end result is nothing less than a spectacular feat of imagination and vision. Built from pre-cast concrete paneling and steel truss structures, the auditorium is a modern and striking facility boasting a café, a 500 seat Auditorium with a spacious foyer, and state of the art sound and lighting. The structure makes clever use of angles and building materials, and was delivered on time and under budget.

The main auditorium boasts modern lines, tapering toward the front doors with building extensions to each side. The doors span the entire front of the building like an accordion of tinted glass. Inside the auditorium are hundreds of seats forming a semi circle around a beautifully lit stage with a giant video screen. The whole auditorium was built specifically for sound acoustics, with every angle taken into consideration. The lighting allows for a relaxing atmosphere for any entertainment or ceremonial occasion.

The concepts that make a work of art like the Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium a reality don’t come out of thin air; they are the result of hard work by individuals with their ears to the ground in today’s modern market. Churches have been built before, as well as schools and pubs, but there aren’t many that can shake a stick at the work of Premier Building Group.

In David’s mind, “The most difficult project that we’ve ever had to handle was the full renovation at St Andrews Cathedral School.” The company had to renovate part of the structure, which is a multi storey building located right in the heart of Sydney. There was limited space for materials to enter the building, and everything had to be taken up to the required floor by use of a lift. The noise had to be kept to a minimum, all drilling had to be done at night and all deliveries had to be coordinated as to not disturb studying students. “The drilling vibrated through the floors and to the other levels, which included the Bureau of Statistics,” says Frank.

The company was in charge of renovating eight levels of the K-12 school over two different buildings. This renovation included a new lift shaft, passenger lift, canteen and kitchen. Even though the job was challenging with all the restrictions that were put in place, it was very successful, leaving the team with a great sense of achievement.

Indeed, Premier’s Directors truly believe that there has never been an unhappy client; in fact most of the company’s business comprises repeat business from happy clients and referrals from same. “We’re doing a lot of work with the Anglican school system, and they have quite demanding projects in terms of the time frames in which the work must be done,” Frank explains. “For example, St Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney, and St Luke’s grammar school in Dee Why. The amount of work to be done over the Christmas break, that we have completed, has made them confident that they can invite us back. Considering the amount of work involved in those projects, I think that’s a feather in our cap.”

Not only is the company responsible for constructing the major areas of its projects, it can take clients through the entire design and construct process from start to finish. Experienced in Master Planning, Costing, Project Management, and Construction Management, Premier also takes care of the interior fitouts, themes, and decor. Provided are kitchen areas, lounges, outdoor areas and whatever else clients may dream up.

Always striving for “total customer satisfaction based on the provision of quality service,” Premier maintains a long list of trusted architects it can call upon for design work, and has built strong relationships with skilled subcontractors over the years. All of the foremen and office staff work directly for the company.

Premier makes it easy for its clients to feel good about the work that’s being done. The Directors make it a point to be on site on a weekly basis and for a formal meeting with the client at least once a fortnight so that all concerns are properly addressed. There are no strings that must be pulled, no corporate hassle and all calls from customers go straight through to the Directors.

At present, the company is in the midst of completing a major project for the Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL Club which is about halfway completed at this time. Frank says, “We’ll be very proud of it once it’s finished; it’s definitely keeping us busy right now.”

In the future, Premier Building Group is looking forward to continuing to make its mark on the landscape. Several projects are in the pipeline that could mean further expansion and growth for the company – no mean feat in these lean times. With its focus on quality, innovation, and continuous improvement, Premier Building Group should have no trouble keeping up.

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