Attuned to Client Needs

Premier Building and Construction

“A big part of our business is being team-focused and team orientated, ensuring that we’re focused on what our clients’ needs are,” says Anthony Baker, Director and Construction Manager. “Clients appreciate this, and we build the company around our relationships with people.” The company is able to fulfil a range of service offerings in commercial building, construction management and commercial maintenance. Specialising in commercial construction methods and practices – which are often very different from those used in domestic building – Premier Building and Construction’s extensive knowledge makes the construction process, from design to handover, as smooth as possible.

For Mr Baker, and his staff of 25 at the Albury / Wodonga region based Premier Building and Construction, listening to and focusing on customer needs has paid off in terms of satisfied clients and repeat business. With a reputation for being financially sound, providing workmanship that is second to none and a solid safety track record, the business offers total solutions for clients with services from general concept to full design proposal and handover of the completed project. “We work from concept right through to turnkey,” says Mr Baker. The company handles everything from project conception to providing budgets, finalising designs, obtaining construction certificates and engaging the consulting and design teams.

Prior to forming the company in May of 2006, Mr Baker – a carpenter by trade – accumulated years of first-hand experience working both as a domestic builder for himself and as a site manager for other construction companies. Identifying a need in the local marketplace for a company to take on medium to large commercial building projects, Premier Building and Construction was created. “The time was right and the local area was looking for another medium local commercial builder and someone with the ideals that we have; so we jumped in,” he says. Since its formation, the company has become the region’s fastest-growing commercial builder; able to provide complete packages for all clients for projects valued from $250,000 all the way up to $20 million. The company, says Mr Baker, has, “worked hard on our management team and we’ve now got the infrastructure and the management abilities to take on larger projects.”

Anthony is joint owner of the business with Mr David Baird, General Manager. Mr Baker brings construction industry experience to the business, while Mr Baird’s background in business and accountancy lifts the professionalism of the team’s administrative, finance and management principles.

The company has a number of ongoing commercial maintenance contracts – which can range from replacing a flyscreen to $50,000 extensions. Premier also has contracts in a number of government sectors, such as the Department of Infrastructure in Victoria and a contract with Spotless for the maintenance of Australian Defence sites in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas, which required the company to undertake a rigorous approval process prior to being awarded the contract. The company has taken on upgrades for the military in the $2 million to $3 million range, including mess and bar upgrades, kitchen refurbishments at army facilities, and working on an existing hospital in operation.

Premier Building and Construction has worked diligently on its management systems and accreditation with ISO. ISO accreditation is a reflection of the company’s strong commitment to managing projects and a reflection of its willingness for continual improvement in years to come. The accreditations were brought in about a year ago. The move – which has taken the company from working on projects which were previously capped at around $5 million – will see the business grow to a new level, with the necessary infrastructure and management abilities firmly in place to take on larger projects. “Part of that was getting our management systems accredited with ISO,” comments Mr Baker. “We have accredited management systems now, so getting that all into place and ensuring that our personnel understand that was an important part.”

Management at the company is committed to improving the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System. The company has developed and implemented an Occupation Health and Safety System which meets the requirements of the Australian Standard AS4801. “The management of our systems is audited annually, so that tells a client that we are onsite, doing the right things, and ensuring that the site is safe,” says Mr Baker.

With the goal of a Management System promoting both quality and safety throughout the company and complying with OH&S legislation, Premier Building and Construction maintains its commitment to ensuring a safe workplace for all employees and sub contractors, along with identifying opportunities for continual improvement, and the use of risk management systems to identify, assess, monitor and control workplace risks and hazards. “Safety is paramount, and getting them home safely at the end of the day is something that we are concerned with.”

Along with health and safety, the management at Premier Building and Construction believes in its responsibilities as a builder and a corporate citizen when it comes to respecting the environment. To demonstrate its commitment, the company has developed an Environmental Management System to meet the International Standard ISO14001, and continues to comply with relevant legislation, regulations and/or codes. Objectives and targets are set and monitored to identify opportunities for continual improvement through the implementation of risk management systems that identify, assess, monitor and control environmental risks and hazards, which applied to sub contractors. These and other systems ensure safety procedures are followed, and limit risks to the company and its customers.

The company, says Mr Baker, is aware of its environmental footprint, and always considers any affect the building process may have on surrounding areas. “So as far as the client is concerned, having those three systems certified and audited annually gives them the peace of mind to know that things are happening properly.” Over the years, the company has undertaken a number of environmental initiatives. In addition to having an accredited environmental policy, Premier Building and Construction continues to work on projects incorporating green initiatives, including solar energy, recycled water, harvesting storm water for irrigation use, using outside air to condition internal space, and thermal mass. Having worked on a number of brown field sites, the company has also used plantation timbers and recycled materials on construction sites.

Usually working within a 600 kilometre radius, Premier Building and Construction’s past projects range from a new 300 square metre office extension to an existing industrial facility, medical facilities, retail works, educational structures, and recreational facilities, and more, earning them numerous awards from the Master Builders Association for Best Commercial Project, Excellence in construction of commercial buildings under $1M, Best Use of Timber, Commercial, and others.

Premier Building and Construction is proud to offer clients an extensive range of professional construction services built on a foundation of experience, quality, and trust, providing value for money, and often exceeding the expectations of clients. “We’re the type of company who listens to and respects what the clients’ deliverables are and what their expected outcome of a project is,” says Mr Baker, “and we don’t let the concern of how much we’re earning or not earning on a project get in the way of making sure we deliver to expectation.”

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