Quality Construction with Superior Service

Hedger Constructions

The family owned, Alexandra based business specialises in energy efficient, custom built and architectural designed homes, renovations and extensions, and offers clients all services from conception to completion.

Owner and Director Steven Hedger founded the company in 1998 so that he could do what he loved. “All I ever wanted to do was to go and build houses,” he recalls. Soon after setting out on his own, the young entrepreneur “got a couple of opportunities and then it snowballed from there. I was very lucky,” he says. Those familiar with Mr Hedger’s business practices might argue that his success has been due to much more than mere luck, however. The team sticks to some important foundational principles that have kept clients coming back and have made the company the award winning success it is today. “The most important one is to be honest,” Mr Hedger insists. “And to do the best of your ability.” This means allowing a little extra time and attention for each job. “I always say to my guys, ‘I’d rather lose some scheduled time to make sure the job is perfect.’”

The end result is win-win. Satisfied clients move into well-constructed, problem-free homes, and the team earns a reputation for quality that attracts more clients down the road. The team also sticks by clients even after the job is completed. “Our after service is very important,” Mr Hedger says. “We do a three month check on all our houses and from there we find that clients may be ready for some additional works. Really, all of these key business practices – from honesty to quality craftsmanship and considerate customer care – boil down to one bottom line, Mr Hedger points out. It is, very simply, just “doing the right thing.”

Hedger Constructions is a tight-knit, family run company, and this commitment to people and relationships extends to clients and employees alike. Clients can expect individualised service that covers all aspects of their build from conception to completion. “I sit down with them at every meeting,” Mr Hedger reports. “It is all personalised for every house we build.” The company’s start to finish service alleviates many of the construction hassles that clients dread by covering everything from planning and building permits to soil tests and landscaping. The team will even assist in designing the home and in making sure that the design is as energy efficient as possible. “We offer a one stop shop,” Mr Hedger explains. “And the people we build for, they want that. They want one person they can ring instead of ringing ten different tradesmen and none of them showing up. Everyone just rings me and we coordinate the whole project and it runs really smoothly.”

The Hedger team is also able to maintain strict quality control by handling everything themselves. “All our trades are in house,” Mr Hedger explains. “All of my tradesmen – plasterers, electricians, plumbers – they’ve all worked for me for 10 years plus. And everyone knows each other and we all look after each other. So the plumber is going to let me know if there is a pipe in the wrong spot, and the electrician is going to let me know if there is a wire in the wrong spot. So we’ve got very good quality control.” As a result, Mr Hedger adds, “We’ve never had an insurance claim. And any problems we do have we go straight out and fix and clients are always really happy about that.”

Mr Hedger reports that, because the team takes on all of the burden of the build, clients often find they actually enjoy the process of building their own home. “We try to make building fun,” Mr Hedger explains. “People are putting one of the biggest investments they are ever going to make into our hands and we try and make that as stress-free as possible.” The team guides clients through each stage of the construction process, taking care not to overwhelm them with too many decisions all at once. “They don’t have to pick everything for their house at the start. We give them ideas and concepts and pricing. And then as the job goes on they get to walk through the job at every stage and actually get to see how their house is built.” This way, clients can better understand the choices that they are making and catch any mistakes before they become too serious to rectify. “So when we actually hand the house over we don’t have any defects,” Mr Hedger explains.

Client and employee feedback regarding this personalised, one on one approach has been fantastic. “People enjoy the build. They enjoy being part of it. Our builders enjoy it because they get to know the clients and that is rewarding. And they go above and beyond to make sure that things are right.”

Employees are a valued part of the business, and they enjoy close relationships with co-workers as well as clients. “It is a unique business,” Mr Hedger says. “We have a lot of fun. You get your tough days, but that’s just part of the industry.” The company camaraderie extends after hours, too. Employees have a social club that they fund and organise themselves in addition to the company-wide functions and activities that management hosts for employees and their families.

In this idyllic rural community, “Everyone knows everyone” and even competitors get along, Mr Hedger explains. “Most of the builders who are here I either know personally or they have worked for me. We all get along really well. We all look out for each other. We help each other out.” Hedger Constructions also has strong ties with its suppliers. “We’ve got very long term suppliers and we’ve stuck with them all the way, too. It’s about quality and relationships more than dollars.”

Mr Hedger, a lifelong native of Alexandra, says that the area boasts a host of positive attributes which, combined with the positive relationships between local builders and suppliers, makes the region an ideal place to work. “I am in a really good pocket,” he explains. “People want to come [here] and buy properties and build nice houses.” This grants Hedger Constructions an excellent market position. “It is a really good area,” Mr Hedger says of Victoria’s North East and Yarra Valley regions. “Our industry is really strong here,” And a strong construction industry allows him to continue doing what he loves best – bringing dreams to life, one brick at the time.

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