Lighting Up the World

Aglo Systems Pty Ltd

As every artist knows, without the right lighting, the world remains dull and uninspiring. Introduce the proper balance of lighting, and the ordinary immediately becomes extraordinary, dramatic, and enticing.
With decades of experience in the field of lighting, few companies realise this better than Aglo Systems Pty Ltd. Through carefully planned lighting design, retail shops are better able to showcase their wares and attract customers. In the industrial spectrum, ample lighting makes workplaces brighter and safer, while the right commercial lighting for outdoor sporting areas, tennis courts, car parks, and service stations can transform night into day.

Based in Melbourne, Aglo Systems is a total lighting solution centre. Unlike many suppliers who just sell lighting products, Aglo Systems has four different divisions to serve all client needs and requirements, and the skills, staff, expertise, suppliers, and connections to tackle all projects from design to completion and maintenance. From small retail outlets to large hotels, Aglo Systems prides itself on being a one-stop shop.

“We turn around projects from a design perspective quickly back to client for review,” says Patrick Galvin, Director and Owner of Aglo Systems. “Sometimes within just 24 hours.”

Along with his dedicated team of employees – 20 and growing – and two offices, Mr Galvin and company strive to provide the ultimate lighting packages to all customers, on time and on budget. Proudly Australian-owned, Aglo Systems focuses on all aspects of workmanship and craftsmanship, from sourcing quality lighting products to providing project advice, lighting design, installation, and even maintenance and lamp replacement.

Owning and operating several lighting companies in the past, Mr Galvin formed Aglo Systems in 1997. Today, the company is active in a number of lighting areas, and has several divisions under the Aglo Systems umbrella, including Aglo LED – the sister company of Aglo Systems – Aglo Lamps, subsidiary company Elsco Commercial Lighting, and its most recent addition, Aglo One.

“It is a program where we come in and evaluate your existing building,” says Mr Galvin of the Aglo One program, an end-to-end lighting retrofit solution provided by the company. Offering businesses an assessment of current lighting specifications, Aglo One will prepare a comprehensive report demonstrating the money and energy savings possible, suggest new lighting solutions, and supply and install lighting product under J6 compliance. The program also offers assistance with leveraging funding through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme.

Introduced by the Victorian Government, the VEET scheme is an Energy Saver Incentive, and designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, help to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage investment, employment and innovation in industries supplying energy efficient goods and services. Under VEET, accredited businesses can offer discounts and special offers on selected energy-saving products and appliances, which can be installed in businesses, homes, and other premises. Under VEET, there are also Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). These certificates can be sold on behalf of the client, with monies redeemed to reduce capital costs of supply and install of energy-efficient lighting for existing buildings.

“If a floor of an office building uses 5,000 watts of power in lighting, we will come in, do a recommendation, and a design to reduce that consumption to, say, 2,500 watts,” explains Mr Galvin. Aglo One has four easy steps, designed to save clients energy and money. These include a thorough assessment of the client’s building to determine specifications and power consumption, a report and design which demonstrates the money and energy savings possible through a lighting retrofit (including leveraging the VEET incentive program), specifying and supplying the appropriate energy efficient lighting products, and installation of new lighting through qualified technical teams and approved installers, carried out under strict Occupational Health and Safety procedures. All certified products are installed by approved contractors only under VEET, which is a guarantee issued to the client regarding power saving. “The only way we can make sure that happens is for us to control the whole process,” says Mr Galvin.

As dedicated specialists in the field of lighting, Aglo Systems ensures attention to detail and quality craftsmanship on every project it undertakes. With intelligent design solutions, installation services, and access to some of the best lighting products the world has to offer, the company is able to meet and exceed the lighting needs and expectations of all its clients.

With an impressive selection of lighting products – including downlights, linear lights, spotlights, LEDs, pendants, wall lights, floodlights, tennis court lights and more – Aglo Systems and its divisions can take on all types of projects. To keep pace with current technologies, the company actively seeks out new products and regularly participates in and attends trade shows throughout Australia, Hong Kong and Germany.

Recently, Aglo Systems took part in the Future Build Exhibition, Australia’s first complete experience event focusing on the most up to date, sustainable building technologies and solutions for commercial applications. The company also sends representatives to Lighting Fair Frankfurt, held every two years. From this, the world’s largest fair for lighting and building-services technology, the company brings back valuable knowledge on the latest lighting technologies, ensuring it is able to pass on this information to clients and offer the most competitive pricing possible.

“We get the best of European technology,” says Mr Galvin. “We buy from Europe, and we also buy from China.” In addition to keeping up with the latest technology, the company also ensures products meet all necessary Australian standards and certifications.

As the sister company of Aglo Systems, Aglo LED provides valuable information and supplies the latest in LED lighting technology. Utilising light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light, many consider LED to be the future of lighting for its efficiency and output. At Aglo LED, the company focuses on the most up to date forms of this technology, and works with renowned European manufacturers to provide customers with the most effective, attractive, and power-saving light fixtures on the market, sourced from established LED lighting producers. For clients considering using LED lighting for their new projects, or as an alternative to existing lighting, Aglo LED provides valuable information and a free LED comparison for shop/projects to help clients determine how much money they can save by converting existing lighting design to incorporate LED fittings.

For over two decades, Elsco Commercial Lighting, a subsidiary company to Aglo Systems, has been lighting the way – on countless car parks, residential and club tennis courts, recreational sporting grounds, walkways, car dealerships, service stations, industrial estates, and more. Providing a range of exterior-use luminaries which follow the same design concept, all fittings have a door extrusion with dual seals, a highly efficient forward directional reflector and integral control gear. Double seals on the door keep moisture and insects out of the fitting, while sharp cut-off ensures minimal spill light to neighbouring properties. Lamps are positioned to minimise glare – especially helpful on tennis courts – and specially strengthened internal supports ensure the light fixtures will work well into the future.

A separate sister company to Aglo Systems, Aglo Lamps is an ongoing lighting maintenance program that services stores and offices across Australia. The entity was created when Mr Galvin and his staff realised many of Aglo’s retail customers wanted to know how to maintain the lighting in their stores. “We supply the fittings through Aglo Systems, and then we sign them up to Aglo Lamps,” explains Mr Galvin. “We’ve become a one-stop shop. We can do the whole service, from the design to the supply through to maintenance.”

The program is a maintenance service which sees the company provide service primarily to retail clients on a monthly and bi-monthly cycle. Offered to over 1,000 stores Australia-wide such as Sportscraft, JAG and Williams, technicians will inspect lamps which are no longer working, replace them, and can also arrange electrical work to be performed if required. “I started the Lamps business, because it was a very good synergy with our Aglo Systems,” comments Mr Galvin. “A lot of our customers and systems are also retail. And we design a retail outfit. We’ve got designers in-house who design how many lights you need in the retail space.” Meeting all building code requirements regarding the necessary wattage per square metre, Aglo Systems ensures lighting is sufficiently bright for the space.
To ensure all Aglo Lamps customers are serviced regularly, the company uses sophisticated software for scheduling, and is in the process of updating its system to make it even more efficient for field workers, with lamp information being bar-coded, and information sent back to the office to track progress in real time.

Ultimately, “Our greatest strength is that we can deal with a wide range of projects,” says Mr Galvin. “We’re not limited to retail, or large-scale projects. It can be an apartment block, a casino… and we have a wide range of talents and experience within the company that can deal with the design all the way through to the supply, and then the maintenance in a one-stop shop environment.” One of the company’s major clients, in fact, is Crown Casino, where the company works with designers and the client to come up with CAD drawings and work though all project stages, including development, pricing, and manufacture, to create spectacular custom lighting concepts, including luxurious chandeliers and wall lighting for high-roller rooms.

“We’re a total solution business. And not being a massive conglomerate, our clients appreciate that we can deal and move very quickly with their supply and design requirements.”

For complete end to end lighting solutions – from design to sourcing, and installation to maintenance – Aglo Systems and its divisions are able to meet the needs of all clients and applications, and together, “Let us brighten up your world.”

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