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-By Aleisha Parr

Often we overlook the simple things surrounding us: a clear countertop, the easy swing of a hinge, or the simple curve of a wall. In fact, we frequently don’t make mention of spaces such as change rooms, public washrooms or classrooms – that is, not unless they don’t meet our standards. For Waterloo Systems however, such is not the case. Its stylish and sophisticated wet area partitioning and locker systems are renowned for their functionality and aesthetic appeal – making the simple things suddenly well worth talking about.

The company got its start when founder Eisse Woldhuis identified a gap in the market for customised, modular partitions and furniture suited to all environments. From the research that followed, the Waterloo® system was introduced, offering an extensive range of products including shower and toilet partitions, quality locks and hinges, lockers, slat seating and vanities. Through its innovative approach to customer service, Waterloo Systems has since introduced a variety of new products and systems for its clients, including most recently its school desks and computer furniture.

“Waterloo® is continually developing innovative products and systems to satisfy consumer demand for head-turning design and trade requirements for ease of installation and product longevity,” boasts the company’s website. “Our concepts are often copied, but we’re always one step ahead.”

The company is able to do exactly that by working together with its clients throughout the entire process, providing design expertise, product selection, manufacture and installation. The Waterloo design team considers each project carefully to ensure that the finished product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but maximises the potential of available space.

Waterloo Systems has created for its clients an easy, turn-key solution, which has made it the supplier of choice for many leading architects and builders. Now offered in a range of designer styles and colours to suit all applications from office through to industrial, Waterloo Systems solutions are innovative and elegant, enabling the company’s many clients to stay ahead of their competition, too.

The systems are shipped flat packed to help enable an easy installation, and include pre-drilled panels, headrails, foot assemblies, hardware, instructions and even a tool kit. With national installation services available to assist in the process and a lifetime guarantee available on all systems, clients can be sure that Waterloo Systems is able to meet their needs on every project.

Through its latest innovative service, a new web-based specifying program called the Waterloo Spec Tool, the company has effectively eliminated the “pain, frustration and time” from the wet area partitioning specifying process. With so many different products and components available, Waterloo Systems knows that it is difficult for architects and builders to quickly and easily create a coherent and stylish system.

Available online at, the Waterloo Spec Tool offers an easy step-by-step process which produces a downloadable PDF document for architects and builders which clients can attach with plans or have emailed directly to Waterloo Systems for quotation requests. Throughout the process, clients are guided through choosing the type of system, the model, the board type, the colours (organised by category – doors, divisions and frontals), the hardware, and the headrail option; finally, the client has the opportunity to free-type any further directions or specifications.

“We wanted to make it easier for architects to know what their options are when selecting a Waterloo system,” says Gregg Longmuir, the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “With so many products and options in the market today we wanted a straightforward approach that could assist building professionals to complete their project.”

Manufactured by Central Tablelands Commercial Industries (CTCI) in Bathurst, Central NSW, the Waterloo® system utilises state of the art technology for precision finishing and fast turnaround times from order to delivery – available throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and regional areas. Because manufacturing is based in regional Australia, Waterloo Systems is able to provide a fast turnaround time for its clients while also providing much-needed employment opportunities in areas where they are needed most.

The progressive company also harbours a deep commitment to environmental conservancy, and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Through careful selection of its suppliers, Waterloo has developed a solid team of like-minded businesses, thereby ensuring a high quality, low impact product and service for all of its clients and the communities it services. CTCI is a proud member of the Green Building Council of Australia, and Laminex® GreenfirstTM products have low formaldehyde and VOC emissions.

Furthermore, Waterloo Systems utilises innovative design and manufacturing techniques which support this commitment, and are carried out through the company office, manufacturing plant and transport processes. Product developments to utilise off cuts rather than creating more landfill have helped the company to develop a whole new range of products, while customised partitioning systems ensure best optimisation of commercial board sheet sizes. Production is planned with consideration for when and how machinery is utilised in order to minimise downtimes and idling, which consumes unnecessary energy.

The company uses Laminex® board exclusively for all of its systems, which supports a ten year warranty and a range of environmental options to help maximise Green Star ratings. With certification by Good Environmental Choice Australia as an environmentally preferable product due to its high ‘eco-preferred’ content, Laminex® is able to provide Waterloo Systems with the Green First range of boards, which directly contribute to Green Star credits. All Laminex® boards have low formaldehyde emissions. They are made of elemental chlorine-free bleached pulp specified for decorative papers and their colouration pigments do not contain heavy metals; the company also utilises managed plantations and recycled inputs.

From its environmental commitments through to its client-focussed approach and innovative designs, Waterloo Systems has helped transform an area of building design often considered utilitarian into one of elegance and ease. With its new online spec tool and its devoted customer service and design experts, the company is continuing to push the boundaries of excellence in project delivery – one partition at a time.

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