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-By D. Barratt

APS Homes is South Australia’s premier custom home design and construction firm, racking up heaps of acclaim and some of the most sought after awards and recognition the industry has to offer.

The company is a fully licensed and insured HIA and MBA member that works towards client satisfaction in all it does, often even exceeding the demands that its impeccable reputation generates.

And it is very much reputation which has allowed APS to grow into the company it is today. The firm’s innovative designs and high quality construction have helped the company to develop a strong base of repeat customers, only too happy to recommend APS Homes’ services to others in the community. Clients can be confident that the product they receive will surpass their wildest expectations.

Though the company began in 1989 as TM Schnaars Construction, a subsequent rebranding in 2000 has allowed the company to reorganise as the APS Group. The revitalised business encompasses and addresses a range of needs within the construction industry, and includes divisions APS Homes, APS Built, APS Developments, and APS Consulting.

APS Homes serves individual residential clients looking to build a new home, or hoping to improve and modernise an existing structure. As Tony Schnaars, APS Homes Director, points out, much of the company’s business comes from second or third time clients and their glowing referrals. “Each home is designed to fully maximise the site and the available budget of the client, with the functionality of each project and the client’s goal in mind,” said Tony of the group’s focus. The Homes division not only provides custom built homes, but specialises in innovative homes built on challenging, sloping sites and architecturally designed renovations.

“We focus on appropriate materials, sensible design principles, and natural light.” APS Homes’ projects are recognised for their forward thinking design and incorporation of existing natural elements. It is these principles, and the company’s incredibly high quality builds, that keep customers coming back for more and telling their friends about their positive experience working with the company.

The focus of APS Built is the design, construction, and management of larger, more complex commercial projects, including wholesale and commercial developments, mixed use developments, high-end commercial developments, and internal commercial fit outs. Not to be outdone by the company’s homes division, the hallmark of APS Built is its innovative design, high quality construction, and forward-thinking style.

APS Developments works with various industry partners to purchase land throughout the metropolitan area, creating all sorts of properties, including multi-unit sites and even entire subdivisions. A major point of differentiation between APS Developments and its industry competitors is its focus on people and appreciation of the existing aesthetics of surrounding suburbs. In this way, the division works to support growth and to better the surrounding communities.

APS Consulting works with property investors to maximise profits and potential for their clients. Though many see the inherent value in property investment, it can be all too easy to misunderstand the risk involved, which is where the invaluable services of APS Consulting become apparent. APS provides a range of services in order to assist property investors to fully understand the process and maximise their returns. The services provided are varied and invaluable for potential investors, including feasibility studies, sub-division planning, liaison services, project management, and construction.

When discussing the state of the industry, Tony suggested that the company’s diverse organisation allows it to keep numbers up, while its competitors may feel the limitations of their structure. “The beauty of our company, because we are organised into many major segments – commercial, development, and housing – we’ve got the flexibility to do business in those separate sectors,” which allows APS to consistently grow and follow the active pockets within the industry.

“As an entirety, we’ve hit our overall sales target every year, however, that sales target has increased 15-20 per cent over the last three years.” So, even as its own demands and projections increase, APS is able to grow to meet these demands.

All of these services work together to create incredible products and valuable services within the industry, and APS has been rewarded for its work by a number of industry bodies. “At the recent 2011 HIA awards, our display home won best in category as well as display home of the year.” But that’s not all. “Another industry body, the Master Builders Association (MBA), awarded us the excellence in a display home in 2010. Also in 2010, we won Master Builder of the Year.”

The MBA is a major Australian building and construction industry associate, whose primary role is to “promote the viewpoints and interests of the building and construction industry and to provide services to members in a broad range of areas.” The MBA is not only Australia’s largest industry association, but also its oldest, dating back to the early 1970s in Melbourne, Sydney, and Newcastle.

HIA, The Housing Industry Association, is Australia’s largest residential building organisation, which includes home builders, contractors, designers, manufacturers and suppliers as members. Those accepted as members are considered the “best in the business” and are widely recognised for their high quality products and services. The organisation describes its role within the industry as to “advocate the importance of the housing industry to all Australians,” working towards proactive and reactive responses to government policy as it affects the building industry.

APS is currently anticipating the Australian Housing Awards 2012, which could spell nationwide recognition for the company. “Our display home is now being nominated in the Australian Housing Awards for 2012 as a finalist,” says Tony. Being a national competition, the HIA Australian Housing Awards are recognised as the pinnacle of recognition for Australian builders. The awards not only showcase high quality craftsmanship, but also reward “creativity, innovation and excellence in construction, design, and professionalism,” skills which the APS Group exhibits in abundance.

As for the future, Tony sees more great opportunities for APS to deliver its innovative style of design and quality of building to even greater markets nationwide. “We plan to continue on our trajectory of growth over the next few years and to continue to improve our systems and procedures to maximise the quality of clients’ experiences.”

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July 14, 2020, 12:50 PM AEST