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-By Aleisha Parr

At a tightly competitive time for most Australian resource support services, earthmoving and plant hire specialist, Lantrak, has blazed a path forward to become a national industry leader – with an unrivaled fleet of trucks and complementary off-highway equipment solutions.

The company, which was first established in 1959 as a humble transport cooperative with its involvement on the Snowy Mountain Hydro scheme, has built its iconic brand on a strong reputation for quality and innovation throughout the resource, construction and civil sectors. It now proudly moves over ten million cubic metres of clean fill and structural fill annually, and is the supplier of choice to civil and commercial industries, councils and government bodies for its sustainable soil management practices. Through its guarantee of a holistic service package, Lantrak offers material sales, disposal options, truck and equipment hire, waste management and coordination – with a guarantee of “absolute success” in each project. Although the company has experienced considerable growth, it remains privately owned with the owners involved across all daily activities and decisions of the company.

“The advantage of a national footprint,” says Dominic Ring, Sales and Marketing Manager for Lantrak, “is that our customers gain maximum leverage from a National contractor base and material exchange network to deliver plant and material solutions to even the most remote areas of Australia. Whether we are supplying compactable material for a freeway, sourcing a competitive disposal solution, or rehabilitating a quarry, our customers have come to rely on our ability to integrate services. Whilst the market is competitive, our commitment to quality and capacity to tackle even the most demanding projects has forged Lantrak a strong reputation in the civil, land development, government, local council and other sectors.”

Indeed, Lantrak has become known for its integrative approach, boasting extensive technical and practical experience for all types of remediation and rehabilitation projects. Through its National Contractor Fleet, the members of which are fully compliant to work on a broad range of projects, Lantrak endeavours to match the right plant and contractor for each unique project, ultimately ensuring the most efficient and cost effective material solution possible.

Says Mr Ring, “Lantrak has built its reputation on working with integrity and has developed expectations of commitment, work ethic and provision of services that exceed our customers’ expectations.” Furthermore, the company has established a vast network of fill sites in an effort to ensure its clients have access to cost effective solutions for disposal of clean fill or unsuitable materials, as well as access to compactable (CBR rated) materials for projects with structural fill requirements.

“As well as managing our own fill sites,” adds Mr Ring, “we have developed a strong relationship with suppliers of quarry materials and land-fill operators which are crucial to disposing of contaminated or unsuitable materials.”

In support of these efforts, Lantrak has invested significantly into developing and maintaining internal quality standards, and holds Quality Accreditation to ISO 9001 while also adhering to its own integrated independent quality system. This internal system allows the company to operate at a high level of responsiveness, performance and safety. Following in this vein, Lantrak’s commitment to providing the utmost in quality service to each of its varied clients has seen the development of a host of other internal quality assurance systems.

“On major infrastructure projects, coordinating hundreds of tip trucks, earthmoving equipment and material solutions daily is challenging. We invest heavily in developing our plant and material management systems to handle these complexities and offer real time feedback to our customers.”

Lantrak has supported its clients on some of Australia’s most iconic projects including Homebush Bay Olympic Stadium, Melbourne International Airport, D2G Ipswich Motorway, The New Royal Children’s Hospital, Sugarloaf Pipeline, Wonthaggi Desalination Project and the Peninsula Link freeway.

“The New Royal Children’s Hospital was Australia’s largest hospital redevelopment and one of the largest basement digs Melbourne has seen this decade,” explains Mr Ring. “We were involved in carting an estimated 500,000 cubic metres of fill material, upwards of 10,000 cubic metres per day! Our experienced team identified the material to be valuable and we were challenged with finding the best solutions. We ended up exporting the material to several civil and subdivision projects we secured, which ensured cost and time efficiency to our client.”

Lantrak prides itself not only on servicing its clients with a total package of comprehensive services, but also on its innovative approach. The company believes that providing each client with such a powerful set of resources not only ensures the client a competitive edge in site development but also establishes a “win-win” partnership, in an effort to save resources and create sustainable waste programs.

“When we talk “˜innovation’ we are not just talking technology,” explains Mr Ring. “Although Lantrak has invested heavily in technology with a strong team committed to delivering industry leading business systems, our innovation doesn’t stop there. Our experienced team is always looking at new ways to provide material solutions that our competitors cannot, and through strategic partnerships are able to provide a modern and fit-for-purpose fleet of equipment.”

Mr Ring cites the dedication, expertise and hands-on approach of the company’s staff and subcontractors as the driving force behind Lantrak’s continued success. He explains that these individuals receive constant support and evaluation to ensure that each maintains the proper qualifications and skills to ensure that the company is consistently able to offer a high level of service to its clients. “Fundamental to our ability to manage even the most complex projects is our staff, who provide our customers with unparalleled levels of support. Their can-do attitude, flexibility and dedication are our greatest asset.

“As well as employing staff with the necessary skill set and experience, we go the extra step to choose the right employee to fit our positive, supportive and focus driven company culture. We believe our working environment encourages productivity and professionalism, making us stand out from the rest, and we also offer opportunities to staff to develop their skills through various courses.”

Through its state of the art systems, industry experience and extensive fleet of truck hire and equipment solutions necessary to support any size project, Lantrak continues to grow across Australia, supporting major infrastructure works. With its continued focus on providing industry-leading material solutions through strong information networks, key relationships and supporting systems, Lantrak is poised to maintain its control of the industry for years to come.

“Lantrak remains committed to its fundamental values and genuine dedication to delivering a premium service in resource management. With multiple offices across Australia and boasting an extensive fleet of tip trucks and earthmoving equipment, we are proud to have been involved with some iconic projects which have shaped Australia.”

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