Celebrating Thirty Years of Tradition

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-By Aleisha Parr

This year will mark three decades of exceptional customer service and project delivery for Brisbane-based commercial contractors, Quadric Pty Ltd. With a collective of like-minded industry professionals heading up the management team, the company is lead by Ben Scott, a second generation builder; Quadric expertly combines the best of both tradition and forward-thinking. The company utilises these two essential skills to offer clients a collaborative approach to achieve both innovative designs and leading edge building projects.

Quadric prides itself on being diverse and dynamic, offering a variety of building services including: early construction involvement, large scale Principal Contractor for Commercial Interiors and Office Fitouts, Base Building Refurbishments, Complex Structural Integrations, Minor Alterations, Partitions and Joinery Trade Services, and Ongoing Property Maintenance.

“We have evolved in a way that sets us apart from the modern way of building,” explains Ben Scott. “We employ a lot of our own trade staff and that gives us a far better degree of control over our outcomes.” He also says that the company has a strong internal focus on up-skilling and internal training opportunities, which he himself has participated in throughout his many years of working for the company.

“It’s something that we do in order to operate consistently at the level that we do. We find it much better to invest in our existing people and promote internally, than to be continually looking externally.”

It is precisely this strategic focus on traditional techniques and superior quality control that has set Quadric apart in the industry, often making it the contractor of choice for commercial clients, designers, and project managers. While the company has certainly embraced the leading edge of design technology, it is careful to maintain its connection to the traditional values it was built on thirty years ago.

“People are very supportive of that logic. They want to deal with people who are very comfortable where they are, who are risk adverse and who don’t take chances with their projects. It’s a logic that doesn’t take much convincing so we’re being rewarded for that fact.”

Financially speaking, the company is quite stable, as a self-funded privately owned operation, with a tight team of over fifty direct staff and fifty contract staff. Ben Scott says that the company also maintains a select list of subcontractors, which also helps to ensure the consistently high level of quality for which Quadric is known.

As for the company’s style, Mr Scott explains that Quadric’s focus on traditional methods comes from a desire for an integrated solution which is opposite to the current trend many competitors have taken toward compartmentalisation. Issuing works to a subcontractor is a legitimate element of what we do, but we are also careful to retain the trade work that builders have always traditionally performed. It is frequently the case, he says, that builders will sub-contract all their work, with those sub-contractors also having sub-contractors who also have sub-contractors – thus eliminating any actual control the builder might have over the project outcome.

“Our procedure is the idea of risk management rather than risk avoidance or risk transference,” he explains. “The idea is that we look at the work that we have in front of us and we allocate risk to those best able to manage it, rather than just transferring it to someone else. We made this decision a long time ago – that we were best able to handle the carpentry and the plastering and the cabinet-making works, and so we chose to retain those skills.”

To this end, the company extolls a strong focus not only in skills development but also in relationship building, with the idea that Quadric’s clients and contractors are effectively its partners.

“Although we have projects all over the country, we run the jobs from our head office in Brisbane,” says Mr Scott, “and Brisbane is a small community, it’s very close-knit. We’re heavily client-focussed and you have to be, because the relationship is worth a lot more than making a quick dollar on the project. We really acknowledge that, and consequently, we’ve been working with many of the same clients for thirty years. We invest a lot of effort in ensuring that our contractors and suppliers are well treated, and we all get the benefits of that by way of good workmanship.”

This philosophy runs throughout the company, resulting in an open environment which in turn nurtures continued improvement and employee excellence. In an online company video, Business Development Manager Janie Merrett echoes Mr Scott’s sentiment, saying, “It’s those relationships that you make that you value, that you look after, that are the best part of working in the industry.”

She continues: “It’s an exciting time to be a part of Quadric given that they already have a lot of history and a lot of respect in the industry and now there’s a bunch of fresh young faces coming through who will no doubt form new relationships and complete new projects that will give the new generation something to be proud of.”

“We’re large enough to handle pretty much any job you want,” says Mr Scott, “but we’re small enough to give you a proper connection to the people in charge.”

As for growth, Ben Scott says that the company is more focussed on organic growth than on keeping up with the industry’s trend to double in size each year. “Being a major industry player but being traditional at heart means that we’re not necessarily looking to grow at a rapid rate; we’re very happy with the level we’re at. We think of ourselves more as boutique: we really care about the work that we do rather than the money that we make.”

He concludes, “If we could do the same work for the same type of people at the same level of quality that we’re doing now – if we could do that for the next, say, thirty years, I’d be more than satisfied.”

Indeed, through the combined forces of both Allen and Ben Scott, supported by the firm’s dynamic and highly skilled team, Quadric has what it takes to enjoy another thirty years of success in the industry, adding to and enhancing the commercial landscape of Brisbane while staying true to its own tradition of excellence.

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