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-By D. Barratt

Cavpower is a unique beast in an industry that sometimes forgets the value of people and customer experience. Cavpower, however, understands the relationship between respect and positive customer experience and the creation of a loyal, enthusiastic, and satisfied customer base. This respect and enthusiasm for quality service extends even into the communities of South Australia, Cavpower’s own stomping ground, where community projects, including a colorectal cancer awareness program, rally great support from the surrounding communities. It is not surprising then that Cavpower is experiencing massive growth and an expansion which could see nearly 200 new jobs created within the company by year’s end.

Cavill Power Products Pty Ltd is an incredibly full featured service provider of Cat machinery to all of South Australia and beyond. The company is unmatched in its commitment to quality products and services, a trait which has led to their rapid growth in Australia and success in the competitive mining, construction, and infrastructure machinery market.

Cavpower, South Australia’s own success story, founded in South Australia in 1972 and wholly owned in Australia, has crafted a clear vision and set of values based upon a strong service philosophy that has helped to build a loyal community of clients and customers who have nothing but great things to say about the company that offers such a comprehensive set of features and services. Cavpower’s goal, “to be the leader in customer value” is expressed in its commitment to providing a quality customer experience, whether purchasing Cat Power machinery or simply hiring for the weekend. This extends into the support and knowledge base the company is able to provide to its customers.

The guiding principles that make up Cavpower’s philosophy include integrity, expressed as “the power to know and do what’s right.” The relationships the company has built, within the mining and construction industries, as well as consumer level clients, have created a reputation for excellence in service throughout the market and has engendered a strong sense of customer loyalty.

Excellence, or “the power to achieve quality results” relates to the company’s commitment to providing excellence, both in terms of the products it offers, but also the services it offers consumers, including access to its extensive knowledge base and product support.

The quality assurance program employed by the company is extensive and thorough, meeting MCS International certification standards for operating a management system that complies with the requirements AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. This management system, employed primarily to achieve consistency, is made up of several parts, including procedural understanding, training, and audits. Formal procedures are generated and passed throughout the organisation by means of specialised training programmes. Physical records are kept to ensure that procedures, and any holes discovered in a particular procedure, are identified using audits and are corrected. These steps ensure that all employees understand their product and what they are meant to do, and also provide a solid mechanism for improvement as any lacking procedures are identified and amended.

Cavpower has embraced the philosophy of continual improvement, in which it is recognised that even if a product, service, or vision has been thoughfully optimised, there is always room to do it better, a philosophy which Cavpower has exhibited time and time again, as the company works to refine work-flow and customer service abilities. On the company website it is stated, “By working closely with Caterpillar and other dealers in our network, we ensure that only the very best in equipment, parts, and service sales, rental, and support across our business is offered to you.”

The loyalty Cavpower provides to its clients is reflected back upon the firm as customers experience the added value of a product provider that is truly committed to creating a positive customer experience from the showroom floor to the project site. Cavpower is committed to aiding its customers in all they do.

Respect is also demonstrated for customers in Cavpower’s commitment to keeping its promises, including meeting its own high standards for quality and service.

Leadership, “the power to unite and grow” applies to not only Cavpower employees, but also to the industry as a whole. The company has emerged as a leader in South Australian industry, with the ability to supply mining and infrastructure markets with a wide variety of plant and equipment to meet their diverse needs.

Cavpower may lead the market, but it also exemplifies leadership, the company’s final core value, internally, by inspiring employees to achieve at their highest levels and to provide the world-class customer service for which they have come to be known. New employees receive training and are selected based – in part – upon how their own values align with that of the company, in order to ensure that customers continue to receive the high level of service they have come to expect. Ongoing personal development at Cavpower allows employees to build a skill set and expertise that is second to none within the industry. And it is Cavpower’s employees that make up the heart and soul of the company. It is the voices of the loyal and knowledgeable employees that have helped to inspire the trust and encourage the repeat business of many of the firm’s customers.

Cavpower recognises the importance of its employees, not only by providing a supportive work environment and helpful training programmes, but also through the implementation of the SHEQ program, which addresses the areas of safety, health, environment, and quality. Cavpower describes its responsibility as a commitment to “zero harm as the principle corporate goal in minimising the risk of illness, injury, and disease to all personnel, contractors, customers, and visitors.”

Cavpower’s helpful attitude extends also to the broadre community of South Australia in which the company was born and raised. Working hand in hand with the Jodi Lee Foundation, Cavpower has contributed greatly to the fight against bowel cancer, and has helped to spread the word amongst Australian men and women about the dangers of the cancer and the importance of screening, and of a simple non-invasive procedure that is highly effective in detecting the cancer in its early stage and preventing what has been one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths within the nation. The corporate campaign brochure explains, “The Jodi Lee Foundation is a not for profit organisation that is working to raise community awareness of bowel cancer and in conjunction with Cavpower and other corporate groups initiating campaigns targeting early detection programmes.”

It is in these ways that Cavpower has become a leader in building a corporate culture that is defined and led by a focussed set of values and a clear vision about what the company can be. The exponential growth the company has experienced, and will continue to experience this year, is a testament to a corporate vision which works for people, clients and employees alike, as well as for business as a whole. The foundation laid by the company in the last 36 years has worked to create a solid, well organised outfit capable of supplying the vast industries with which it is associated with the products, skills, and abilities needed for continued growth and success.

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