It’s All about Commitment

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-By Aleisha Parr

Judith Ware, Co- Founder and Co-Director of Ware Building Pty Ltd, says that the key to the company’s success in difficult economic times can be succinctly stated in one word: commitment. Together with Mark and Matthew Ware, Judy has worked to create Ware Building from the ground up. Now, the NSW building company has become quite lucrative, enjoying a strong reputation in the industry as “the highest quality builder in the region.”

“What we are focussed on,” says Judy, “is commitment, and that’s commitment to the project, the client and the quality – all of the things that are required.” This attitude has done much to help the company survive, particularly in competitive markets, by instilling the company workforce with a can-do attitude and a variety of skills and abilities in order to meet the needs of a diverse range of projects and clients.

“In terms of focussing on anything particular,” explains Ms Ware, “one of our strengths that makes us unique is that we cover broad industry sectors, whether it be residential, high rises, educational facilities or nursing homes. To be able to cover all of these sectors helps us to be more flexible so that we can capture more markets.”

Commitment to Staff

Ware Building staff, whether on site or in administrative roles, have contributed to the team for many years. All team members are competent and dependable people who have a clear understanding of upholding the company’s commitment to excellence.

Ware Building’s clients can depend on the proven team, who are instrumental in the sustained company reputation, operating alongside the three working directors, to deliver consistent standards and service.

The company promotes staff safety as key, and this is achieved through its emphasis on providing a robust safety program, compliant with its accredited systems for OH&S to AS/NZS 4801:2001. In addition to this system, an external company carries out unannounced safety audits and compiles reports, which are then used to not only alert the company Directors to any issues or areas of concern, but also to reward individuals and groups with the highest safety performances. The company also holds accreditation in Quality Assurance to ISO AS/NZ 9001:2008 and Environmental to AS/NZ ISO1 4001:2004.

Ware Building is likewise working to do its part in terms of broadening the field of skilled workers by offering Apprenticeship opportunities within the company. Ms Ware says they hope to be able to help address the skilled worker shortage situation through these new opportunities introduced over the past three years. Ms Ware also points out the company’s dedication to ensuring that its subcontractors and suppliers are paid on time. “We have processes in place to ensure our subcontractors and suppliers are paid promptly. We are proud of the fact that we have a very good reputation in doing this – these people have families and mortgages and groceries to buy and we understand that.”

Commitment to Systems

Ware Building operates using a documented Management System, which forms a control mechanism for consistent quality across the company. The system includes all forms and procedures, ensuring that regardless of the project location, every company process is carried out to the same formula and degree of efficiency. The system is particularly useful as much of the work carried out by Ware Building is regionally based throughout NSW and would therefore be otherwise difficult to control.

“It gets back to that key word that’s really fundamental, and that’s commitment,” says Ms Ware, “including commitment to our systems”.

Commitment to the Client

“I know time, budget, and quality in our industry are really over-used words,” says Ms Ware, “but it is really a fundamental that we meet these requirements. We have to be committed to the client for meeting their time completion date, meeting their budget, and meeting the quality that’s expected for the project – essentially meeting the client’s satisfaction for the project.

“That’s across the board, whether it is a government sector client or a private enterprise,” asserts Ms Ware, who feels that it is through this type of respectful behaviour that the company is able to continue to grow.

Not only can Ware Building stand proud on its claims of commitment, but it has a proven track record of having achieved this, with a good amount of repeat business. The loyalty of these repeat customers is now driving Ware Building to continue to thrive despite difficult market conditions.

Commitment to the Project

One of those repeat clients is actually at work with Ware Building currently on two projects: the Ballina RSL Aged Care Facility redevelopment; and on new construction, refurbishment and extension works to the Myall Lodge Aged Care facility at Hawkes Nest NSW.

The Ballina project, for which Matthew Ware is Project Manager, requires the utmost in professionalism and commitment to safety, as the redevelopment is taking place in an operating aged care facility which houses some patients suffering from dementia. The $14.5 million project, which has been separated into five stages over a two year program, will include the construction of a new two storey building complete with lift access. The existing residential wings of the facility, which are currently operational at a one hundred and twenty bed capacity, will be demolished and rebuilt, and significant refurbishments will be made to the facility.

“It is an operational site,” explains Ms Ware, “and requires working in hand with the clients and also all of the staff who are trying to run a nursing home. Regular meetings with all parties and good communication are vital. There are particular needs and considerations because it is an aged care facility, so obviously we have to be very careful about how that’s operated under strict guidelines and rules.

“We are also undertaking repeat works for NSW Government schools projects,” advises Ms Ware. One of those is the Great Lakes Training clusters project, at $3.2 million, and includes concurrent work on four sites, including both new builds and refurbishments.

“We’re pleased with the progress we’re making. These are live school sites and it is imperative we work in cooperation with all of the stakeholders; the principals of the schools, the staff, the government personnel and naturally we have to be very much aware of safety and making sure that our policy with regard to the protection of children and vulnerable people is followed.”

This ties back in to Judy Ware’s original statement, placing “commitment” at the core of Ware Building’s every step. Driven to provide an enjoyable and rewarding building experience for all involved, Ware Building adheres to its core principles and also operates to the NSW Master Building Association’s Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practice. Moving forward, the company plans to continue its steady growth through the loyal support of its valued staff, subcontractors and suppliers, and of course, its exceptional clientele.

“We really want to maintain our core values,” explains Ms Ware. “We don’t want that to change and that’s something we try to instil in everybody here at Ware Building.”

While the company has already established a strong core foundation, that commitment will also mean continuing to build upon it. At present, Ms Ware says that Ware Building is pursuing Best Practice Accreditation, for which it is currently preparing the necessary documents and meeting the particular requirements. The company also has plans to reach qualification whereby it will be able to undertake larger Government projects.

“We also hope to expand our Tweed Heads office operations but regardless, we remain a proudly owned and operated, multi-award winning, ISO accredited, second generation Australian construction company,” concludes Ms Ware.

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