Putting the Customer First

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-By Aleisha Parr

D&M Plant Hire Pty Ltd has a slogan that says it all: “We’ll move the earth for you.” As a third generation family owned and operated earthmoving company based in Cleveland, D&M Plant Hire takes pride in delivering the best service possible to each and every customer – whether that be by working around the clock, seven days a week for a project, or by designing and manufacturing unique built-for-purpose equipment for an individual customer.

“It’s putting the customer first,” explains Ray Phillips, “and with the processes it’s taking adequate time to understand what the client wants, then making sure that we do have that equipment. Following up, making sure that once the equipment arrives on site that the customer is happy, and the daily follow up and making sure that everything is right on site, because, as you know, jobs can change from day to day.”

Nearly forty years ago, Doug and Margaret Phillips began D&M Plant Hire with just one tandem truck. Though the couple were new to the earthmoving industry, with Doug having previously worked as a local butcher, through perseverance and a shared determination, the company began to grow to become an industry leader. Soon, Debra Wright and Ray Phillips, children of Doug and Margaret, joined the company, with a host of extended family soon to follow.

“We’re now into the third generation of the family working in the business, including cousins and uncles, past and present. We are a family-oriented business and the staff all have families as well and so we understand if they have matters that need to be addressed and we endeavour to be very caring within these relationships.”

With more than sixty industry-trained professionals now part of the team, D&M Plant Hire is also able to continue to offer that exceptional family-style customer service it has always been known for to all of its valued customers, while also growing to service more of the industry. Despite the typical setbacks from the GFC, D&M Plant Hire is still going strong, relying on the passion of its staff and the unique expertise offered through its primary services as well as its sister company, Titan Manufacturing.

D&M Plant Hire has amassed an impressive collection of equipment – for either demolitions or construction projects – which is currently available for use on civil and commercial projects through the local and greater Brisbane areas and South East Queensland. Its fleet is comprised of trucks ranging from 3 metres to 22 metres, and includes tippers, truck and dogs, semi tippers, floats, bobcats, positracks, excavators, backhoes, graders and rubber-tracked earth moving equipment. Because of its close relationship with Titan Manufacturing, D&M Plant Hire also boasts an unrivalled selection of attachments and buckets.

Titan Manufacturing essentially extends D&M Plant Hire’s principal services to allow for greater personalisation on customer projects, by enabling the company to offer manufacturing services where existing equipment is insufficient for a unique job. Furthermore, D&M Plant Hire is able to provide its customers with a very rapid turnaround time on repairs and breakages on its equipment, which is of great value to customers whose project outcomes rely on their ability to complete work on time and under budget.

“That makes us very unique in the industry,” says Mr Phillips. “We actually manufacture all the quick hitches, digging buckets and attachments that go onto the machines. So, if the customer has a special requirement for a unique bucket for example, we actually build it for them to get through the job.”

Not only does D&M Plant Hire strive to provide its customers with a diverse and appropriate fleet of equipment, but it also undertakes significant R&D in the development of new machines utilising the latest technologies. Such equipment offers a multitude of benefits both to the company and its clients as well as the community at large, with the introduction of greener technologies which are more fuel efficient. “We’re always upgrading our fleet,” says Debra Wright, “and making sure that we have the best quality equipment around.”

D&M Plant Hire is a Quality Assured company (ISO9001:2008) and is OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited. Says Mr Phillips, “We take safety very seriously and we are constantly tracking machine hours, machine breakages, and operator performance. We are constantly upgrading everything to make sure that we are leading edge in the industry.”

At the moment, Mr Williams says that the company is focussing on extending its business, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes its way. To allow for this, D&M Plant Hire actually works around the clock, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, ensuring that every project receives the utmost care and attention from the dedicated D&M team.

This extraordinary level of service was recently utilised in the construction of the Hale Street Link Bridge, for which D&M Plant Hire was the preferred supplier. The project spanned two years, during which time D&M Plant Hire crews worked tirelessly in rotating shifts all day, every day.

“We also do a lot of continuous work with the Brisbane City Council, supporting them with equipment on a daily basis. Some of our guys have been on these same crews for fifteen years plus, so we’re an integral part of the Brisbane City Council in terms of making sure they have good quality, consistent service.”

Over the years, D&M Plant Hire has been involved in a plethora of prestigious jobs throughout the area, including the widening of the Pacific Motorway freeway, the Redcliffe Esplanade upgrade, and the Gateway Bridge Duplication. D&M Plant Hire was also one of the first partners with Walter Construction (now Pensar) for the Springfield Development.

“We’re very proud of the work that we’ve been able to do and I want to thank our staff and I want to thank all our customers and our suppliers, past and present, because we couldn’t have done it without them. It’s a real credit to the family.”

“I’d love to see it keep running and hand it down to the kids in the future,” Mr Phillips says of his visions for the company, “but right now we are content to continue to go from stride to stride and we look forward to the future.”

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