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-By Robert Hoshowsky

As one of the most important elements to any home, doors speak volumes about the owner’s sense of aesthetics. The ideal door not only serves to offer security and peace of mind, but is a reflection of the homeowner’s individual style, be it conservative or contemporary. From grand wooden entrance doors with inserts replicating stained glass or leadlight to clean and simple interior doors, a quality door is built to last, and few companies realise this better than Hume Doors & Timber.

Supplying the nation’s retail market with the finest quality doors, the company started off as a humble joinery shop back in 1953, and rapidly grew from there, expanding into doors and timber. “In the early Sixties, the company moved to the site by the Hume Highway, and renamed the company Hume Doors & Timber, and we’ve been going ever since,” says Patrick Antoine, New South Wales Door Sales


Today, Hume Doors & Timber is the nation’s largest 100 per cent Australian-owned timber door manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of timber products. At Hume Doors & Timber, the wide selection includes interior doors to accommodate every taste, style, and budget, from classic traditional to sleek modern designs. At Hume, the company believes first impressions count, which is why it offers its clients a number of entrance doors that are elegant, stylish, and complementary to every style of architecture.

At Hume Doors & Timber, the possibilities are practically limitless. The company’s Smartrobe Door System features aluminium top and bottom tracks, and two nylon wheels fitted into steel casings in the bottom of each door, enabling them to open easily. From internal pre-hung doors to room-changing multifold and bifold doors, pivot entry systems, and the Alfresco Folding System that literally allows you the ability to transform your outdoor living area into an easily accessible part of your home, Hume has it all. For institutions such as hospitals and universities, Hume also makes fire doors with steel cladding at its factory – all tested and approved in accordance with the Australian Standard 1905-1 – and supplies the proper fire door hardware that meets all testing undertaken by the CSIRO.

Additionally, the company offers a range of quality flush doors, space-saving cavity units that allow the door to slide into a pocket in the wall.

Quality and Affordability

Marketing the majority of its products through prominent retailers like Bunnings and Home Hardware, Hume is proud to offer doors that are not only high quality, but competitively priced. “We buy right, so we can sell right,” says Mr Antoine of the company, which not only maintains an excellent purchasing department, but is also keenly aware of the latest and best machinery available to allow it to manufacture the best products at the best price.

“Our machinery is always kept up to standards,” comments Mr Antoine. “We’ve got the latest routers, the latest hardware, and the machinery to do our doors. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product. One thing Hume always says: with our company, you always get a very good quality product at a reasonable price.” It is, says Mr Antoine, about striking a balance between technology and price, something Hume has successfully achieved over the decades.

“We like to keep things pretty consistent,” he says, “and don’t like to have too many price increases or price decreases. We find that if we keep our prices fairly constant, we keep our customers happy, and we stay happy, and we still know where we’re going.”

Environmentally Responsible

At Hume Doors & Timber, the company is proud not only of the quality products it sells, but its track record when it comes to the environment, which is nothing sort of exemplary. Committed to operating as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen, Hume practices environmental stewardship, and provides it many valued customers with the assurance that its products have been produced in accordance with applicable independent environmental standards.

Timber used by Hume is a fully sustainable resource that is non-toxic, versatile, and reusable. With the full knowledge that planting forests aids the planet in the reduction of carbon dioxide, the company has embraced environmental awareness, protection and enhancement for many years, realising that the future of the planet depends on sustainable management of the world’s forests.

“We have four mills that are based in Malaysia, and we’ve been there since 1960,” says Mr Antoine. “Long before it became popular to be Green, we’ve always done the same thing, working with renewable products.” With a manufacturing and distribution process designed to keep its environmental footprint to a minimum, Hume Doors & Timber ensures its suppliers of raw material products are accredited by a number of independent, third party environmental stewardship programs. These include the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), Australian Forestry Standard (AFS), and Scientific Certifications System (SCS). Often, a strict auditing process is required, and a chain of custody must be proven.

“Even though your site is FSC, if you buy off a site that is not FSC, you’ve broken the chain, and you can’t claim that you are an FSC company,” says Mr Antoine, “so for us to receive that logo and be able to present that logo, that is proof that we do what we say, and every single supplier that we buy from has also passed an FSC.” Additionally, Hume Doors & Timber is involved with the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC), which encourages sustainable forest management and provides assurances to buyers that the timber products the company purchases come from sustainably managed forests.

Not only is there an internal impetus for the firm to adhere to environmental regulations, but it is something many of the stores carrying Hume’s products – such as retail giant Bunnings – have come to expect. “We have to do a wood survey every 12 months and prove that our timber comes from renewable sources,” says Mr Antoine of Hume’s relationship with Bunnings. “We’ve been commended that we’re one of the more transparent companies that they deal with, which is why they do so much business with us. There are a lot of checks and balances to make sure that we are doing what we claim to be doing.”

At every possible opportunity, Hume Doors & Timber acts in an environmentally responsible fashion. The company’s ecologically sound practices include subscribing to renewable energy sources where possible, minimising waste, reusing and recycling by-products, packaging and waste material, maximising transport loads to reduce fuel usage, and even capturing, storing and using rainwater for water needs.

Wide Range of Quality Products

Hume Doors & Timber’s 800 employees are able to handle doors of all types for all budgets. Catering to domestic and export markets, the company has state of the art manufacturing and distribution warehouse operations in all mainland cities, along with branches in New Zealand. Its selection of internal and external timber doors, door skins, timber mouldings in maple, pine and Silktrim (primed MDF) are second to none.

The price for Hume Doors range from about $35 for an internal pine door to about $1,500 for doors pre-hung in a frame. “We have a big range that can pretty much cover anyone’s budget,” says Mr Antoine. No matter the price, quality is number one at Hume. In addition to using the latest high-tech equipment and machinery in the manufacture of its goods – along with the finest, most environmentally-sustainable materials from local and overseas suppliers – the company’s staff carefully inspects finished products to ensure the highest quality rating is achieved. At Hume Doors & Timber, the company takes great pride in guaranteeing its manufactured doors and timber products for a period of five years.

No matter the style, Hume has doors available for every budget. From stunning interior doors that are pre-primed and ready for painting to a range of entrance doors with solid timber mouldings fixed to both faces, designer flush doors with honeycomb or solid cores to bock out noise, and a vast range of specialty products, Hume has the right product for every sense of style.

Always keeping an eye on the future, Hume recently introduced Fibre Glass Doors to its vast product catalogue. Appropriate for exposed front or back doors, factory units, and all coastal areas, Hume Fibre Glass Doors are pre-primed and ready to paint. Requiring little maintenance, they can be hung in all locations, and are truly a glimpse through the doors of the future. With an eye on the next generation of doors, Hume will always maintain the quality of the past.

“We’re a good Australian company that has been around for almost 60 years. We employ quite a few Australians, and we’re a company that’s going to be around for at least another 50 years,” says Mr Antoine.

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