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-By Robert Hoshowsky

For almost 30 years, SmartStream Technology Pty Ltd has remained at the forefront of researching, developing, and providing new and innovative wastewater and sewer products to Australian and international markets. As Australasia’s leading supplier of plastic infrastructure products, the company has maintained its commitment to ongoing technological advancements in the civil infrastructure industry. At SmartStream’s Research and Development department, technicians actively investigate and test new materials and processes to ensure the company’s products are of the highest standards possible for its customers.

A proud, wholly Australian-owned company, SmartStream Technology is able to serve its many customers through offices in Australia and the South Pacific Rim. Formerly known as Wormall International, the company name change serves as a reflection of its commitment to its clients and continuous improvement of its many products and accessories for waste water and drainage applications.

At SmartStream Technology, safety and a healthy respect for the environment remain prime considerations, especially when it comes to the research and development of new and innovative products. One of SmartStream’s newer product releases includes a lightweight, innovative PE Maintenance Shaft cover. At a total weight of just 20 kg, with the lid weighing 5.5 kg, the cover is lightweight enough to be installed by just one person, without the need for heavy, expensive equipment. Environmentally, the coatings will not harm surrounding grass, making the product kinder to Mother Nature.

Additionally, the team at SmartStream Technology has won a number of awards over the years for its innovative and unique products. The company’s PE 600 mm Access Chamber cover has won multiple Occupational Health and Safety awards, including the 2007 AWA award for OH&S, and the IPWEA NSW Occupational Health & Safety Excellence Award. With the lid for the 600 mm Access Chamber weighing just 12 kg, the risk of physical injuries, especially back pain, from lifting the lid has been significantly decreased. With its tight seal against gas and water, the cover of the 600 mm Access Chamber is also lockable, and conforms to AS3996.

At SmartStream Technology, the company has the experience and know-how to offer all its clients advice on a wide range of civil infrastructure projects. The company’s wastewater and sewer products range in price from inexpensive fittings costing just a few dollars, all the way to multi-million dollar projects. Along with its own locations in New South Wales, Queenland, Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand, SmartStream Technology’s products are distributed by many of the major suppliers in the civil infrastructure industry, which ensures its customers receive fast and dependable service.

Among the company’s many wastewater products are PE Maintenance Shafts, PE Rodding Eyes, PE Mini Manholes, PE Access Chambers, and PE Access Pits. The company’s Maintenance Shaft “Poo Pit” is lightweight, durable, safe, cost-effective, and the product of over three decades of civil engineering industry experience. Extensive research led to the creation of a maintenance shaft precisely manufactured from lightweight but tough rotationally molded UV resistant polyethylene. The result is a user-friendly shaft that has superior impact resistance, and the “Poo Pit” does not need to be encased in concrete, as if often necessary with maintenance shafts constructed from other materials.

All SmartStream “Poo Pit” maintenance shafts have many other benefits. All are carefully air tested prior to customer delivery, to ensure they are 100 per cent watertight. The material makes them easy to handle, they are internally and externally corrosion resistant, are compatible to any design without the need for additional bends or fittings, and are an excellent retrofit to any existing system. All fittings are pre-fabricated prior to delivery, making them easier to install. They are UV resistant, accommodate any grade or angle, accommodate all material types of pipe, and are Water Services of Australia (WSAA) appraised.

Like the “Poo Pit,” other SmartStream products – such as the J Pit – are manufactured from state of the art materials like polyethylene, which has the benefit of being lightweight yet strong, and corrosion, impact, and UV resistant. A durable terminal elbow, the J Pit does not require concrete encasement, can be used in a number of applications to accommodate inlets, and is adaptable to all types of pipe connections. With internal diameter openings of 225 mm or 150 mm, the J Pit allows access for easy cleaning, allows unrestricted sewage flow, and can accommodate entry of large-size remote sewer cameras.

To inspect and maintain sewers, the SmartStream PE Mini Manholes are the perfect choice. User-friendly, shafts are precisely engineered to suit installations, and are proven in service to various depths. Developed to ASTM F 1759-97 Standard practice for Design of Polyethylene (PE) Manholes for Subsurface Applications, Mini Pit connections are positioned at just the right angle and grade to suit the design/retrofit location, which eliminates the need for sweeping bends while allowing for traditional methods of installation and inspection.

To complement the SmartStream Mini Manholes, the Smart Pit and PE Access Pits serve as a total access and inspection chamber system. Impact and corrosion-resistant, the pits were developed using Finite Element Analysis, their physical properties being proven time and again in various installation scenarios. The light weight of the units makes them less expensive to handle and transport compared to cumbersome, old-fashioned materials, and connections are designed for easy installation, inspection, and maintenance. The Vac Pit is fully-welded, sealed, tested and quality certified before shipping to customers, and internal valves can be factory-fitted.

For quality access covers and related products, SmartStream Technology is the first choice of many for many civil infrastructure projects. The company’s innovative Manhole Adjustment Ring was created to save time and money during the installation of circular precast concrete manholes. Designed to fit almost all makes of precast manholes, the moulded polyethylene Manhole Adjustment Ring comes in three standard sizes (900 mm, 1050 mm, and 1200 mm), is faster to install than traditional finishing methods, and is infinitely superior in look and quality to old-time patchwork methods.

The company’s range of access covers includes the TopHat, a self-supporting access cover that has been designed and engineered to provide a lightweight yet durable frame and lid assembly. Although the cover weighs only 6 kg, it has been designed to the same standards as heavy cast iron covers, and is able to withstand the equivalent of a 15 tonne load. The TopHat, along with the company’s 12 kg PE 600 mm cover, are extremely strong, made to last, feature unique locking systems, have moulded-in grip/non-slip lids, are rust-free, impact, chemical, UV and abrasion resistant, and conform to standards for gas and water tightness.

At SmartStream Technology, the company offers its clients a wide range of environmental products, including The Eco-BITE (MPT), which effectively removes contaminants and pollutants from fluid transport networks, protecting downstream ecological systems. Featuring a unique V shaped screen, it creates a dual vortex effect, resulting in equal precipitation and reduced blockage. Simple to install into tight locations, the Eco-BITE accommodates multiple inlets and outlets, can be retrofitted into existing pipelines or drains, and screens can be changed to target pollutants. Along with The retro-BITE, which allows for the installation of internal components of the eco-BITE Multi Pollutant Trap into existing manhole chambers, the products remain effective, durable, and ideal for installation into “˜cast insitu’ drainage manholes.

To effectively capture and remove specific contaminants and pollutants from different fluid transportation networks, the company offers the SlipStream (used with boat maintenance facilities/slipways to protect downstream ecological systems), the BacStream, the HydroStream, the WashStream, the HighStream, and the InfilStream Pollutant Trapping and Infiltration System. The various systems will remove wastes such as hydrocarbons, organic matter, general and industrial litters, coarse and fine sediments, and more.

When it comes to Environmental Accessories and Environmental Services, SmartStream Technology offers a range of products to suit the industry’s needs. Isolation Gates/Valves can be retrofitted to existing structures, are versatile, segregate flows, and isolate pollutant traps, allowing maintenance and monitoring to take place. The company’s Point of Source Collection Pit features a Waste Collection Basket, which effectively captures pollutants at source, and can be used in isolation, or as part of an integral treatment system, removing urban litter, organic material, sediment, industrial waste, and more. Waste collection is simplified, and the units allow access for inspection.

To maintain detailed records of cleaning and maintenance, the company offers the SmartStream Technology pro-forma worksheets. Filled out whenever visual inspection of other work is undertaken, the sheets provide detailed records of any cleaning or maintenance work done on the Pollutant Trapping Devices/System. Designed to provide ongoing cleaning and maintenance programs for SmartStream Technology environmental pollutant trapping device/systems, the work sheets serve as a valuable reference tool.

For advanced, durable, and innovative products for use in the nation’s civil infrastructure industry, SmartStream Technology Pty Ltd has you covered.

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