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-By John Boley

Dommar Constructions (Dommar) is an Adelaide based company which provides project management and construction management resources within the water, mining and industrial sectors. The resources offered comprise of highly qualified project managers, construction managers, engineers and construction inspectors.

The business started operating in 1989 predominantly through provision of project management services to Western Mining Corporation (WMC) at Olympic Dam, now known as BHP. The company today has reached approximately 50 full time staff members and some part timers and continues to grow steadily as it increases its client base with ongoing support from existing clients.

The Managing Director Domenic Rugari explains that the company started with just a few project managers and engineers and “over many years, we have diversified through providing services to AMEC plc and BHP in Western Australia as well as Project and Construction Managing commercial and industrial projects for major clients within the private sector including delivery of our own in-house property developments.”

Dommar’s gradual increase in resource numbers over the years has been underpinned by continued diversification of the firm’s business capability to include Construction Management with strong focus on Zero Harm to personnel safety and to the environment. The company has also developed a competent team of senior resources who have continued to undertake Independent Verification services for its clients, in particular for the onsite construction works and any specialised welding services.

Dommar’s client base has grown steadily to include state government agencies and government business enterprises such as SA Water Corporation, Department for Water. The company has also continued to develop its client base to include large independent utility companies such as ElectraNet – providing them specialised project delivery services. It is also continuing to develop its capability to provide Owner’s Engineer services for oversight of civil works, mechanical, electrical, controls and instrumentation SCADA from fabrication phase (functional acceptance witnessing) through to construction, testing and commissioning.

Dommar prides itself on the quality and cost-effectiveness of its services, especially those associated with delivering a wide range of projects, assignments and complex infrastructure projects with significant stakeholder and community interest. In all of the works the company undertakes, it deems the client’s reputation as of primary importance and has developed a confident team that can provide competent services in all areas – especially where the work is subject to significant public scrutiny.

Over the past ten years, Dommar’s business has diversified to provide “total” project delivery services, which includes all of the elements of project management, construction management and contract administration. “This area of service has become our core business and expertise. I believe that we have found a niche because most of our team have strong technical backgrounds coupled with solid past exposure to the construction process works and risks, which allows us to “˜value add’ and not just provide a labour hire service. Project managers with a technical / construction background can bring in enhanced understanding of the engineering and construction processes that are essential to provide the building-blocks for a good program, cost and quality management effort.”

“We have approximately fifty project management and construction management staff with a solid industry background and experience. These resources have also achieved formal project management certification through Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), which holds the national competency standards for such expertise. Many of the Dommar resources are also certified as AIPM Project Directors, having been qualified on large multi-billion dollar projects. Our staff have extensive project delivery experience coming from a diverse background with national and international organisations where they have held senior roles and responsibilities. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Dommar team which is passed on to our Clients.”

The company believes that it has an “exceptional pool of resources with skills and experience in construction management and inspection services, this being a very specialised area of work that many of the project management consultancies do not have. Whilst many project management organisations manage projects from the office, Dommar has the capability and experience to support a critical on-site experienced presence on all areas of project management.” This ensures that the project health is reported accurately and allows for timely management of any emerging issues or risks.

Mr Rugari believes Dommar is very grateful to the larger water utilities that have continued to give opportunities to the firm. “We have skilled supervisors and inspectors that have a strong technical background from within these industries. Our key focus being that we manage our client’s projects with highest regard to project safety and ensure on time and on budget delivery of project outcomes.” Mr Rugari explains, “Further growth of our business is in the pipeline as Dommar progresses business development with our current clients and new clients using the core strength, strong capabilities and proven performance of the Dommar team”.

Dommar’s resources have worked on a wide range of projects including some very large ones such as the Adelaide Desalination Project, which has an approved project cost of $1.824 billion. “We have experienced resources supporting our client SA Water Corporation in key roles across the project.”

Dommar is a home-grown local South Australian Company that is actively looking to grow in Australia. “We have been doing some interstate groundwork over the past six months and before we expand our resources interstate, we want to ensure we can properly service our loyal local client base in South Australia. We have always placed the best interest of our existing clients first. We will only take on extra work in areas where we can add value and provided dedicated and focussed services”.

So can the impressive growth rate be maintained? “I believe yes,” says Mr Rugari. “I believe that if we continue to deliver productivity gains, ensure that work is executed safely and within the budget and time constraints, our clients will continue to be happy, and continue to approach us for larger roles.”

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