Diversifies and Delivers

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-By John Boley

According to founder John Fortunato (managing director) and Rick D’Ovidio (director and general manager), Fortunato Group’s strength lies in “delivering a broad range of specialised earthmoving, civil engineering and construction services”. Fortunato Group has enjoyed tremendous success completing projects across Victoria for over 15 years, and is now focussed on ongoing company growth with a foundation of committed staff and a dedication to client satisfaction.

Fortunato Group is a leading Melbourne civil construction, earthmoving and contracting company with a proud history, experienced staff and a wide inventory of modern plant and equipment. “John Fortunato is the founder. He started the partnership in 1990 and the company itself was incorporated in 2002,” says Rick. Since its inception, the company has delivered “class leading performance” in civil contracting, earth moving, public and private works, site and land development, sports facility construction, road infrastructure and building projects.

With characteristic efficiency, the company has experienced consistent growth in project volume and value in recent years, and this is anticipated to continue into the future. Making the best of its extensive project management and administration capabilities, Fortunato Group has been involved in projects in excess of $16 million in value.

Fortunato Group’s experienced management and engineering team liaise closely with clients to ensure every detail of a project is undertaken in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. Services provided include residential, industrial and commercial land subdivision and development, design and construction projects for VicRoads, retirement village infrastructure development, building industry projects, wetlands and waterways construction and construction project management.

Rick takes up the story. “There is a wide range in our portfolio – it’s a conscious thing we did, to work in various sectors so when there’s a drop in the marketplace for one sector, at least there’s plenty of avenues for work in others.”

Rick says the key quality Fortunato can offer is “delivery – we pride ourselves on getting jobs done efficiently, to try to work in with clients’ deadlines, and we do have a lot of internal resources – our own accreditations with the water authorities, for example, which means we don’t have to rely on a lot of sub-contract content – we can do a lot of the required works on the projects ourselves.”

The company also enjoys a solid staff base. “We have our own staff and then we subcontract from there. In terms of our core business, which is residential and industrial subdivision scenarios, since we are accredited with the water authorities we also do a lot of large-diameter drain projects, and also road projects up to $8 million in value.”

What’s Fortunato’s take on the state of the industry in Victoria? Well, says Rick, “there’s quite a bit of work around and I guess we are finding there is some activity across a lot of sectors. There is activity in both public and private; commercial type works, residential type works and a little bit of industrial being generated again, and also there are more commercial projects starting up.

“In the public sector the roads network is still quite buoyant and as you know there are a number of large railway projects that have been started and others that are in plan.

“We work in all these sectors so we are able to tender on most of these projects – I’m not saying we tender on everything but, that said, we do have a diversified company and we are able to look at those projects. Certainly we do get a lot of repeat business – obviously based on our delivery and our relationship with those clients.

“We have done a number of water treatment-type projects – they have various constituents; sometimes it’s just an out-and-out wetland, some of the ones we have done in recent times include large pipeline components and then perhaps discharging into watercourses. We have also done a number of waterway projects.”

Fortunato has also done considerable work on sports facilities, although as Rick says, “not as many over the last couple of years.” There’s Olympic Park, for example, where the company was involved with track resurfacing; also the Penleigh and Essendon Grammar school playing fields – “that was a large job,” comments John, “$7m, football and soccer fields and also hockey fields.”

Does Fortunato have a separate building division? Not as such, answers Rick, “but we do work on building sites. This is more in the commercial arena, i.e. working for builders on apartment buildings or multi-storey sort of situations, or shopping centre projects – as opposed to residential and industrial sectors.”

In this way Fortunato caters to the needs of the building industry by providing flexible building services that benefit from the company’s extensive construction and project management experience. Building services include basement construction, civil construction for shopping centres, major industrial and commercial property construction, and general civil works for all types of building projects.

With an extensive fleet of modern plant and equipment coupled with a team of skilled operators, Fortunato Group ensures flexible project delivery capability. Fortunato also has an established list of sub-contractors that provide a high degree of responsiveness to projects of all sizes and demands.

To improve business management performance and ensure customer satisfaction, Fortunato Group operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) that conforms to the requirements of the international Quality (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000), Environmental (AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004) and Health & Safety (AS/NZS 4801:2001) management system standards.

Fortunato Group is accredited to work on major projects by VicRoads up to the DC2 category (design and construction for projects up to a value of $20 million) and also the VicUrban CE5M category which can include projects over $5 million in value. The company has delivered class leading performance in civil contracting, earth moving, public and private works, site and land development, sporting facility construction, road infrastructure and building projects.

Furthermore, Fortunato Group is accredited by many water authorities including South East Water, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, Barwon Water and Melbourne Water. As a result, clients can be assured of comprehensive risk assessment and improvement programs focused on their needs and expectations. Fortunato Group maintains a highly skilled, competent and responsible workforce that further assures quality outcomes.

Fortunato Group’s third party certified Quality Management System ensures every step has been taken to deliver clients superior outcomes in project management.

With a genuine concern for all stakeholders, Fortunato Group does not compromise on occupational health and safety and demands that safe and healthy working conditions are a shared expectation by all those associated with the company. Competency requirements are carefully identified and all employees are trained and made aware of company, industry and statutory requirements. Work processes and equipment are audited and inspected to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, regulation, codes of practice, and government policies and guidelines.

Commitment to the principles of sustainability and the protection of the environment is a feature of all planning and operational activities. Risks of environmental impact are assessed and measured to avoid or minimise harm to the environment. The company is committed to achieving environmental objectives and targets that reflect community expectations and best industry practice by reducing re-work and waste, protecting soil, air and water quality, targeting zero workplace incidents and consistently reviewing environmental management performance for improvement opportunities. Furthermore, suppliers and subcontractors are required to maintain similar high standards.

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