No Compromises

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-By Aleisha Parr

By combining outstanding onsite and project management experience with high-end connections in north Queensland’s major consulting engineering practices, Phoenix Constructions Pty Ltd has the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle major projects, and the integrity to foster honest and open relationships. Indeed, the company’s tagline itself – Quality Without Compromise – conveys this all important operating message in a way that both assures current clients and entices future prospects. Such an approach has quickly made Phoenix one of the region’s go-to firms in the industry.

The dynamic duo behind Phoenix constructions, Barry Marsh and Bob Evennett, has been the driving force in the company’s quick rise to becoming one of north Queensland’s most well-respected and sought after commercial property builders. The two have long been involved in this line of work, having been employees together for roughly twenty years at a similar company. After that company went into liquidation in the early nineties, the two decided to combine forces and strike out on their own, utilising Bob’s twenty five years of building experience and Barry’s strong associations made with numerous engineering and architectural consultants in Townsville. Twenty-so odd years later, and the two are still going strong in the industry, with Bob now handling negotiations and client relationships and Barry heading up the company’s Project Management Team.

Barry Marsh, in a recent interview, credits this strong relationship between he and Bob as the glue which holds all else together. He says, “We’re pretty happy with the way it’s evolved over the years. The partnership works excellent. Bob and I get on very well together; he does his side of things and I do my side of things. And with the staff that we’ve got, we just have to consolidate on that and just keep on doing what we’re doing, because . . . it’s certainly working.”

Indeed, “working” is an understatement. In the past year, Phoenix Constructions has been the recipient of three Master Builders Association Awards, at both the local and state levels. The Precinct won in the retail facilities $4 to $15 million category; 602 Ingham Road won in the Industrial facilities up to $4 million category; and Thuringowa shops won in the retail facilities up to $4 million category. In a recent article for The Bulletin featuring Phoenix Constructions’ wins, Bob Evenett was quoted as saying, “To win in the North Queensland awards is a big achievement in itself, but the state awards pitted us against large and experienced competitors and to come out on top is quite astonishing and immensely satisfying . . . to win in three categories at the state awards in an almost unheard of achievement.”

While these recent awards have been great cause for celebration within the Phoenix team, they are just a few of the many distinctions received by the company year after year. Mr Marsh explains that, while the company culture places a strong emphasis on quality and best practices, its success is really due to a diligent and hard-working staff – “the dedication of the guys that we’ve got working for the company and the sub-contractors that we use. They did all the hard work.”

This truly is indicative of great management, capable of not only selecting the best and the brightest, but also of ensuring that the high level of quality integral to Phoenix Constructions’ reputation continues to be met, with minimal corporate process and policy interference. Says Mr Marsh, “We have a work force and our staff that know what they’re doing and do the work and then we don’t have to worry about it; the business runs itself. It’s the type of people that we’ve got. Our reputation is for hard work and . . . to complete on time. Our reputation is known far and wide here.”

Currently, Phoenix Constructions is at work on a variety of projects that exemplify its unique skill set, including the $3,600,000 Crestbrook Shopping Centre in Mount Louisa; a $2,550,000 Training Facility including office and workshop development on Ingham Road; and the $1,540,000 Castle Hill PCYC Extensions and Refurbishment project in Garbutt. Additionally, Phoenix Constructions is in advanced negotiations on three other shopping centres with a total project estimate of $11 million, an inner city office development with a project estimate of $2.5 million, a small office and warehouse development with a project estimate of $1.3 million, and a number of smaller office refurbishments, all due to commence construction later this year.

For now, the market is rather quiet as a whole. After a season of seemingly unrelenting natural disasters including torrential down-pours, floods and more, the area is mostly trying to regroup and get back on track – a process which can be slow at best as non-essential projects are put on the backburner and the costs of delays rapidly accumulate. In particular, within the construction industry, site preparation has become an issue, with pouring concrete nearly impossible and a slew of other small details adding up to create large problems onsite. This is, and will continue to be, a difficult challenge to face for companies working in the area, but it is one which Barry Marsh feels Phoenix Constructions is well-equipped to handle. He reports: “We probably are in a unique position in that we do have current work and ongoing projects to start, compared to from what I hear around town, quite a lot of people are much quieter.”

Both Bob and Barry plan on continuing forward with this stellar attitude, facing challenges head on and continuing their tradition of high quality services which meet each client’s individual needs. This will include, of course, a focus on retaining more apprentices, who are offered great opportunities for learning and development through company initiatives to improve their skills and grow within the company. It will also mean that the company as a whole will work together to foster strength and quality outcomes. Barry explains that they do not necessarily intend to meet this difficult market with new initiatives and services, but rather to focus on continuing to enhance the company’s core competencies and consolidate its strengths so as to provide its clients the same trusted services as ever before at increasingly high standards of quality.

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