Queensland’s Formwork Specialists

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Over the past 15 years, Bosform Contractors has grown to become one of Australia’s best-known formwork specialists, working on numerous projects in the country’s Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast areas. With a reputation for working closely with builders, Bosform is known for delivering jobs on time and on budget, and is truly “forming South East Queensland,” one building at a time.

Prior to creating Bosform in July of 1995, Director and Owner Romolo Bos worked for his father’s business, Remo Concrete Constructions, one of the Gold Coast’s foremost concrete specialists for over four decades. Romolo branched off as his interest in formwork grew and founded Bosform, a privately-owned, 200-employee strong company that has worked on jobs of all sizes over the years, ranging from highrise and lowrise apartments to shopping centres, water parks, and aquatic centres.

Among the company’s many recent projects is the Energex Building development in Newstead. Bosform provided approximately 74,000 square meters of formwork for the large job, which has the distinction of being the first commercial building in Queensland to receive a Six Star Green Star rating.

Formwork the Size of 28 Soccer Fields

One of Bosform’s largest projects remains the Ephraim Island development, a unique residential island community located on Australia’s Northern Gold Coast. Located just 15 minutes north of Surfers Paradise, and 50 minutes south of Brisbane, the Ephraim Island development remains like no other, located in the midst of the island’s landscaped gardens, sandy beaches and marina.

Providing formwork to the project, Bosform delivered to its client, Mirvac – one of Australia’s leading real estate groups with activities in both the investment and development spectra – a project on budget and on time. At the peak of the project, Bosform had approximately 90 workers (including 10 apprentices) on the site at any one time. The formwork supplied by the company was a combination of environmentally friendly aluminium systems and conventional materials. In total, Bosform constructed approximately 300,000 square metres of formwork over four years working on Ephraim Island, equivalent to 28 full-size soccer fields. Widely recognised for its work with the Ephraim Island project on the Gold Coast, Bosform earned the 2007 Master Builders Trade Contract Winner Award for Formwork.

Massive projects such as these would not be possible without the company’s fleet of machinery and equipment. “We specialize in formwork contracting, steel fabrication, and lifting equipment,” says Bos of the company, which also has its own cranes, manitous, hoists, trucks, and a fleet of semi-trailers. The company’s large formwork facility at Yatala – one of the finest in Australia – incorporates 2,800 square metres of undercover storage, a total storage area of 45,000 square metres, and a boilermaking and precasting yard, enabling Bosform to manufacture its own pre-cast, metal fabrication, formwork shutters, hydraulic formwork, screens, and other materials. Managing so many of its operations in-house, Bosform has the capacity to take on projects of virtually any size and scope.

Over the years, Bosform has been associated with numerous high-profile projects, such as Cutters Landing (Brisbane), Sirrocco (Mooloolabah), the Centro Shopping Centre (Gympie), Reflections Tower 2, the Oceans Apartment Gold Coast, the Energex Building, Waterfront Apartments in Newstead and Tennyson Tennis centre.

Bosform recently completed work on a number of large projects, including the Waterfront Apartments, in Brisbane for Mirvac. The two-residential building project required approximately 80,000 square metres of formwork, comprising of conventional formwork design and the meva deck system. Converting many of the buildings’ vertical components to precast elements not only reduced costs for the clients, but allowed construction to progress at a faster rate.

Fostering Community Development

Bosform and its staff also believe in giving back to the community. “Since 2009, we have been involved heavily with the Mothers Milk Bank,” says Mr Bos, which is a charity committed to providing pasteurised donor mothers’ milk to sick and premature infants whose own mothers’ milk is not available. The company has helped to raise $120,000 for the Mothers Milk Bank. “All the people in Bosform in the workforce got behind it as well.”

In a similar vein, the company’s most recent project aims to support Australia’s medical research industry. The prestigious Translational Research Institute (“TRI”) is located on the site of the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. An extensive, $195 million job constructed jointly with Watpac Construction, the TRI building will be another first for Australia. The eight level Institute will be one of the few sites in the world where new biopharmaceuticals and treatments can not only be discovered, but produced, clinically tested, and manufactured in a one-stop-shop location that exists not for the use of a single commercial entity, but for the benefit of Australia’s entire biopharmaceutical research field.

“The TRI building will be approximately 100,000 square metres of formwork,” says Mr Bos. When completed, the large, eight-storey structure will house four floors of laboratory research space, with additional room for administration, teaching, and research support facilities. Along with the construction of a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing building next to the main TRI structure, the site – located at Queensland’s second-largest hospital – will combine the strengths of over 600 researchers in an environment that blends academic medicine and translational research to minimize the time between a laboratory discovery and its application to the clinic and community. The TRI is set to open in 2012, and the BioPharmaceuticals Australia facility is due to commence manufacturing in 2013. The project is a significant one for Bosform, one which will further its already exceptional record for completing formwork on time and on budget.

Whatever the type of formwork, be it specialised or conventional, Bosform can handle it. Armed with an impressive fleet of vehicles and equipment, and backed by its many skilled employees, the company maintains its well-earned reputation for quality, safety, and innovation.

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