Building Success Through Relationships

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-By Robert Hoshowsky

For a business to be successful in today’s economic climate, it is essential to not only produce quality products each and every time, but to build solid and long-lasting relationships with clients. Working closely with customers and understanding their needs makes good business sense, and the more a construction company knows about the expectations of the customer, the more successful the project.

For the past 16 years, one of the goals of Taylor Construction Group has been to construct not only first-rate structures, but build bonds with its staff, industry partners, clients, and the broader community in a holistic building experience. Since the company was established by Mark Taylor in 1994, the company bearing his name has become much more than a traditional builder who simply works from a set of customer-supplied drawings. “We like to get involved with the client – certainly in the early stages of design – so that we can input our experience and our expertise in building, and provide some buildability solutions and ideas,” says Shane Strong, Business Development Manager for Taylor Construction Group.

Growth and Success

In the five years he has been with the company, Mr Strong has seen the organisation grow substantially. The privately-owned business has increased its staff in the past year, now standing at 75 full-time employees. Taylor’s growth and ongoing success has much to do with how the firm treats its many clients. “In terms of relationships, it is really trying to understand their commercial objectives for the project, what their thinking is, and build accordingly,” comments Mr Strong. “We look at the design, and come up with the best solution that will meet their needs and wants, not just the budget, to provide them with the building they want.”

Able to take on projects in the range of $1 million to $50 million – with many of them $10 million and up – the Taylor Construction Group’s relationship-building attitude and professionalism have earned it a host of top-tier clients, including Integral Energy, Woolworths Limited, the Catholic Education Office, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen. No matter the client or size of the project, Taylor has earned a reputation for delivering quality results on time, and on budget. In some cases, new constructions are completed ahead of schedule, like the recently-built 30,000 square metre Kotara Homemaker Centre bulky goods facility.

“We completed that three months ahead of schedule,” comments Mr Strong. Even in the face of significant delays due to weather and other factors, Taylor Construction Group worked closely with the client, and accelerated the project so it could be ready in time for this past holiday season, enabling retailers to take advantage of trade weeks prior to Christmas. “For us to get it opened in time was a key thing, and we knew that was what the client wanted, and we achieved what they wanted.”

The $28 million project serves as an example reflecting Taylor’s commitment to its clients. The Kotara Homemaker Centre – the third bulky goods project Taylor has constructed for BB Retail Capital – remains much more than a large structure. Set on a four-hectare site, the Centre features 22 individual units, with six of them fitted-out by Taylor. The Centre, which includes parking for over 500, required significant road works, including an upgrade to four intersections and a new access bridge. To minimise costs to the client, Taylor’s design and construct team assisted in proposing a redesign of the structure, including the use of a hybrid system of composite precast panels, along with tilt-up construction. These and other initiatives helped to reduce the amount of time needed to complete the project, and enabled Taylor Construction Group to deliver the job to the client well ahead of schedule.

From Start to Finish

By offering a full range of construction projects in a variety of areas, Taylor has the capabilities to take on projects in commercial, retail, education, aged care, and motor showroom sectors, and to see them through from start to finish. From estimating to contract negotiation, tender documentation and design management to construction management, Taylor has the experience necessary to ensure satisfaction for all its clients. This emphasis on customer satisfaction dates back to the company’s genesis. Says Mr Strong, “[Founder Mark Taylor] was always led to believe that if you can’t build, you can’t manage, so he always had a pretty hands-on involvement in the company.”

Recently, Taylor Construction Group won a prestigious Master Builders award for its work on Marshalls Motors new showroom in Parramatta, NSW. In addition to creating a luxurious and spacious motor vehicle showroom that reflects the quality of the Mercedes-Benz line, the firm built mezzanine office space, outdoor display space for pre-owned vehicles, lower ground service and workshop facilities, underground car parking, and a podium. Valued at $10.1 million, the showroom’s craftsmanship is truly state of the art, featuring design elements like contemporary lighting, floor to ceiling frameless glass panels, polished timber floors, exposed steel trusses, precast concrete wall panels, and suspended concrete platforms. All these features serve to create a display area that is not only expansive, but reflective of discerning taste and sophistication. In many ways, how a motor showroom looks is as important as the product the dealer is selling. “We’ve certainly done quite a few of them,” says Mr Strong, “and without pigeonholing ourselves, motor showrooms is an area where a lot of people know us, and they know that we do them well.” The type of finishes and lighting effects are particularly important, since the showroom floor is essentially the salesman’s stage. “When you’re selling Mercedes and Land Rover and those kinds of vehicles, it’s got to be right. The people who are buying those types of cars are expecting the best, and it has to be built right.”

At the present time, the company has approximately 15 projects underway, with a combined value of over $100 million. They range from the $30 million Atlas Norwest – a massive new commercial complex under construction at the gateway to Norwest Business Park – to Bupa Bankstown, a $19 million, 144 bed aged care facility featuring administration areas, superior quality residential suites with balcony terraces, and amenities like laundry, catering facilities, day spa, hair salon, cafe, and basement car parking. These and other ongoing projects, like the $10 million, four-level Inaburra School, will eventually serve very different functions, yet remain the result of careful craftsmanship, and a passion for building nothing but the best.

Aside from a commitment to its clients, the Taylor Construction Group has a number of management systems in place to help ensure solid work from start to finish. The company’s directors and staff share a business model which respects the environment, provides an exceptional workplace, and offers consistent, quality service to clients. In addition, the company’s quality assurance system has been certified to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems, which provides a comprehensive framework designed to ensure that the company delivers upon its commitment, no matter the size or scope of the project.

“We are a relationship-based organisation,” says Mr Strong. “We have the skilled people to deliver projects, and we’re a growing company. We are looking to grow each year.”

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