Passionate People Achieving Extraordinary Results

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-By Aleisha Parr

Cementing its entry into Western Australia and the Northern Territory through its latest expansion strategy, National Buildplan Group is celebrating its listing as #95 in Cordell’s Top 100 Largest Commercial Construction Companies for 2009-2010.

“What is important about the top 100 is not the list, it is the challenges, standards and expectations,” reports Bill Wheeler in his recent Buildplan Bulletin CEO Report, “it is all the small achievements and processes that combine to allow us to operate on the field with our peers. The recent demonstration of the effectiveness of co-operation and teamwork is plainly evident by the performance displayed in estimating and marketing across the states that resulted in more than $28m of tenders won in the last 6 weeks. The quality of the submissions, alternatives and presentations has been outstanding. It is immensely satisfying to see the results of great teams working together and striving to represent and promote the company in the best possible way.”

The dedication, passion and expertise of the teams at work for Buildplan have helped boost the company’s strong reputation – resulting in four prestigious MBA awards over the last two years. In its company profile, Buildplan emphasises its commitment to building “true relationships”, developing teams of enthusiastic professionals and consistently exceeding expected levels of service. “True relationships”, as defined by Buildplan, are developed and maintained through understanding, commitment, integrity, communication and performance. Buildplan believes that strong internal relationships create rewarding operating environments, thereby ensuring that true relationships are developed with each client, service provider or supplier. This, in turn, provides a framework for efficient procurement, construction and maintenance of projects across all sectors.

Says Corporate Services Manager, Michael Rayment, “attention to planning and implementation have resulted not only in superior outcomes for the client and the company but have also provided a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement for the Buildplan staff involved.” Indeed, the Buildplan staff members have many supports in place through the company, including structured training, rewarding career paths and an environment conducive to ensuring that they feel appreciated and are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a recent interview, Bill Wheeler stated his feelings that “the company’s purpose [is] to provide a suitable return in relation to risk and capital invested; it has a responsibility to provide a pleasant, challenging but rewarding environment for company employees, opportunity for individual growth, and to be a responsible contributor to the communities in which we work and live.”

As a nationally prominent construction company operating within the residential, civil, mining, commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors, Buildplan draws on the passion and experience of its staff to ensure that every project is given due attention to achieve successful completion. To this end, Buildplan maintains that each and every project undertaken by its team is done so not only because it is able to ensure the team has the relevant expertise to complete the job, but additionally, that it is a project which the team – and company as a whole – is passionate about.

This level of passion – and its high quality results – can be seen in Buildplan’s recent work on the new MBA Award-winning Lismore Integrated Cancer Care Centre, worth $17m. Buildplan was appointed in November 2008 to design and construct the four level 4500m2 North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI) Lismore Cancer Care and Haematology Unit within the existing grounds of the Lismore Base Hospital. Not only did this project provide Buildplan with the opportunity to develop innovative construction processes (such as the construction of concrete walls up to 2.4m thick to provide radiation shielding from the linear accelerator), but it also allowed the company to assist in ensuring the delivery of increased health services to the Northern Rivers communities and its surrounding regions.

“Recent feedback from Kevin Plummer (DOC) in relation to the Lismore Hospital was that in his time with the Commerce it was one of the best quality buildings he had received,” boasts Mr Wheeler. “The handover process and the assistance given to the client during the initial phases of their occupation was impressive.”

The new building, using stunning high-end finishes, provides a relaxed, non-clinical experience for both patients and staff with the creation of an innovative Atrium in the centre of the building, allowing a wash of natural light. At the same time, the building’s exterior design was developed with a mind to integrate it into the pre-existing surroundings. As with many modern hospital designs, Buildplan employed such techniques as texture coated concrete, alucobond and vitrepanel pre-finished cladding, extensive glazing, sun shading, and glazed and face brickwork.

“Results, awards and testimonials like those we received for Lismore and Coffs Harbour is why we keep doing it” remarks Bill Wheeler in his CEO report, “sometimes we need to reflect on our achievements and look at the progress we are making whilst competing in an extremely competitive market.”

With over twenty years of industry experience across a broad array of construction sectors throughout Australia, National Buildplan Group has demonstrated the necessary drive and expertise required to continue growth across the Asia Pacific region.

Buildplan’s presence across NSW includes its head office in North Sydney, with four satellite offices strategically located in growth corridors to enable the company to service all sectors. Additionally, Buildplan has offices in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in QLD, and has established itself as a premier construction company within the region.

Pre-qualification as an NSW Department of Commerce Best Practice Contractor and a QLD Level 3 Pre-Qualified Contractor have helped provide Builplan with a platform from which it based its recently successful expansion into Western Australia. As Western Australia continues to offer enormous opportunity within the resource sector, Buildplan works to capitalise on its current staff experience within the resource sectors and the provision of infrastructure and support services. Buildplan’s natural growth into Western Australia and Northern Territory has served to ensure the diverse company’s success in achieving recognition as a nationally relevant construction company. Boasts the Buildplan website, “Our success is based on continually providing quality outcomes on behalf of our clients across a range of construction sectors.”

With the increased appetite of international markets for Australia’s natural resources, and the emergence of Asia Pacific economies, Buildplan’s entry into the resource sector is considered timely. “We are passionate about continuous improvement, being first to market with innovation, and the development of a company that is nationally relevant . . .” As National Buildplan Group continues its growth across the region, it leaves in its wake a series of exceptional builds and very happy clients – clearly the result of passionate people working on meaningful projects.

Concludes Bill Wheeler, in his CEO report closing remarks, “As we continue our journey I will be encouraging the Executive to review our performance not only in relation to financial issues, but also to consolidate the recent discussion that will continue to improve our working environment and our contribution to our communities in which we work and live.”

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