The Natural Artistry of a Million Years

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-By Aleisha Parr

As we move into this next era of design and creation, construction and design firms are challenged not only to continually improve the quality of work but also to enhance the relevance of the design. In many cases, the trend has leaned toward innovative and modern design elements, providing the futuristic minimalist feel of progress – but many still prefer the traditional elements and styles honoured by the classics. One company – Gosford Quarries – is not only able to provide designers and builders with both of these options, but also prides itself on its original designs suited to any taste that will last for years to come.

Since its inception in 1922, Gosford Quarries has been widely recognised for its unrivalled sandstone production and expertise in all areas of quarrying, processing and supply for construction, landscaping, commercial and conservation markets. With a total holding of seven dedicated quarries, each offering its own unique history and beauty to the product, it’s no wonder that Gosford is a leader in the field of high quality sandstone products.

What truly sets Gosford Quarries apart, however, is the supreme attention to detail that each and every sandstone piece is afforded throughout the process of development from raw sandstone to beautifully finished product. While the sandstone is typically machine cut, utilising progressive technology, most of the pieces are then hand-crafted to ensure that the raw material is best celebrated through every facet, cut and curve. One can tell by looking at some of Gosford Quarries’ completed projects throughout Australia that you are looking not merely at an impressive construction, but rather, a work of living art. In fact, cognisant of the evolving beauty of sandstone as it interacts with the elements and with time, the Gosford Quarries designers take special care to consider the life of the material as an integral design element.

Appreciating the durability and unique qualities of Gosford’s sandstone, many companies across a variety of sectors have sought out these products for use on major new construction and restoration projects. In a way, Gosford’s sandstone can be seen as an emblem of Australia’s natural beauty and strength, with its application seen on such prestigious buildings as the Commemorative Museum of Sydney and the Governor Phillip Tower, also in Sydney. Both of these projects have garnered international architectural awards for the company, recognition of the craftsmanship and innovative design that went into their creation.

Most recently, Gosford Quarries has supplied sandstone for the restoration of the St. Mary’s Cathedral Spires and for an exciting new sculpture in the works in Sydney. From the ornately carved tracery stones of the cathedral, to the extravagant artistic work put forth for the large sculpture, Gosford Quarries’ trade workers excel in both delivery and dedication.

In addition to its restoration and commercial work, Gosford Quarries is considered to be Australia’s premier sandstone supplier for the retail market, offering a stunning selection of interior and exterior domestic products including feature walls, paving and pool surrounds, water features and individual art pieces. Gosford Quarries services these markets through its distribution centres in Sydney, Somersby, Melbourne and Brisbane. Again, many iconic buildings of Australia have taken advantage of this premium product, including the War Memorial Buildings in Canberra, the Hilton Hotel Elliptical Columns in George St, Sydney, the Star City Casino in Sydney, and St. John’s College.

As Australia’s largest sandstone producer and “dimension stone” company, Gosford Quarries is eager to continue its growth on an international scale. Currently, it is exporting its product to the United States, China, the Middle East, Taiwan, South East Asia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the South Pacific – exports which represent a growing percentage of Gosford Quarries’ total turnover. Recently, Gosford Quarries’ supplied sandstone for internal claddings to the prestigious Al Awadi Shopping Mall in Kuwait.

A product whose genesis began millions of years ago, as sedimentary deposits were laid down and quartz particles bonded together, Australian Sandstone is a unique and spectacular natural construction material. Through its range of textures and colour variations and the multitude of applications it can be used for, it is, indeed, an exciting product to represent Australia on the national stage. It is difficult to think of another company better suited to do just that than the dedicated craftsmen and artisans at Gosford Quarries, who quarry the product through a 100% natural process, administering time-honoured techniques to accentuate its natural beauty. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than that is to witness the history revealed through the medium in one of its many iconic applications currently on display throughout Australia.

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