Turning Dreams Into Reality

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For many of us, the thought of walking out onto our balcony and overlooking the ocean, mountains, waterfall, or any one of Mother Nature’s wonders is a dream come true. As incredible as it may seem, one Australian-based property development company is making this dream a reality, with new homeowners being as close as possible to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

One of the best-known natural wonders remains Australia’s magnificent Great Barrier Reef. A natural habitat to thousands of species of plants and animals, it is the largest reef system in the world, spanning more than 2,000 km’s along the northeastern coast of Australia. The only living thing on Earth visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is bigger than the Great Wall of China, and offers breathtaking views of turquoise water and shimmering beaches.

Until recently, the prospect of actually living near this magnificent natural wonder remained a dream, but one Australian-based private property development company is turning it into a reality.

Founded in 1997, Meridien Property Developments is unlike many other companies, and deliver projects to the market that are, unique, innovative, and in many cases, quite extraordinary, like the Port of Airlie. Many developers can claim their properties are one of a kind, yet this coastal paradise project is truly unusual, and when completed, will be the result of over a decade’s worth of careful planning and top-notch construction.

The Port of Airlie

With the goal to create a unique, world-class marina residential resort, Meridien is on schedule for what will be one of the finest coastal destinations in Australia. Once finished, the Port of Airlie will boast 365 waterfront apartments, two state of the art hotels, a world-class marina, heliport, exclusive shops and restaurants, and much more.

“For a project that’s come to fruition, it’s been 10 years in the making,” says John Warlow, Development Director for Meridien. Because of its location close to the Great Barrier Reef, the Port of Airlie has required a good deal of environmental assessment to protect the delicate ecosystem, water, and wildlife. “The environmental approval process wasn’t easy, but certainly it was given some focus,” says Warlow. “We’ve had an independent environmental auditing process in place, which was part of the approval conditions, and that independent environmental auditing process has given us a scorecard of 95 per cent plus. That’s not bad, considering we’re working in a tidal zone, and it’s a World Heritage area.”

With much of the bulk civil works completed, including internal roads and services, the project is moving forward on schedule. “The stages moving forward will see the buildings designed, marketed, completed, and settled on the land portion, and the construction and actual floating marina on the water portion,” says Warlow of the project, which will be due for settlement in November-December of this year.

The engineering design of the Port of Airlie is totally man-made, and the entire development was formed on reclaimed land from below the watermark. Using marine grade sheet piles imported from Belgium to isolate the site, Meridien turned over an astonishing one million cubic metres of material, allowing them to excavate 21 metres below sea level. The Port of Airlie’s man-made 240 metre long Boathaven beach is comprised of 60,000 cubic metres of white sand imported from North Queensland.

“It looks like an actual beach,” says Warlow. “It’s a very unique thing that we’ve done there.”

Once completed, the Port of Airlie will feature 15 of the world’s best waterfront homes, 300 designer apartments, two state of the art hotels, and over 240 wet berths with full support mechanical, boat stackers, and travel lifts.

Prior to coming on board as Development Director specifically for the Port of Airlie project, Warlow worked for a number of years in property development, land subdivision, commercial construction, and other areas. The Port of Airlie is a prime example of the unique nature of the projects created by Meridien. Working across many industry segments for the past 13 years, Meridien Property Developments has expertise in areas including retirement living, marinas, student accommodation, and funds management. With a core staff of about 50 including project managers, development managers and administration, the company concentrates their efforts on unique projects.

“We shy away from the mainstream development stuff,” says Warlow.

Unique Locations

Always with an eye out for unique properties, Meridien has created tasteful, sophisticated and upscale developments and five-star apartments in locations as varied as the inner city to secluded Islands. Some, like Bright Point, are located a mere four metres from the ocean, featuring spectacular views. Others, like The Village, capture the cosmopolitan buzz of Brisbane. Marrying the best in modern apartment living and retail development, the $25 million, 62 apartment project is located in the heart of many shops and other commercial enterprises. The company’s five business units allow them to create unique property-based projects across multiple industry segments.

In addition to apartments and hotels, Meridien owns and operates UniLodge, Australia’s largest provider of student accommodation. Strategically located on campuses, or close to universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Auckland, UniLodge locations enable student to spend less time traveling, with more time for study and social life. All student apartments are modern, featuring security, top notch facilities, and fully trained multilingual staff.

In the Industrial sector, Meridien continue to create quality developments, such as extensive industrial space at Horizon Shores. Set to grow to 30,000 square metres, the project will provide everyone from boaters to business operators a spacious, secure place to carry out their commercial ventures.

Active in other areas of property development throughout Queensland and beyond, Meridien uses their high level of expertise to identify, pinpoint, and develop desirable locations for a variety of purposes from student apartments to luxury penthouses, and retail projects to industrial space.

Quality Retirement Living

Offering the finest in quality and service extends to other Meridien projects as well. Meridien Retirement offers high-class facilities in a variety of locations, from seaside to city. By offering resort-style living, residents are able to enjoy a variety of activities and amenities, including country clubs, pools, BBQ areas, libraries, and courtesy buses, enabling them plenty of opportunity to socialize with friends and family. And like many Meridien projects, these facilities have received awards from the prestigious Housing Industry Association, and other organizations for their quality and innovative work.

Active in other areas, Meridien is also behind retail developments like The Miro, and marinas, which are benefitting projects like the Port of Airlie. A part owner of the company, Meridien Marinas is a privately-owned group that deliver products to the market that are distinctive and of the finest quality. Committed to operating the best marinas in Australia, Meridien is focused on creating developments that establish new world standards in marina design and operations.

From luxury developments on the doorstep to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef to chic urban apartments in the heart of Brisbane, Meridien Property Developments will be developing unique projects for discerning clients for many years to come.

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