Holistic Success

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-By Aleisha Parr

Building on the success wrought from a strong private sector background in the construction and building industry throughout Queensland, Matrix has endeavoured to balance its workbook with an increased attention on public sector projects. With a proven track record of delivery – on time and to cost – further enhanced by its attention to high quality detail work and impeccable safety standards, Matrix’s success in both fields has been almost guaranteed.

With a range of pre-construction, construction and post-construction services, Matrix excels in providing holistic and well-rounded construction solutions. “Our proven method of service to and beyond final completion ensures a smooth transition from construction to operation and maintenance of an asset.”

In response to the strong demand in and around Queensland’s regional centre for in-fill development, Matrix has recently been involved in numerous projects in both the Brownfield and Greenfield sites, establishing a strong reputation for itself for the quality of development and construction work it has provided. This has encompassed projects including Kelvin Grove Urban Village ($69 million), Reflection Tower One and Two ($110 million), Viridian at Noosa ($115 million) and Gateway on Palmer ($38 million). Matrix’s complete services from design through to development were perfectly utilised on these projects, due to the size and scope of each.

Preferring to be involved in each project it undertakes from the commencement, Matrix utilises collaborative processes throughout the design phase to allow for input from all parties involved. The purpose of this is to ensure that trade-level feasibility and value added solutions are integrated from the start of the project, minimising cost and maximising value for the client. Matrix firmly believes that money spent up-front by clients in achieving the proper concept will return savings far in excess of its cost.

“At Matrix we believe ultimate value for our clients lies in a fully utilised asset which has been delivered at the optimum cost, in an efficient period of time. For us, value management is not about cost cutting, but optimising the relationship between the value and cost of the asset. Our vast experience in pre-construction services enables us to create innovative project solutions at an early stage.”

“There are a variety of ways we can manage value, but the most important step is getting the right people in the room together to collaborate on the possibilities.”

At Matrix, the focus is on the team while also recognising each individual for the unique talents and experience he brings to the table. Many of Matrix’s employees have past experience working on a wide variety of projects from a range of government departments and agencies, experience which can be invaluable to the Matrix team as a whole.

While many of Matrix’s team members have joined the company after working for a wide variety of other firms or organisations, several of Matrix’s key leaders including Foremen and Site Managers have been with Matrix from the beginning, rising up through its structured apprentice program. Matrix has always been a proponent of the idea that the best managers come from within an organisation, and so has created its apprenticeship program to engage its workers in career-building opportunities while also enhancing the strength of its own team.

“Just like all Matrix team members, progress, learning and opportunities are determined by the individual themselves. Effort, attitude and abilities all provide a strong impression – if an apprentice demonstrates they are the best person for an upcoming project, every effort will be made to match them to the opportunity while meeting apprenticeship training requirements.”

In keeping with its holistic approach to the construction industry, Matrix’s supportive nature spreads far beyond its own staff and out into the communities across Queensland where it operates. For example, Matrix has always contributed a percentage of its annual profits to charitable organisations and foundations. Further, Matrix has developed relationships with organisations such as the Cancer Council Queensland, Hear & Say Centre, Operation Smile, and Make a Wish Foundation.

“We believe it is important to be involved in our local community and actively encourage Matrix staff to participate in fundraising activities. Our staff thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to give back and are dedicated to supporting local charity initiatives.”

Matrix also offers opportunities within its own company, such as training and employment for indigenous Australians on construction projects in Regional North Queensland and has developed protocols and procedures to engage all relevant stakeholders at an early stage of each project’s development. Matrix recognises the importance of involving established regional community and support organisations in the development of opportunities to ensure a high level of take-up. This enables the identification and implementation of targeted opportunities rather than a “˜one size fits all’ approach, which Matrix feels often fails to meet the community requirements. As its website boasts, Matrix seeks to “leave a lasting legacy of construction-trained people and good levels of local employment within the communities in which we work.”

Eager to embrace the latest environmental attitudes and approaches, Matrix is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, and over seventy-five percent of its Management team are Green Star Accredited Professionals. The Matrix team is proud to have recently delivered several Green Star Projects including the prestigious 5-Star Green Star Rated Wesley House. Throughout every project, the company works to identify opportunities to manage and reduce the impact of construction operations, including reducing energy and water usage and waste production. Additionally, Matrix actively seeks out smarter ways of incorporating energy management into an asset’s life beyond project completion, thereby offering a cost reduction to its clients while also becoming more energy efficient.

Matrix’s success can be seen not only in its completed projects and numerous repeat clients, but also in its strength at the Queensland Master Builders’ Association Awards, where it has won over forty awards in a variety of categories including the Project of the Year Award in two consecutive years. Drawing strength from its team and building upon each success, Matrix is able to meet each of its clients’ projects with a thorough understanding of the plan and a solid undertaking of the construction.

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