Building A Strong Support System

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In any enduring company, a strong network of relationships is critical. Satisfied clients and repeat customers form the backbone of success, while strong industry partnerships can also play a crucial role in enabling companies to meet their objectives. While many construction firms recognize the significant role played by the former, Gay Constructions Pty Ltd takes a unique approach in its acknowledgment of the latter; buoyed by a solid network of partners across the industry, Gay has the capacity to take on challenging and complex projects and the expertise to see them through. Combining this approach with cutting-edge technology and true customer service has made Gay Constructions a leader in its field for over fifty years.

Specializing in the steel fabrication, engineering and construction industry, Gay Constructions Pty Ltd was established in 1955 by founder Patrick Gay. A mechanical and electrical engineer, Mr. Gay was successful in assembling a small, dedicated team into what became, by the end of the 1960s, one of the state’s major players in steel fabrication. With staff numbering over 100, Gay Constructions was able to take on large-scale tasks, including shopping centers and major mining industry projects. Exemplifying the motto “Undertake and Perform”, Gay Constructions espoused a “can do” philosophy; once committing itself to a project – often for some of Australia’s and the world’s largest and most successful companies – Gay Constructions could be counted on to see its commitment through. The company quickly established itself as a firm which could live up to its promise.

This philosophy continues to underpin Gay’s operations to this day. Open to even the most challenging projects, Gay Constructions combines a strong customer focus with technological innovation to produce top-quality results. Brett Mathieson, Gay Constructions’ General Manager, describes the company as “at the forefront of adopting new technology, new products and new opportunities”; such innovations range from leading-edge software, to sensitive environmental initiatives, to a progressive quality management system. This drive to constantly improve itself has kept Gay at the top of its game and opened the company up to opportunities from a broad spectrum of markets. Working largely with private sector clients in areas ranging from commercial, to architectural, to mining, to infrastructure development, Gay Constructions itself carries much of the risk associated with projects; rather than shying away from this challenge, the company embraces complex tasks and fully backs its work.

One such significant project was the Hamilton Island Yacht Club. Described by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh as the “Opera House of North Queensland”, Gay’s work on the project has been shortlisted in several categories of the ASI Queensland Steel Awards this year. Dubbed an “architectural masterpiece where architecture and engineering collide”, the yacht club features a distinctive copper roof, cantilevered terraces, and a truly Australian style. Mr. Mathieson recalls how gratifying it was to work with celebrated architect Walter Barda and the engineering team to realize Mr. Barda’s vision and translate it into a practical and workable structure. In the coming years, the yacht club is sure to become a distinctive feature of the Queensland landscape.

Another challenging yet exciting project in the works for Gay is the commercial high rise under construction at Brisbane’s 111 Eagle Street. Working with Cox Rayner Architects, head contractors Leighton Contractors Pty Limited, and developer General Property Trust, Mr. Mathieson describes the building as “iconic” and says that the work is coming together very well. Plans for the building are not only architecturally stunning, but are aiming for a 6 star Green Star rating, with significant energy and water savings provided through a number of green innovations. Construction on the high rise is expected to be completed in mid-2011.

Of course, no description of Gay Constructions’ work would be complete without highlighting the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, a 2007 Structural Engineering Steel Design Award Winner; and the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre located in Broadbeach. Gay has also made key contributions to Australia’s mining sector, as evidenced by the company’s work on the Airly Coal Development Project. Please see sidebar for more details on these high-profile projects.

Part of what gives Gay Constructions the fortitude to bid and deliver on these demanding assignments is its strong network of industry partners, affiliated companies, and qualified sub-contractors. These affiliations allow for consistent, time-sensitive, quality production and enable Gay to draw from a wide range of skill sets and expertise. The company seeks to build strong relationships with members along its entire supply chain; Mr. Mathieson describes this policy as critical to Gay’s success, as it provides the company with a very high quality and professional pool of suppliers. Mr. Mathieson speaks equally highly of Gay Constructions’ core workforce. The company continues to directly employ about 100 individuals, and during the global financial crisis it has made it a priority to retain as many of these workers as possible, weathering the storm better than many of its contemporaries.

Such a strong and reliable workforce has enabled Gay Constructions to consistently deliver quality work on time and on budget, and these achievements have been repeatedly recognized in the industry. In 2006, the Rolleston Coal Stacker project picked up the ASI Queensland Structural Engineering Steel Design Award. A joint effort with Connell Hatch and Monadelphous in which Gay provided its expertise in steel fabrication, the project has been described as innovative and efficient, highlighting both value and a high level of technical skill. Gay has also received High Commendations and recognitions of its safety practices from industry partners on several occasions.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Gay Constructions constantly seeks out new ways to bring modern innovations into its work. The company not only embraces new technology and software, but aims to be an industry leader in bringing Green Star environmental initiatives to new constructions. At every opportunity, Gay seeks both to utilize recycled steel and to use fewer overall tonnes, reducing both cost and environmental impact. The company also coordinates with designers to incorporate solar technology into new buildings. With an eye toward ecological sustainability, Gay has truly established itself as the modern go-to company for steel fabrication services.

If strong relationships indeed form the backbone of success, then watch for Gay Constructions Pty Ltd to endure for many years to come. Its long-standing history and proven track record of quality and safety have given the company a true competitive advantage in the market. Gay’s strong network of partners and in-house professionals has the capacity to consistently produce the entire package. It is for this reason that time and time again, its clients continue to turn to Gay Constructions to meet their most challenging and complex construction needs.

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