Working Smarter

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In life, as in business, there is an old expression that says “it is better to work smarter, not harder”. When it comes to the many areas involved in civil contracting – such as bulk earthworks, mining, rehabilitation, and road-building – working smarter not only saves companies and their clients time and money, it often makes projects run much more safely, efficiently and on schedule. Few firms realise this more than Carr Civil Contracting Pty Ltd.

An award-winning firm, Carr Civil Contracting was established in 2002. In just a few years the Karratha-based company has built a solid reputation as one of the finest operations servicing the Murchison, Gascoyne, Pilbara, and Kimberley regions. Established following the purchase of Colin Carr Earthmoving and Plant Hire – which had been operating in the Pilbara region since 1986 – the company continues to expand its staff and services to this day, yet maintains close, personal contact with their many long-time repeat customers.

“There were five full-time employees when the company was purchased and a limited customer base” says Michael Librizzi, General Manager- Business Development for Carr Civil Contracting (who in 2008 was the winner of the Telstra Western Australian Panasonic Australia Medium Business Award). “Since then, we’ve managed to grow the business, and now employ 120 plus people and service a diverse customer base across the mining, oil and gas, public and private sectors”.

As one of the largest locally-based companies in Karratha, the privately-owned Carr Civil Contracting provides an Integrated Civil Solution which aids in the firm’s growth and ability to provide safe, high-quality work. The company is able to offer their clients a wide range of professional contracting solutions from a locally based network of offices and depots, including bulk earthworks, subdivisions and roads, specialised haulage (MRWA accreditation), transportation of controlled waste, civil construction, demolition work, mining, project management and much more. All services are efficiently managed, streamlined and work in unison for the benefit of their clients.

“Internally, we have haulage, specialised concrete and earthworks divisions but we all work closely together” says Librizzi. “We’re not separate as such, we all operate from the same office, are constantly in contact with each other and all divisions promote the in house capabilities of our three core services: haulage, concrete and earthworks.”

With a solid reputation for safe and effective production techniques, Carr Civil Contracting strives to offer their clients in mining, the private sector, local authorities and federal and state government agencies smart, low-cost solutions for their civil contracting needs. With an experienced workforce of civil engineers, construction managers, project supervisors backed by professional administrative, maintenance and safety teams, Carr has adopted a relatively “flat” structure as its preferred method of operation. This enables them to provide professional, efficient services to their clients while keeping costs to a minimum.

“One of our many strengths comes from the integrated nature of the services that we provide,” says Librizzi. “From our Managing Director downwards, our key staff are all living in Karratha and therefore we have the ability to be fluid in our decision-making. We offer our clients a 24/7 service. The mines, the rails and ports operate around the clock and we are there to support them in the event that something does fail. With our people, we’ve got a lot of experienced personnel living locally, and can provide a solution to our clients very quickly.”

Addressing Needs Quickly and Efficiently

By being close to their clients, Carr Civil Contracting is able to quickly and efficiently provide them with solution to their civil contracting concerns. In addition to serving clients in Karratha, the company has undertaken jobs in numerous locations across the state including Port Hedland, Barrow Island, Derby, Perth, Wiluna, Onslow, Paraburdoo and Newman.

No matter the area, Carr Civil has the expertise and the equipment to tackle a wide range of civil contracting works, with specific expertise in the manufacture of road and heavy vehicle pavements, cartage of bulk materials, and integrated civil solutions such as concrete, cutting and coring services. As a result, the company is able to provide comprehensive civil and mining packages to their clients.

For their many clients who own and operate mines, Carr Civil Contracting has developed solutions that are not only practical to the mining industry, but are cost-effective, safe and environmentally focused.

“We elect to work in that industry. The environment is not only a priority focus of the mining industry but the entire community as a whole” says Librizzi. “Our quality, safety and environmental systems are all third-party accredited. The way we work and the way we educate our people complies to our client’s requirements. This is driven from the top down by our Managing Director. It is an ongoing process of continual improvement. We have to constantly upgrade our skills, update our knowledge on statutory requirements and be innovative in the way that we provide a safe and environmentally-focused workplace.”

Some of the many site works undertaken in the mining sector by Carr Civil Contracting include overburden stripping and removal, specialised material haulage, rehabilitation of mining areas, environmental clean ups, road and tailings dam construction. In addition, the company is able to undertake many other types of work within their other civil divisions including the installation of culverts, water mains, drainage systems, concrete construction, levee bank construction and sea walls/breakwater construction.

Carr Civil has not only the skilled staff, but also the machinery necessary to take on large projects. Some of the company’s many successful projects over the years include the EDL Gas Facility at Maitland Estate, the 7 Mile Power Station (Karratha) and the rebuilding of Dampier Salt sea walls, levees and intakes in Karratha and Port Hedland. Able to work in remote areas of the Pilbara, Carr has undertaken works on a number of green field and brown field projects inclusive of Brockman 4 Expansion, RTIO Dampier Port Upgrade 1 & 2, Cape Lambert Upgrades and work associated with the construction of the Cape Preston Iron Ore Mine and Devils Creek Gas Plant.

Hiring Local

“Working in the Pilbara can be difficult because of the accommodation shortages, the access to skilled staff, the remoteness and the logistics involved in coordinating projects,” says Librizzi. The majority of the projects the company completes range from three to six months in duration, although some larger projects have taken in excess of 12 months to complete. As part of their local commitment Carr offers indigenous traineeships and apprenticeship opportunities and displays a commitment to local indigenous business by engaging their services to support Carr project sites.

“We do a lot of work in the community that is recognized by some of our key clients,” says Librizzi. “We are a community-focused company and provide business and employment opportunities to Indigenous and non Indigenous companies as well as supporting local sporting teams, community events and school based programs”

Placing a great value on all their employees from apprentices to long-term employees working in the field to those in administration at the company’s office, Carr emphasises a safe, enjoyable and stable work environment. By fostering youth training and encouraging employees to better themselves, Carr Civil Contracting is ideally placed to be able to provide quality, streamlined and efficient service to their clients.

“We are a company that is growing and we’ve faced a lot of challenges during that growth period,” says Librizzi. “We remain committed to the local community and local employment opportunities. We provide a 24/7 service to our clients of an integrated nature and are focused on safety, quality and the environment”

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