February 21, 2017, 2:02 PM AEDT

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Designed to be Seen and not Heard »

They look as good as they sound – contemporary acoustic solutions lead with cutting-edge aesthetics while meeting strict functional requirements...

Modern Acoustic Management

Good for Business »

Across the United States, there are an estimated 9,813,000 construction workers. Of this total, approximately 872,000 – or 8.9 per cent – are women. A growing industry worldwide, construction accounts for nine per cent of the entire workforce in Australia, employing about a million people. And although women make up about twelve per cent of workers in the sector, this still represents a small

Women in Construction

Mind the Gap »

With historically low interest rates and a gradual economic recovery being experienced worldwide following the financial crisis of 2008, the construction industry is booming in most countries around the world. In Australia, for example, the Department of Employment projects that employment in the construction industry will grow by 9.3 per cent by November 2018...

Closing the Skills Gap in Australia’s Construction Industry

Working Safe, Working Smart »

When we set off to work first thing in the morning, most of us already have our day planned in advance. Unless something unusual comes up, like a last-minute deadline, we can anticipate how many hours we will be at our job, and what time we will return. Tragically, in some industries, not everyone makes it home on time, if at all.

Construction Site Safety

Harmonising Nature and the Built Environment »

Building design has evolved over time, using a variety of materials and resources to meet the builder’s demands. The materials have evolved as well, with engineers, architects, and scientists using innovation to improve their application and overall efficiency, driving development in residential, commercial and industrial construction.


Adelaide’s Architectural Icon »

A mesmerising new building shimmers above Adelaide’s River Torrens. Called everything from the spaceship and the prickly pear to the cheese grater and the pine cone, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is anything but ordinary.

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Innovation in Construction »

The resource boom in Australia has had far-reaching impacts on other industries, including the construction sector. As a direct result of the boom, there was an enormous inflow of international capital, foreign investments, skilled migrant labour – as well as its associated expertise – and new materials and applications. All factors have had a role in shaping Australia’s growth and developme

Building up Ideas and Constructing Results

Building Clients for Life »

The APS Group has clients covered from the cradle to the grave. “Our company motto is ‘client for life,’” says Director Tony Schnaars.

APS Group

Decades of New Home Expertise »

For over 30 years, family-owned Lodge Construction & Building has maintained its success by making the building process as straightforward as possible for its clients.

Lodge Construction & Building

Three Generations of Quality Construction »

From humble beginnings great companies are born, and Onesector Pty Ltd Construction serves as a prime example of the strength that comes from a focused business treating all customers with respect, professionalism and experience.

Onesector Pty Ltd Construction

Family Business »

It’s simple, really – a company whose name comes from the founders' initials, and has grown organically since its inception.

J+CG Constructions

Sustainable Solutions, Competitively Priced »

Weathertex is an Australian owned and operated company that offers builders, architects and homeowners an exterior cladding solution that is unique across the industry – a product that is naturally sourced, lightweight and easy to work with, competitively priced, and sustainably and ecologically produced, all while guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for twenty-five years.